: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
I can't believe it. I honestly for the life of me can't believe that Riot thinks this iteration of Eve will be any way viable when it hit live. I understand that you want her to be a single target assassin, but come on! How many times are you going to catch their carry by themselves to kill? Usually they're sitting next to their tank or support making killing them extremely hard. You guys moved her burst to the late game, but here's a thought... What happens when she doesn't have this supposed god like early game that gets her the money to buy late game items? What happens if she goes even? What happens if she loses the early game? She'll be completely useless late because all her skills scale horribly without big expensive items because she only has ap scaling. The worst part is everyone is trying to tell you guys the major problems, but they get completely ignored.
: Evelynns new ultimate
It seriously needs to be like Warwick's Q. If you hold it down then it'll teleport you backwards. If you just press it, it should keep you in place instead of any teleport backwards.
: Some thoughts First I'd like to say that I think the best ones are those that play animations throughout the recall (Heca, Irelia and Koggie are my favourites), and it's still really unsatisfying to see them just stand there after playing one animation ({{champion:40}} is the worst offender of this) Also, as an {{champion:28}} main, I'd love to see her use her joke (I may be bad, but I feel GOOD!) in there somewhere. She may be severely outdated, but that's a good animation. Also also, {{champion:84}} could probably loop that anim and it'd look better (doing stretches right up to the end) Also also also, {{champion:12}} might be better suited to go idle4>idle3>idle5, so he has something else to do. Maybe that's not an option because idle5 looks too much like his passive (E). But if that's the case, why is it in his idles? Also also also also, {{champion:34}} should fly around (idle2) before going back to idle1 Also also also also also, {{champion:22}} would be fantastic if she went idle5>idle2 Also also also also also also, it seemed obvious to me to use {{champion:63}} 's dance (where he dances around the fire). That at least lasts 8 seconds. Also also also also also also also, like I said, {{champion:40}} stands out as the worst to me, I think she could loop her laugh (where she flies around in circles) and that would be cool. Also also also also also also also also, can {{champion:38}} use his channel spell anim? It's really a shame that it's not used anywhere else (except in like featured game modes or whatever) and I think it works for his character, certainly better than what he got here. Also also also also also also also also also, {{champion:89}} should start her taunt again right at the end of the recall so she's pointing her sword into the air as she teleports. Just an idea. Also also also also also also also also also also, I suppose it isn't an option to just delete {{champion:82}} from the game, so the fact that he has an auto for his anim goes against your rules. Also also also also also also also also also also also, please for the love of all that is green don't make poor Morg do that awful dance for her recall. I sit beneath the Gods and the stars and beg you not to do this. (pray for morg). Loop her laugh animation. That would look better and suit her better. Just don't use the dance. Whenever I see that all I can think of it this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQB4nAjZIdE Also also also also also also also also also also also also, can {{champion:35}} dance after laughing? That would be fun. Shaco is fun. Also also also also also also also also also also also also also, {{champion:58}} could go idle3>idle2 and take up the whole recall time Also also also also also also also also also also also also also also, {{champion:26}} ought to stroke his beard throughout the recall. You already addressed Shen and Kayle so I'll shut up about them. I'm really happy that this update is coming, and I think it's really good that you're listening to people suggestions for this. I hope I can help improve how this turns out. PS: have you ever seen so many also's? Also, also doesn't sound like a word anymore.
Hopping off what you said about {{champion:28}} , I feel like if they didn't change that to at least instead of going into idle 1, why not go into idle 2 instead. It looks like it flows nicer into it that way.
: Do you have any enemy champions in range (at any health) when you activate the W? Because the active is NOT global, it has a range but works for any health of champion.
Yes actually. About 1k away or so but when I proc it nothing shows up and just goes back on cooldown.
: I'm not sure if this is a confirmed bug, but when I kill someone with my ult, the animation continues and I'm stuck there swiping the air. i.e. The channel isn't cancelled if the ult kills someone (think Renekton W, it plays full animation if it doesn't kill, but ends it early if it does-- WW ult should do the same).
http://webmshare.com/play/OVezY I got a webm of it with my key presses with the ult bug http://webmshare.com/play/QYgBL And here's another good example
: Warwick Pupdate Bug Thread!
For some reason, the active on the W fails to find anyone and goes straight on cooldown without a blood hunt. Sometimes the W passive red aura pops but the movement speed isn't added. Missing ult reduces it's cooldown by ten seconds. Don't know if it's a bug or not. That's all I have currently.
: DoomBots Feedback
I'm enjoying the mode up to a point. Like Blake said, the cc chain especially early is just too brutal. Mele champs can't compete against the bots because getting remotely close to any of them means you lose half of your health and cc chained to death. Another thing worth mentioning is that the doom bots scale way to fast against the other people. I'm talking getting chucked for 1/4th of your hp by a single skill from anyone when there's ten minutes left. Once they take a tower, the bots rotate mid and just arams until the final minutes. There's just way too much do deal with throughout the game One final thing though... The jungle camps coming to backdoor the towers is the most bs thing I've ever seen. Especially dragon. I didn't know the bots had a Mord to make like even more hell.

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