: Thats kinda stupid, cause the enchants offered a lot of utility...
This was their statement regarding it: "Boot enchants are getting removed. After making Homeguard a universal effect post 20 minutes we wanted to see how the boot enchant system played out. One of the main consequences has been Alacrity on a lot of champions, which as lead to noticeably higher average movement speeds. That throws off balance on a number of things, skillshots and ground targeted AOEs in particular, so we'd like to get average speeds back to a more appropriate spot. Removing boot enchants, now that the most impactful and significant is always provided, was one of the best ways we identified to do that. "
: It has a super long cooldown in the early game and if he takes damage the cooldown resets. if you are playing lux you can use your E, wait the 1 second then bind and ult to kill; end game i think it is a 6 seconds cooldown without taking damage
True. From what I've seen though he's a monster.
: Malzahar's sustain damage is through the roof now, he is a hyper mage and a super tank buster with Voidling uber spam on top of his ultimate making more sense to use on tanks than it was before (no more flat damage, so % max health pool and suppression are combined); his build will be Gunblade, max CDR, and probably Rylais for kiting purposes and help Voidlings deal damage, he is all about being disruptive with his spamable silence and Voidling sustain damage. His E is used to command Voidlings now rather than the damage it applies (E damage went waaaaay down). He is a hyper mage reliant on items rather than an early to mid game mage emphasizing better what his role was before the update. Also his passive is super strong to keep him alive against assassin (hence immobile mage update), but it is very much a better Alistar ultimate and Olaf ultimate combined as one; but a short 1 second duration so its more similar to a lingering spell shield than the ultimates. **** Pretty sure Riot wants Malzahar to not feel so vulnerable against pick champions and mobile assassins, but a lot weaker if he is against long range champions and poke champions. This is a good balance mix being stronger against a certain class and weaker against others.
At this point I think the 90% damage reduction is a lot, I'd like to see it tuned to 75% and see how that tests, but other than that the cc reduction isn't really that hard to play against. Taking Lux as an example, normally you'd Q->E->Ult, to burst a target, with malz you could insta pop your E, get him with a binding as the extra second wears off and ult. You just have to poke him down before getting your burst off. I feel like Ziggs could do well against him too.
: No boot enchants and TP available on Hexakill TT?
I don't know about TP, but boot enchants have been removed from all shops so far. Riot said that with Homeguard being a constant thing now they're trashing everything else. I'm gonna miss distortion.
: Unique Passive: Eternity on Righteous Glory
They could change the Eternity passive solely in the case of Righteous Glory, changing the 25 to percent for the item itself. Iirc there's several items where the passive got changed for the item like Manamune and Titanic.
: Mercurial Scimitar BUG
Seems like not a bug. They removed "all debuffs" and it seems to only remove cc right now. Happens against zed ult too, no removal.
: i agree he is op right now, maybe if voidlings have lower ad ratio or they have a cap. i got to solo baron in less than 2 seconds with no damage taken played him ad with max cd (45%) with thunderlords decree (that activates on voidlings atacks) , the W had 9 sec cd and voidlings last 12 - permanent voidlings
Just wondering, has anyone tried with Bork or the new Rageblade with the Voidlings? Iirc Riot said only some on-hit effects work with them. Also putting my two cents in, I agree, the voidlings should be capped, or at least have a small cooldown on when they spawn from each other, something like ~0.5-1sec so that you don't drop one voidling and you have 4 in the next 1.5 seconds. Alternatively lower base damage and have a 50% bonus to normal jg camps (not talking Drag or Baron), so that he can remain viable in jg yet not clear the epic mobs in seconds.
: QSS Changes
This is probably the only inherently bad change I've seen in this patch so far. Merc Scimitar and QSS's only real roles were to remove debuffs like Zed, Fizz, and Vlad ults, and the only real way to counter them other than getting Zhonya's (which isn't really a counter) or banning them. Without that removal there are far better items to fill a slot, and these two items will end up like Sword of the Divine or Atma's after the Atmog's nerf.
: PBE patcher doesn't show up.
I'm having the exact same problem, I've tried deleting various recommended files, and I have no clue what to do.


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