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: Emote equipment
This is probably the unintentionally funniest post I've seen {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: [Accessoires - Summoner Icons] All the Icons are in the store!
Soooo, the store is back up again... and all the icons are still available. If you're hardcore... and behave like a pokemon collector... it'll take you 10-11 days to buy all the icons with RP. This is however only, if you had previously already bought all the icons possible. I don't know if it is possible to get the 99999RP icons through mystery chests. If anyone does know, that would be cool to know, even if only for curiosity purposes ^^
: Store is already disabled and i cant get in LUL I guess that counts as a bug and had to be fixed asap, congratz
Crap ... I wasn't expecting that to be such a bug :( {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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: Just gonna post this here too for visibility: > Friendly reminder that PBE is a testing environment, which means content may be available/unavailable depending on what needs testing/**what we may be testing with the store**. :) Riot KateyKhaos on the PBE discord.
Thank you Amy for all your work and efforts! :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: has it been fixed i kinda want to grab that king {{champion:33}} skin since ive been trying to get it for a while{{sticker:cass-cry}}
Not sure, I quickly got it. I would say, log in and check :)
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: Most of the time it's because they datamine those things. They find the files, they're here on the PBE, but not accessible through the client for now. You could consider them hidden.
Thanks, that makes sense and clarifies a lot :)
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: A question about the Rare Skins and a suggestion for Hextech Creation.
Just admit you want to have all the skins for 'completion' purposes... =P That would be my only reason to "want" the skins... I might even look at them in a custom game, hence no "need" for me to have them.
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: Mystery Icon Buy Bug
After trying to replicate the bug. I actually noticed that the unbuyable icons disappeared until I had non left, and got this message. ( ) Now I'm sad, because I want to be able to mystery chest more icons {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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: Emotes bug
Hi, I have one such emote permanent in my emote collection... and I think I have this same blank emote in my loot too, as it shows that I already own it. Trying to equip it in the emote wheel produces the EM03 error message. I do however have a second blank emote in my loot that gives a 'redeem failed' message when I try to unlock it. 1. It doesn't show an image or name of the emote 2. I've had this issue for well over a month I think... maybe logouts and logins have passed. My post on the matter:
: The store is very slow
I have the same issue.
: I've had it since emotes first came out on pbe {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I love your summoner name ! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: By the way, the only unobtainable skins are: * Riot Girl Tristana * Riot Squad Singed * Black Alistar * Unchained Alistar * Rusty Blitzcrank * Ufo Corki * Victorious Elise * Victorious Janna * Victorious Jarvan IV * Victorious Maokai * Victorious Morgana * Victorious Sivir * Championship Riven * PAX Jax * PAX Sivir * PAX Twisted Fate * Judgment Kayle * Silver Kayle * King Rammus * Triumphant Ryze * Medieval Twitch * Grey Warwick * Urf the Manatee
These skins definitely need some intensive testing done by me... it is very important RITO... plz give them to me... they wanna be tested ... PLLLLLLZZZZZ ;_; =P
: Well unless you got every single other skin except El Macho Mundo then you're gonna have a hard time getting it. All you can do is buy Mystery Champion Skins and wish to get him. So on that note, I wish you a good hunt {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Unless I was the luckiest person ever, but rerolling skins in loot for random permanents on the PBE seemed to give me a guaranteed skin I didn't have yet. So, if you have many skin shards, you can try rerolling them to get the skins you are missing.... which is handy for when you can't buy any Mystery Champion Skins anymore because you have 10 or less skins missing.
: By the way, the only unobtainable skins are: * Riot Girl Tristana * Riot Squad Singed * Black Alistar * Unchained Alistar * Rusty Blitzcrank * Ufo Corki * Victorious Elise * Victorious Janna * Victorious Jarvan IV * Victorious Maokai * Victorious Morgana * Victorious Sivir * Championship Riven * PAX Jax * PAX Sivir * PAX Twisted Fate * Judgment Kayle * Silver Kayle * King Rammus * Triumphant Ryze * Medieval Twitch * Grey Warwick * Urf the Manatee
Thank you for the list WicCaesar =D To expand a bit on your list: Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick can be obtained through reaching honor Level 5 and receiving 1 of the awesome capsules. They can however not be bought. The original Urf the Manatee (UrfWick with a special skin border) and original Championship Riven (distinctive because of a special skin border) cannot be bought, but UrfWick can be bought for 150000 BE, and there is a regular version of Championship Riven which is called 'Championship Riven 2016' that is a legacy skin that can be bought for 975 RP. Pax Sivir cannot be obtained, but Neo-Pax Sivir can, as a Mythic skin through hextech crafting 10 gemstones. Riot Girl Tristana and Unchained Alistar can be obtained only on the Live Servers as free swag from Riot, see link to Riot free swag page: Just clarifying for the people who might be wondering how they did manage to get Championship RIven for example :)
: Champion Bundles have been removed, since they bugged out the store (as well as overloaded it). Bundles as big as that are unstable to begin with.
