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: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
At this point I believe Akali's at a safe place until Live feedback says otherwise. I see that many people are mentioning the time between her Ultimate dashes, and though I initially thought the same I think that's really a matter of how people choose to play her. Some people want to just spam the dash really quick to last hit, but I find that the time between them isn't all that unbearable because I'm usually spacing out the casts any way because I either will get the kill without even using the second dash or I'm saving the second dash as a last-second escape tool. Whether or not you guys at Riot choose to lower the cooldown between the dashes really depends on what you intend for Akali's gameplay. If you want her to be the super quick zero-counterplay assassin that she used to be, go ahead and lower/remove it. If you want people to think about how to use her abilities in the most efficient manner, leave it as it. All I want now in terms of changes is a nice flat-line sound fx when Nurse Akali kills someone with the execute of her Ultimate. That'll make everything right. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Please make her 2nd ult proc show low health indicator like {{champion:555}} 's ult!!
You mean like Garen's ults, because Akali's ult isn't true damage or a pure kill like Pyke's, Darius's, or Cho'Gath's ultimates. That said, an indicator is unnecessary/inefficient becuase the damage of her second dash isn't set, but scales from a certain point much like Garen's ult. An indicator would show where the scaling starts, but wouldn't necessarily show where there's a kill.
: Hey folks, We typically leave leaverbuster off on PBE due to the instability of the environment, but PBE is for testing after all, and recently we needed to test some changes we made to migrate some of the Leaverbuster tech (no visible changes to the feature), so we've enabled it temporarily, and may well do it again in the future if we have similar needs. It'll be turned off when we're more confident our changes won't break things on live environments. Sorry for the pain on PBE, but the hope is it saves some folks pain on live.
TBH I hope Leaverbuster is left on. Constantly dealing with intentional leavers is more of a pain than a five minute que timer that doesn't even bother me considering I'm always doing something else during queue time anyway. In my last game, 3 of my teammates afk'd intentionally, and I bet they'll receive no repercussions for it. I know PBE is for testing, but it's difficult to effectively test something when you can't play a full match due to rage quitters.
: Lol i got Banned for no Reason I got banned Because I called someone an idiot a few times and we all know PBE Players Say stuff like nigga and Retard Brain dead autistic and I got banned for saying, idiot and a Few times i got in arguements with some People that were actually dumb and trolls trying to make me mad
Sounds to me like you're upset because you were toxic and was punished for it.
: Id love something like that as well, though sadly may never happen..
It could if the idea gets more traction. :D I think it'd be great, and add some flare to the skin that it didn't before add. They added the syringes to her Q so there's hope for more!
: oh that's cute kid well no1 cares judging by how many downvotes you have. Grow some balls or don't play league at all pussy
"Grow some balls" What does that have to do with Riot's own words? Are you telling Riot to grow some balls?
: Can you remove leaver buster from the pbe?
I'm sorry but no. Riot's specific words regarding bad internet and bug crashes is "If you know you have consistently bad connection, don't play." If it's just a one-time deal, you wouldn't be punished by leaver buster--not even if it's a remake. If it's a regular thing then you should probably not be on PBE. As a player with a generally stable connection, I'm tired of having almost every game decided because of AFKs.
: I share your concerns to some extent: trading against her after she Qs, while avoiding being P attacked, with enough frequency that you can burn her W then punish during the window is challenging. However, I keep in mind that it is fine/ideal for champs to have a reasonable amount of reliable power accompanied by elements that have clear counterplay. I notice opponents getting better about playing around P/E. Only time will tell.
True. People are getting better at handling her overall kit, which was only a matter of time. Eventually there'll be a consensius as to whether or nother abilities are overpowered. On a side note, it might just be a Nurse Akali thing but sometimes her W smoke is invisible to at least the person playing her, if my recent gameplay of her says anything. It doesn't happen all the time, but frequently enough to cause concern lol
: What is the clear speed / health like, I'm guessing you are starting Q,W for energy & sustain
Exactly, but most of all it's not about the second ability but how you space and move during clears to build energy until you have sustain. Akali isn't a rush jungler lol
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: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Having gotten the chance to actually play as her AND against her many times lately, I'm getting the feeling that perhaps she's a bit TOO strong but I'm not sure. Maybe it's because I haven't fully grasped how to play against her but it feels like there's little counter-play aside from just baiting out her resources and waiting for her to have nothing. If that's all, that's pretty meh in terms of reliable counter-play. That Obscurity of her smoke is just too reliable a tool in most situations, as it's good for both aiding her offensive capabilities as well as a defensive option. She attacks from the smoke and is almost instantly sent back into it, so maybe a little bit more time between her revealing and going hidden again is necessary to balance things. Her Q does a lot of damage for a melee champion's poking tool, and when you consider her smoke and passive it's actually a really strong tool to have to poke people out of the area and giving them little room to farm, at least for melee champions. Her kit is just all-round difficult to deal with on a reliable basis. Again, maybe this is just me over-reacting. I haven't seen any videos covering what it looks like to play against her so I'm just going from my own personal experiences on that one. A lot of people are bringing up her "lack of sustain" or whatever, but I mean...there's a pretty blatant change in her playstyle and it's even in her plot. She's no longer going for "Balance" so she's not healing just as much damage as she can dish out; she's an assassin now going more for damage. If you're gonna complain because her playstyle is different, just say that lol don't hide it behind "You've messed up Akali gg" statements.
