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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Rakan
The skin Is classed as an Ultimate Skin in the collection while it's clearly a Legendary Skin.
: It's time to take TFT away and bring back the URF!
I understand wanting ARURF but why take TFT away? Also,wrong place to post this.
: Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Riot Games\Riot Client", find "RiotClientServices.exe" and create a shortcut for it. Right click on the newly created shortcut and in the "Target" box add " --launch-product=league_of_legends --launch-patchline=live --region=NA" (w/o the quotes--don't forget the space at the beginning!) in the end. Launch the game using that shortcut and you will get a prompt to sign out.
Thanks for this, but even although you can do it this way there should still be a much simpler one!
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: Qiyana R bug
It happened to me too and i was about to report it!
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: Blind instead of Draft?
If it was blind pick people wouldn't be able to get the lane they want, plus people will still dodge. I suggest doing customs until the PBE update is on live where people will not want to pick the new champion as much anymore. It is frustrating though, i understand. Hope they can do something about this in the future.
: did you even try it after the last change ? they removed the AD/AP scaling on stacks , late game it feels very weak compared to conqueror even against squishy teams
Ye either revert or buff it again. It sucks so bad.
: Twisted Treeline bots AFK bug!!
Ye this has been happening alot to me too when they buy like 4th item the dc randomly happens on live too i would assume. I think posting on live or on reddit would help more though.
: revert quinn rework.
I really think this is a good Idea but i suggest sharing your thoughts on live boards or on the league subreddit though :) Have a good day <3
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Kai'Sa
The skin is great but can you make her joke not be a void-corrupted frog and something fancier instead like in her Bullet Angel skin which is white.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition
The skin is great but can you make her joke not be a void-corrupted frog and something fancier instead like in her Bullet Angel skin which is white.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn
Her model is still bugged since the first day :I i know it ain't a priority but p l s
: My rp got stolen on live server :'(
Why aren't you posting this in live servers? :/
: Game disconnects and then reconnects
Happens around 7 minutes and its really annoying (all gametypes count)
: emotes not working
This occionally breakes after maintance sometimes it will be fixed by itself soon.
Rp is currently broken check the stickied posts from Riot on the board home page. [Or click here](
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Akali
The skin is all around great ^^ but it lacks something for a K/DA unlike the others.There is not enough sound effects!! I would suggest increasing the volume of her passive proc making her q have a the same sound effect as her q cause it doesn't right when you use it and gets overshadows her passive.Her W-use-sound it great but the music you get to hear for standing in it isn't only low volume but also awkard because you usually dont stay in shroud but come out of it ot extend it's duration and using you passive to kite arround making the music play when you'are arround it and not obscured on it as well as the music louder would be great.Maybe changing the sound effect for entering and exiting shroud would be great.Her second 2 could become a bit louder too.Ultimate is fine and great as it is in my opinion.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Trick or Treat Ekko!
The skin's SFX are amzaing and so are the VFX and the Recall but Ekko's model? Yuck! i think his shoes could use an update as they dont embrace the wizard theme that well nor reflect it,additionally his bat could look so much more magical with a purple fire on top,purple around it or a purple hole in the middle of it, lastly i think his outift is i a bit too lettuce-green making it a mixture between purple and green or chaning it into a deeper green would make him look more sp00ky! Thanks in advance ^-^
: None of those things are relevant. Icons don't need testing, we don't need them. The Pool Party and Odyssey stuff is just an artifact of sorts; it won't likely affect Live servers and will eventually be removed at a later point.
: You can disable the pool party music in the in-game menu {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: About Uso new skin Odyssey q skills hair dryer effect
This skin (Odyssey) was originally released on the Live Servers and just added to the PBE later. I suggest going to league's reddit or on live boards. :3
: Pulsefire Ez this needs to go
I like it personally his first form should look horrible only for his others to be awesome :D but not too horrible which it isn't even that bad :c
: Please follow the guidelines [here]( while reporting bugs. First one is "#1. Please check the forums to see if the bug has already been reported", which it has already been [here](
i know it already has but it didnt get fixed after it was reported maybe they missed it >.< Also it a bit more specified (the other report mentioned audio too which isnt present on everyone and the fact that this only happens when Eve uses W vs monsters).
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: Evelynn W has a global audio and visual effect.
wait this is an actual thing? LOL that it the difinetion of spaghetti code
: Missing ground textures is still going on after 2 updates. What's going on?
Yes about the fact that this hasn't been fixed since the first cycle actually makes me wanna die.
: No its with Draft pick too {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
The fact that riot didn't fix this in first maintance is depressing
: I dont have RP on PBE for 3months
so you have been on the PBE without Rp for 3 months yet still you haven't red that rp is broken next to the play button? that's sad
: sommuner's rift Huge Bug
happened to me too i guess its with custom or practice tool?
: 25/6/2018 or 25/9/2018? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: and can see it in forst page of pbe, like yas is 1350, but cant buy it
They will be here and purchasable for 1 BE in 25/6/2018 or 6/25/2018 depenging on how you write dates in your region
: > "They *should* be there with the next PBE deploy (next Tuesday PST) if things go normally. :)" [Riot LoveStrut]( More specifically, he's referring to Tuesday September 25.
I red the discord announcement in the unofficial PBE discord then i was like :3 lets see if Amy commented on my Odyssey skin post and well she did :D
: i don't have new skin in pbe
Please dont make such sloppy posts before informing youself, oddyssey skins are pbe-legacy currently and will be added soon
: The PBE is a testing ground to make sure stuff works as intended and doesn't crash. It is NOT a playground for children to get free skins. Please read the FAQs before coming here to beg.
im kinda trying to do both ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im just curious why would they add the gamemode without the skins if the gamemode is on live
: Connection issue after champion selection
: Riot please put the new skins on pbe im begging you because some players cant afford the skins because of how young we are so we can have a job yet and all that good stuff with money. So pbe to us or at least to me if a dream come true and its awesome. Jinx{{champion:222}} is one of my favorite champions so please add the new skins on pbe please riot. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Bug When kill Someone and he Shutdown take 0 Gold.
This happens at the start of every new patch on the PBE after a while it is fixed through some PBE cycles (its a visual bug you still get all the gold)
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: Role selection in Nexus Blitz
This is a correct statement but i suggest going on live baords as Nexus Blitz has been released on live!
: Thresh Bugs
this is an ancient coin but not a thresh bug (first one)
: Aatrox W
Has infinite pull range*
: Help me :(
This is due to your pc, not the game itself.
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