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: Hi! Please post ideas on [EUW boards](, [NA boards](, [Reddit](, or other similar websites that attract Rioter attention. You can get more visibility there because the community is larger. The PBE boards are meant for feedback on content *currently* on PBE, not for suggestions. The Rioters you wish to reach to not read the PBE boards.
: This change sounds really bad :/ That frustrating situation where you get rekt by an adc or assassin just 'cause you're out of mana or skills will happen even more. And the items are also way much better for these kind of champs (ad and assassins) {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
I agree ;( I play lux and all I have are my abilities and nothing else, what am I supposed to do when I am out of mana? autoattack ?
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: Mana changes coming to PBE today
I miss the old leage. where mages could have a better early game as zed, yasuo and katarina and could carry the game. right now? 1) stack armor and magicresist and kill adc and mid alone 2) be a fucking adc and carry . 3) pick a mage and do no damage, dont carry as long ago, get fucked by infinite spammers ( yasuo, zed, akali, katarina,)
: Toxic players in PBE
they have given you silence option. USE IT !!!
: that again? you can't have it back, you **can** refund (3 times) but not get the actual money back, **doesn't matter what you will say** buying stuff with RP = supporting riot, that's the reason there's RP and stuff you can buy with it. let me try to explain it another way: let's say you're a vegan and you donated money to a vegan kids charity organisation that gives food to poor children. few monthes later the organisation decides they're not going to give aid to only vegan kids, so you want your money back. you can't have it, it's gone already **and to the point** you forget items like boots, spellbinder, lichbane there are lots of items that give you ms, the passive doesn't give **flat** ms, it gives 20%, so the more movement speed you have from items, the more ms you will get from her passive especially late game when you should have 6 items. and what you said about ahri's R only being used for escape without movement speed, is just so wrong i don't know where to start.. untill her changes in s5 ahri had no ms in her kit, do you think no one ever used her R to all-in? do you think everyone saved it to escape? I can guarantee we didn't, the reason the old ahri was and always will be superior to any other ahri riot makes is: 1.she required skill to play. 2.she required hard work to learn. if you look at your minimap and know where the enemy jungler is, and when is it safe to all-in you don't get ganked and die "because i didn't have ult up" and i have no problem with ms on ahri, or with damage on ahri or anything really, i will play ahri no matter what riot do with her. but you should understand you can't have **everything**, ahri can't have the most mobility, tons of damage and sustain. and no, you're not an ahri main... because if you stop playing ahri if she's not 100% the way you want her to be, then you're not an ahri main, you're an **ahri abuser**{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
have I asked your opinion ? it feels like you have posted your cv. what is this hatred dude. calm down your ass
: uhm no, just delete quinn as known and give her a new kit. she has just to much of roaming an ganking potential. with her stupid blind, an good played quinn even outplays and malphite easiely. and malphite with his passive on bonus armor should be an real counter to quinn, but malphite the god of anti AD just isnt when it comes to quinn. nah, please fully delete quinn and reworkd her. same as you did with evelyn, or mordekaiser, or other very original League of legends champs. just delete quinn and make her some irelia 2.0 boring type to play champ, and we're all good then. i promise!
: Diana Rework!
diana has no issue. she lands q and oneshots. she has enough damage and defense on her kit. she does carry when ahead and loose when behind. which is what assassin is supposed to be
: yeah but it feels good right :D I mean I really liked it this time over all that others. I seriously think that the movespeed will allow to be a bit mobile in game. or else, the r will only be used to escape. because it is the only mobilty to escape
I seriously love this champ and I paid a lot of effort and even bought skin. if it changes the way I dont like, I will even want back my riotpoins that I used on her skins. I will say that '' why do I pay things and have fun with it but it is changed another way that I wont play the most? why would I buy expensive skins for champs that I main and they are changed into something else.''