: Just a thought on the passive not proccing on jungle camps, isn't this enforcing a META by restricting her role to Mid/Top, I thought enforcing the META was not something Riot was into. Let us play her anywhere please :){{summoner:11}}
Having played her in the jungle, her passive is not necessary.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Aside from the fact that Stinger Akali is blue instead of black, another thing that's been bugging me is that even though it might just be her Bloodmoon skin, it seems that the sword in her hand kinda just gravitates from her hand to the position where her hand would be when she switches from motion animation to standing to motion again. Like, the weapon moves faster than her hand or something.
: There is a separate thred now for akali by CertainlyT So let's voice it out there ;-).
Ah yeah, I saw that. My first post there was wondering why Stinger Akali's design is blue when her splash art is black lol
: ????? lol PBE is for testing, when a new champ/rework comes out on PBE everyone wants to play, one for all is a smart idea do "solve" this problem, but some braindeads tryhard ON THE FKING PUBLIC BETA ENVIRONMENT ban the champ, the reason why bans are disable on draft pick, why not on one for all.
Except, removing the ban feature from OFA wouldn't be play-testing OFA in the way it'd be made live. A better idea would to just set a period where new content can't be banned. That way, people get the chance to playtest new content in OFA as well before everything is back to normal. Because guess what? She'll be permabanned once OFA is live too, so wooptie-doo.
: Yeah I think it's not a difficult change for them to make, definitely sounds less intrusive than changes to Irelia's skins that were made. For example: 1/ Blood moon could have dark (!) redish color, to make it more cool there could be a few large dark sillhouettes here and there to make it mroe menacing or perhaps even look like they are entering (or eaten) by the smoke. If nothing else the dar kred color should be fine plus perhaps another darker one here and there to make it more menacing. 2/ Silverfang could have a whiteish smoke perhaps? 3/ Sting could have yellowish. 4/ Well I guess we could go on and on with this right? ;-) Some more advanced adjustments could include adding some other visual to it (batman would have some bats flying around or in and out so something of similar striking could work). If you can upvote the original message so more people see it pls ;-).
I thought I did upvote it lol but yeah, they completely altered the design of some of Irelia's skin, like her Frostbooty skin having it's shoulder fur toned down or whatever. All we want are spell effects unique to the skins.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Is Stinger Akali supposed to be The splash art is a nice black, then in-game it's hella blue.
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: Dear Players... ,
I wouldn't know. She's banned every One For All and I can't even hope to use her in Draft. Playing against her is another thing tho :D
: I think this happens because some players treat this server like a Live one. They forget that the purpose of this server is primarily for testing and they go with the "always wining" mentality. This being said, I would also suggest going vs AI even if it's not as a real life situation as it is in draft or things like that.
I would, but you've already stated the problem with that. I wonder why Riot hasn't already addressed these issues regarding PBE.
: Could we get tint on Akali's smoke for skins? At least blood moon could get something for a vibe.
From the one game I've played with her (but having seen every skin in action via youtube) it's disappointing that they all have the same smoke effect. I'm not really sure how to make them unique beyond "tints" but there could definitely be something different to them. Infernal could be ash instead of smoke. The cookout skin could look like grill smoke with Akali commenting on the smell of fresh steak or something while having a sizzling sound fx.
: In my pbe, no one is banning anything. I thought they already removed bans in draft pick. The main problem is everone dodging b/c of akali.
I'll check Draft, but one for all has been full of nothing but "Instead of testing champs and skins let's pick op champs and get easy wins"
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: I feel like the range on E should be somewhat limited to prevent extreme cheese strats, but investments like predator, ghostblade should reward the range of the E. I see your point, though. As for the W damage reduction, all damage reduction abilities do that as far as I'm aware. I see no problem with it(other than ap 100% DR).
Yeah, that's why I don't think a hard limit should be enforced but with infinite range with a stun? That's hard CC down an entire lane with the right combinations lmao even if it has a narrow path that's still insane.
: Make Irelia unbannable
It's pretty ironic that a PBE doesn't make it a requirement to be allowed to play whatever it is you're supposed to be testing.
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: Stuck on Authenticating
Same, but the issue is probably a server overload because of the Ultimate Skin release. Give it time, log in later, then let's complain again.