Oow, I didn't know that. Correction on that part. Anyway, still I, like you, think 8000rp per day is more than enough :)
: return rp to pbe players
Hi, I've been on the PBE only since it opened up to honorable players from Live servers (like 2 months ago?), and I have been able to gather all 793 skins (which includes URFwick), get to honor 5 and get Grey WW, buy / collect all ward skins, and am currently collecting all Summoner icons because .... why not... So, I think 8000rp per day is quite sufficient... to understate it severely. Especially sinnnce you can get new skins usually for 1 BE, and champion bundles severe discount.... in 2 days you can literally buy all champions through the bundles.
: Well I think it's because of the new emotes that will arrive there they did not put a splash art defining which emote is which. I hope I have helped ^^
That would be kind of awesome! To have an emote before it is an emote! Lett's hope so :)
: Bug in the loot
I actually got the 'definitely not a Vel'Koz' icon in my loot as well that I can't unlock. It's not big, but I'm still curious what could cause it. Obviously this icon doesn't need testing, but likewise a bazillion other icons don't either, but they are still available to buy or craft. What makes this one special?
: We all have this issues. Unfortunately, it's the holiday so Riot doesn't work to fix this. Just wait.
It's unfortunate we all have this issue, but glad to know it's not some obscure glitch on my computer or something. I'm happy Riot Is on holiday. They've had a busy year. :) Thanks for the reply ^^
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: Why can't I buy El Macho Mundo?
Hi Everyone and Happy Holidays! =D I have all buyable skins, and interestingly 'El Macho Mundo' was the last skin I got out of all 794 buyable ones. Since we get 8000 RP every day, I figured I might as well use it. Anyway, I managed to get most of the skins by buying the purple chests, 25 (that's the max) a day. The rest I would spend on mystery skin chests. After a while you'll notice you're hardly getting any new skins from the purple hextech chests. Rerolling 3 skins into a permanent should give you a skin you don't have yet. Would be fun to know if El Macho Mundo will be your last skin too... then there might be a bug in the RNG for skins specially with this one. Good luck :)
: Seconding this and also adding that under accessories the boosts tab always causing an error to occur.
Just checked out the error you mentioned, and I have this too!
: I don't know if you're joking or not, but for clarification, the penguin seems to be dabbing. Unless I'm wrong.
Oooow, I have no idea what that means... had to look up that it is some sort of arm-movement. I suppose it can get dumber than planking xD I hope they will cancel this emoji.
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: M'Pengu Glitch
Yes, I saw the penguin that is about to throw up too... I don't know why it is there.
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: ***
I really hope you don't use your rhetorical skills, or lack thereof to make arguments in real life, as it would look something like: 'If you drive car brand X, you clearly are not smart enough to comment on the quality of car tires'
: Snow Battle ARURF
I did my best to like it but it's not fun at all. Aside from a limited champion pool, some champs are so much better suited for this mode, such as Sivir, and Malzahar that It's basically GG at the loading screen... or at least that's what one can wish for, instead of suffering through 10-20 minutes or so.... By the way.... by limited, this means the newest 17 champs are excluded right of the bat... so all the way back to Ekko ... and then there is Snow Day Bard.
: ARURF. WHY!!!!!!????
So far I didn't really understand why Sona is banned, but Cass isn't... I mean, I'm really bad at LoL no matter which mode, but even I can get quadra's on Cass in URF mode... her E (twin fangs) is off the scale fast... makes Teemo's darts look like they heal you. I've solo'd baron with Cass on ARURF... and came away with 75% health. Why need heal if you can kill 'em faster lol


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