: I agree, it doesnt feel in line with the power level passives usually have.
yeah but it feels good right :D I mean I really liked it this time over all that others. I seriously think that the movespeed will allow to be a bit mobile in game. or else, the r will only be used to escape. because it is the only mobilty to escape
: Title: [PBE Client] - Error 003 Short summary: Error 003 happened when i tried to switch the language while patching Body: After that client closed as usually for switching the language but it showed the Error 003 and it doesnt patch so i cant play
I did cleared the patch files from the lol client file and opened the client, it patched again and fixed. the patch was bugged before. when I did that I solved it. you better do the same when you face the same error. it instantly clears that bug and patches over again
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I have found the solution, erase the patch files in releases then open the client again and it patches again and it is fine
: > [{quoted}](name=PBE ENLIGHT,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=RE7LFoaR,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-04T10:59:43.919+0000) > > Ahri: I have loved the new passive and that q stack of soul essence. I overall loved ahri a lot. she is still having that passive movement speed and it is not that easy to use it, you have to do hit some abilities to gain . I think these changes are the most proper changes so far. > Leblanch: I think adding the most damage into the q and rq consume is the best way to avoid leblanch to simply q rq to oneshot squishy targets especially adc ones :D. I see the damage there but to get that, you are forced to consume the both part of q and rq. that is much better for leblanch. I can't actually access the new update even though I have downloaded the new patch.. what's wrong with my client? ;-;
mine too it gives this shit
: My thoughts on the current update on Ahri.
me too :D ı loved her, she is just what I needed. Iam so glad to see these changes on my bitchh. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Can´t update client mine too same bro
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: Error code 004
: [Zilean] – Time Bomb doesn't expolde and instead it disappears
ah yes, I realized that it doesn explode it disappears and it is so annoying for me
: Round Three Ahri xD
I loved her :D she is just great now. I liked this work so far, the other all were so broken or so weak but this one is so good and yes the middle way for her {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: I agree, it is a bit overturned xD Especially with the mana passive she could just spam abilities and never drop below half. They removed one form of insane safety and added another one... With how clunky the w was, it didn't even really add any damage. Left her exactly the same as live lol
I loved her this week, She is just what I need now :D her passive gives her movespeed upon dealing two damage with abilities. :D I hope it comes to live. I hoooopeee
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: Feature in testing: New banner call outs for objective steals
please remove that channeling thing . it is too annoying
: I must disagree, her damage to me seems fine if not a bit to oppressive early game. I mean you only Q and can instantly W, combined with Electrocute that's alone 300-400 dmg on lvl 2! Her waveclear is bad, but it's just as it was pre-rework and it to me its a legit weakness, otherwise roaming would be way easier then it already is. For the R, I haven't experienced any bugs, it's a bit odd to get used to the old recast of the latest ability used but not a big deal.
yeah you are right with that but she is forced to play with electrocute. and also anyone with electrocute does 300, 400 damage but yeah you are right, she does it a bit more easily.
: oh, but it does matter, league is free to play, so you're not a customer, and we are not here to discuss **this**, it's just a topic someone opened, we're here to report problems, not for every "average joe" to give his vision of the perfect rework for his champion (which 99% of the time is way too strong). no it's not your right, and you can't have any of your riot points back unless you use the refund option. i don't understand why people keep saying they want their RP back if they don't get X/Y/Z... you accepted the terms of service man... every penny you gave riot belongs to them and you will never see it again. and btw, i highly doubt you're actually an ahri main.... no disrespect but "riot will do what i want or i stop playing the champ and i want all the rp for my skins back" is what "fake mains" always say.. if you'd like to see a real main, look for those that kept playing ahri even when her passive was bugged and didn't heal you, or still play her now in master elo even if she's not "god tier" and **most importantly**, if you say "**they care more of players thoughts than their decisions**", then you probably missed the part where 60~70% of the ahri mains (aka. the **majoriy**) wants the Qms **gone**, and s4 ahri back. it has been this way since season 5 when they turned ahri into a kite mage.
it is free to play but the ones buy the skins are costomer. Ofcourse thats my right to defend. I pay someting and I pay it the way it was. why is it taken from me and changed into something I wouldnt ever buy? .we buy skins that makes us costumers forsure. I dont think you are wise enough to consider a situation like that with. and you are just guessing that 60 percent of ahri mains want q ms gone. I am main and I have talked to all my friends main her and they dont agree with you. you are clearly dont understanding why q ms is so important for her.