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: No, what I'm saying is you have no skill and can't aim. Learn to aim, Learn to position. I was trying to be polite before. But their aint any more polite way for me to say it to you.
You're still ignoring the point I'm trying to make. Aim doesn't matter. Position doesn't matter. And hey, you're just an example of the toxicity of this game's community. It happens.
: makes perfect sense, ty Can anyoneone confirm the huge castingtime on W tho or is it just me and my 187 ping on PBE?!
Yeah, 187 ping does that to you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Not Etherwolf,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AZZhU1PU,comment-id=005100000001,timestamp=2016-10-22T06:01:12.240+0000) > > That would be great and all, if not for the fact that it's not a matter of "skill" but instead a matter of your opponent having a working mouse. Yes it is skill. The blades retracts to your location so it is your positioning that decides if you get the second hit.
Which doesn't matter because anybody with a working mouse can avoid it. I think you're ignoring the point I'm making.
: > [{quoted}](name=Not Etherwolf,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AZZhU1PU,comment-id=0051,timestamp=2016-10-21T21:22:33.982+0000) > > I don't have the time to go through every comment to see what's up, so I'll make my own. Some things I've noticed about Talon: > > * his W has a bit of a flaw, and that's split between the range of the projectiles, the width of their spread, and the delay of their return. Considering all the damage from Talon comes from his Passive, which requires actually landing abilities AND a final AA to proc it, one of these three factors needs to change in order to make his passive reliable. Talon's Burst should not be reliable. It should be consistent but also an expression of skill.
That would be great and all, if not for the fact that it's not a matter of "skill" but instead a matter of your opponent having a working mouse.
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
I don't have the time to go through every comment to see what's up, so I'll make my own. Some things I've noticed about Talon: * his W has a bit of a flaw, and that's split between the range of the projectiles, the width of their spread, and the delay of their return. Considering all the damage from Talon comes from his Passive, which requires actually landing abilities AND a final AA to proc it, one of these three factors needs to change in order to make his passive reliable. Otherwise, any player with a good sense of mobility will make Talon unusable. Of course, there is his ULTIMATE, but to force players to commit such a versatile ability to engages only is a stretch. * If ever you press E, the parkour, on any target that isn't an obstacle, Talon runs straight till he approaches the next obstacle in his path. Basically, the game shifts the target from the target of the button-press to the next object in the path. I've tested that this doesn't happen if you've already jumped over the obstacle and it's on jumping cooldown, so my theory is practically fact. * I think by now everyone's noticed that you can just vault along the side of a wall instead of over it if you press E. * It would be cool if as well as lessening the cooldown of walls, upgrading his E also shortened the amount of wall that comes under cooldown when you vault over it, but that's just my opinion. * Considering his Q can crit, will {{item:3031}} ever be added to his suggested items?
: I think his Q is no longer an AA reset-er, instead it's a point click skill that looks like an AA(think Khazix 's Q) ; it can't be used on towers, and it doesn't trigger on hit effect like Tiamat either. His R has a tiny bit of delay when coming back
From what I've gathered, his Q isn't actually an AA. ALSO, in case you didn't notice, ALL OF HIS BURST IS IN HIS PASSIVE. And another note, his passive doesn't activate UNTIL YOU AA. If you look at Talon's suggested combos, it's W, Q, then AA. If you don't get the AA after the WQ, then he'll do practically no damage whatsoever. That's my take on why the AA comes after the Q. It's to actually proc his damage from the passive.
: What's the point banning the reworked champions
Someone asked this very question yesterday, and I don't have an answer. My only idea is that Riot should remove EVERYTHING that they're NOT testing. That being said, that would eliminate the point of pre-Live testing, because there's no way to test how the new assassins would work in the meta when you've removed the meta. Like someone else said, just do customs. If anything, have a full assassin game isn't at all what Riot's trying to test.
: That's what I'm afraid of, no blind, and no execute? That's a lot of dueling power just gone, and no base damage on the passive likely means a weaker early game. What does this do for Quinn except make her more like the other ADC in the game, which I thought was the opposite of what they were trying to do. I also like the assassin aspects of Quinn, they are one of the big reasons I play her. It would make much more sense to clean up her auto attacks, make the execute hit maximum damage at ~25% enemy health and maybe have E reset on kill or assist. It would preserve Quinns identity as a duelist that can sneak behind enemy lines to hit their back line, the E reset would allow her to be more consistent in eliminating an enemy and getting out by kiting the remaining enemies. Returning the ability to reactivate R mid E to get the distance part of vault would be good too.
My question is, what determines whether it's a good change or not? Who's to say that people just want an overpowered adc to carry with? As well, was Quinn ever even meant to be a dualist?
: Hold up. Hold up.[Are you going to redesign his shotgun?](
: Use surrender@20, we all do~
Surrender@20 it is! Thanks to both of you
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