: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Valiant Sword Riven!
1. I love the effects, it's just her model that bugs me. Especially when she recalls her model sorta stretches and it just looks too weird. Another thing about the recall is the swords once she returns to spawn. They should have swifter exit rather than clipping into the ground. [https://i.imgur.com/jEOlZ2g.png] 2. The color choices are nice, but it doesn't fit Immortal Journey. Morgana & Nami's skins fit more because of their color choices of blues, purples, pinks & greens but with Riven, she stands out with the red. It seems more like a lunar/new year skin to me but I still think the Morg & Nami skins are a little on the brighter side too but their colors fit better than Rivens. Go with a lighter color palette, instead of red a blue color? With tiny hints of red and more white? (Comparing the first Immortal Journey skins to the upcoming ones. Most of the models are from Surrenderat20) [https://i.imgur.com/8BAC256.png] 3. For her ult, in her regular form it looks fine, it follows the Dawnbringer skin of having no broken sword just a small one and once she ults it's bigger. So make her R sword a little bigger for this skin as well? Or make her normal form sword actually broken/cracked so it fits her original lore. The sword's effect is also just a solid color throughout with some particles but more detail should be added instead of just having it as a silhouette of the sword. I agree with alot of people, the sound of Riven's AA is high pitch and comparing it to her other skins AA sounds, they're much heavier and lower like an actual blade, for the rest of her SFX I say they're good. 4. In Nami & Morg's skin as well as the other immortal journey skins, they involve a dragon/serpent in their recall/abilities. Add that into Riven's ult? Instead of her throwing out multiples of her sword. Even a sound effect of a dragon's roar when she ults is a nice sound detail.


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