: With this game, you were experiencing a constant reconnect button? Looks like you were able to load in. Can you try disabling antivirus and see what happens?
Nope. still get the error edit: tried 3 times in the row, turning my antivirus on n off and I can only get to the game when everyone is loaded up in the game (?)
: Since getting crash dumps isn't working, please link me your game logs if you can! In eg. C:\Riot Games\PBE\Logs\GameLogs There are folders for each run of the game (with a timestamp) Find your latest run (or the one where it crashed) In that folder grab the ***_r3dlog.txt
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Go69GfeGvwlbHW0AEGxYrSDU-cSniNbBkmoJ-a3lCBI/edit?usp=sharing just open it as a .txt file

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