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: if you feed your ass off early and get behind you will not be broken in late, and sinse this iteration is an "assassin" it makes sense for her to have a weak early game. as much as i love live ahri with her Qms, the fact all of her iteration had the movement speed remobed shows riot are not intending to keep it, everyone will most likely have to just get used to it{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
no, it doesnt matter what riot thinks. I think they care more of players thoughts than their decisions. thats why we are here discussing these. so that we ( the costomers) will have fun of it, if not, then I want my riot points back because of I bought sg ahri skin and other skins and also I took so much effort mastering her. I have some hard works on her. thats also my right too as a main
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: Irelia's VGU skins feel rushed/low priority. What do you think?
: ahri changes
yeah I agree with you. it truly sucs. I have tried her many times in pbe and realized that she is quite weak in early process and very broken in late which is unbalanced. I like live version of ahri it is quite balanced and as we see, she is not banned or played a lot in ranked games either. whic surely means she is good at where she is in live version. She feels a bit weak in early thats something we can overcome :) I hope rito may never change ahri at all {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: Ahri Feedback
If an enemy champion is within any foxfire's range after the delay, additional foxfires will not fly off towards minions, but will instead rotate around to fire at any champions they can, and will prioritize firing at charmed champions over non-charmed champions if they're within targeting range. thats what I also thought would be good, that charmed targets should take all that w missiles. and 5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12% ms is a good idea too. but I dont think rito will consider reading all we write as feedback {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: I completely agree with you on this! And I do think that this also needs a change, espacially considering her ranks 4 and 5 are more expensive than before rework while also being weaker. However, let's not forget that this is just some numbers that can still be tunes after she hits live. Now, the important things are her gameplay pattern, like her W window return, and yes, that super strange ult cd.
ultimate'll change I suppose :D it is weird I realized, I think they shoul help her wave clear a bit. like to decreasing the mana of w will help
: I do not really like the changes they did on Ahri, I think that she loses too much mobility in early game, also being that the movement speed that she got when using her Q helped her to reposition her skill at the moment it came back, but now, it feels very slow and somewhat heavy.(in my opinion affecting negatively her "in-game mechanics") On the other hand, as some people say, the changes in her ultimate make things a bit boring. PD: Sorry if i had some mistakes, im better speaking in spanish...
no you are so good :D you made it clear and I totaly agree with ya
: I totally agree with u as a MF main..
I wonder if you read that :D or just passed and posted a reply like me <3
: My thoughts and disappointment with the GGMF ultimate skin
sorry but I cannot read. it is too long. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Please dont remove the ms on ahri
: LeBlanc W window reduction consequences on her gameplay
am I the only one realized that her mana usage is too high and w mana cost is so much ? also r cooldown is too much more than should be ?
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: If RIOT really takes these changes forward they will kill the champion.{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
she is almost murdered :D behold{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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: I'm not having fun with Movement speed on her (Dia onetrick 2millions) neither had Elusive Ferret (one of the most famous ahri players off all time, he doesn't play ahri anymore since a entire Year right now) Ahris scaling reached such a low that it has become extremely frustrating, this all happened due to the Q Ms Buff that she just got for no Reason. Landing Double Q is not hard, it's actually almost impossible to not land Second Q part if you land the first oen with this Ms buff...
yeah you are right, but she is quite good in late. and seriously it is too difficult to pass the early game with ahri because she is too immobile and easy to miss charm. it will effect her early game so bad and late game so good. it is not balanced :D I dont want to face an ahri dashes 5 times or landing e oneshoting me either
: Try her with phase rush?
it is obvious that you never play her :D I dont want to reply to you. it is way too obvious that you dont play her at all XD
: I get what you mean they gave her q ms cuz without r she is kinda feelsbadman. But maybe with the dmg buffs it okay gotta try it first
no it is not, even with that movespeed, she is almost never played in progames and rankeds. she was in a good spot. now with these changes, she will get banned :Dall the time and she will get so strong in late and without q, she will be too slow and immobile.
: feedback on Ahri
me too, want that q movespeed
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