: You need to be more selective in your pbe testers riot
if you don't want Toxic players in league then ban Teemo and Singed Nehehahahah.
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: Honestly the health bar changes should be reverted
{{champion:268}} : hey Rammus do you want them to keep the old health bar? {{champion:33}} : Ok. {{champion:268}} : what about you Malphite do you prefer the old one? {{champion:54}} : Yes. {{champion:268}} : The order is given.
: +1 for all champions to have bots, but practice mode is for testing builds and try learn champion... Why don't you want something more great for practice mode, all champions free in practice mode to test them burst or them like champion before buy. Don't blame team for practice mode. Improve them sistem if you can and want. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
but i want to practice on dodging skill shots / aiming on moving targets that can dodge better than bots also the are quite stupid to practice with them and you can have only one bot in the game and you can't even buff him (give him money unlimited mana and hp CR) i mean where is the problem if you can 1 vs 1 on practice tool for example if you want to try something that needs more than one champion in a game how can i do it on practice tool? also the dummy don't react to what you are doing just standing still i want to control it maybe make it use a skill shot on me. if you want it to keep it without PVP then why don't you allow 5 bots? you should be able to edit them in game to give you a good reason to practice against bots. by the way bots should be able to go jungle not just 2 top 1 mid 2 bot and try to kill Baron, Dragon and Rift. maybe make the third difficulty which allows them to go jungle. i mean you made bots so awesome in Doom bots and they should be more careful.
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: Inmunity at the fountain - URF mode
{{champion:126}} + {{champion:96}} + {{champion:43}} + {{champion:99}} + {{champion:110}} = Alt F4


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