: I just wanted to say that I'm really glad that she has her winding key. It is by far the cutest part about her character and I deeply hope it is never removed from her. She's a pretty toy girl.
I do wonder what Riot will do if they ever plan to visually update Orianna. I anticipate the winding key will be replaced by the hextech crystal. It would still provide a somewhat similar silhouette to the key, but it would also be lore accurate.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Orianna!
General impressions: * The dark blue refractions on the top of Orianna's head feel out of place. Unless I suppose it was intentionally trying to make some form of design. * I enjoy the more muted audio tones on Command Attack and Shockwave. I would just say as a result it makes Dissonance and Protect come off as pretty harsh on the ears. * The chromas haven't been added to PBE yet so I'm basing my judgments off the promotional material. My only comment is a preference for the base skin gemstone hair texture over a more smoothed out design. Other than that I am content with how the skin has turned out. I have been eagerly anticipating Orianna getting a Victorious skin since season 2 so I am happy. It feels nice to actually earn something I really want.
: ARAM Updates on PBE
I am happy about Dark Harvest nerfs, but I don't agree with removing Warmogs.
: Skin Collections Tab: Skin Descriptions Feature Feedback
Any additional lore for my favorite champions is greatly appreciated. I love the idea of using skin descriptions to further strengthen the players connection with any given champion.
: I just think it's weird because when she does /joke without the ball attached, she basically looks inside of her torso
Ah, I see what you mean. She has somewhat of a similar issue with her death animation.
: [FIXED] Any animation forced (Taunt, Joke, Laugh, Dance) does not move her head at all, the remains in the same position as long as the animation, as well as E, don't know is this is meant to be or not. The problem is in the head!!! and the way she is facing keeps the same even when she is without the ball and taunt, she doens't do the spining with head like she does in her others skins.
I am pretty sure that is intentional. I personally really like it. You notice this even when she is casting command protect. I think it looks really cool.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Orianna!
A few other things I have spotted playing more. Some of which I am sure you guys are already aware of, but I will mention anyway. http://i.imgur.com/Kp5fvd6.jpg) The interior sphere seems to clip really hard through everything. Even disappearing at times. Also, the spikes on the ball seem like the texture got cut off or something. You would imagine that it would continue on with the gold pattern. http://i.imgur.com/S7y0lmh.jpg) No orange spheres on ball when not connected to Orianna.
: I agree about the white swirls (~~stars?~~ obviously planets, dumb me) being a bit unnecessary and adding some clutter, but I have to disagree about the clockwork. :) I feel like this now reads as Orianna's aoe a lot better, and to me, it was necessary. It also looks really good and, while it definitely is clockwork-related, also fits the DS theme, mainly through the color.
I am pretty sure the white circles are supposed to be planets. I think they wouldn't look as awkward if they had the normal transparency that Dissonance usually has.
: I really like the skin in general, nice model and accessories, but there are some things I want to mention... - Orianna has new tones on everything (Autoattack, Q, W, E, R) but no quotes... (I don't know whether other Dark Star skins have new comments) - if a autoattack reaches his target, the animation is bugged (I don't know how to screenshot it :DD) - The colors on the ult is inappropriate (I mean it would be nice if the enemies vanish into a black hole) - the animation of the dead Orianna doesn't look so outstanding compared to the rest I wouldn't buy it for this price bc of the missing voice changes^^ but in general very beautiful!
New voice lines would probably put the skin in Legendary tier status. Though perhaps they could take the original unfiltered human voice for Orianna and give it more of an omnipotent space being filter.
: Q should stack Frost. AA range should be increased by 25. This should fix her E usability issues. Otherwise her numbers are too high in some places. E > Ult is a potential **4 second stun** dealing 50% max health damage. This is obscene. Standard combo is AA > W > AA > E > R > AA which when pulled off you can 1v1ing some of the strongest 1v1 champs in the game. Sejuani in the top lane is probably even better than jungle now. Her ult is a 2 second stun even at rank 1, just single target. It's actually often stronger than the old ult because of this. Q's base cooldown got reduced from 15 to 13 as well. This is also significant for anyone who's learned to play around the previous cooldown. Therefore if some usability changes are applied they better tone down numbers because she'll enter live being kinda broken, not gonna lie.
I agree that Q should stack frost. I feel like it would make her kit flow better together.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Orianna!
In regards to first impressions, I would say that this is another solid skin. The sexy flowing hair animation is a welcome addition. In terms of design, I am a really big fan of the corrupted otherworldly elegant space queen vibe. I love the shape language that was used when altering her design. I think it really makes her stick out and gives her a strong silhouette. In terms of feedback, I only have a few comments. http://i.imgur.com/kcxAUJm.jpg) I did run into a bug where the ball would flash between a light blue color and the base color repeatedly. Though it oddly didn't persist through the entire game. It did last for several minutes though. http://i.imgur.com/U1iGccw.jpg) I have seen a lot of feedback in regards to her legs. I would say they look fine being simple, but I do feel like the awkward flat cuts near the galaxy skirt break the design. I feel like they would need to be twisted and corrupted similar to her waist. I suppose they are somewhat obscured, but I found it pretty easy to notice. http://i.imgur.com/j3IyoH8.jpg) Other minor things might be the orange on the ball seems a little odd being a solid color. Though I am aware the skin is still a work in progress. I also think it would be kind of cool if Orianna would get some form of voice filtering. I also saw a lot of comments in regards to the particle effects and I think they are fine. I understand that clarity is a big concern when making skins, I think it cut a nice balance between the two. http://i.imgur.com/wP2OuOK.png) Lastly, any explanation behind the pizza drawing? I have seen some connections made to the Santurnz Barz music video. I haven't managed to find an official response. Thank you so much for another awesome Orianna skin and keep up the good work. I can say that the folks over at r/OriannaMains are super excited for the new skin! edit: Also forgot to mention the death animation. It felt a little awkward. It was trying to use the original model animation on an organic body.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sewn Chaos Blitzcrank!
Thank you! Orianna and Blitzcrank finally have a matching skin line!
: Nope, no lore implications here! Were you the one who also posted on live with that awesome theory thread? >_>
Indeed, I am. :) I try to get all the information about Orianna so I can share it on r/OriannaMains. http://i.imgur.com/x642DGD.gif)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Orianna!
As expected the splash-art looks amazing! It was already tweeted out that the hand belongs to Orianna and Heartseeker is a cake topper. My question is if this has any lore implications? Does Orianna make cakes and dolls in here spare time outside of the league? I need more information!
: Here's a tiny suggestion. But I think it won't take that much effort to implement. Could you please make Sona's idle animation where she's plucking strings into one that lets her pluck out heart notes like she does with her E? Thanks. ^_^
You might want to post that in the Sweetheart Sona feedback thread. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/feMwxGXM-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-sweetheart-sona
: Yes, and? Most 975 skins nowadays have new particles, sounds are fairly common too, people Riot if there aren't new recall animations with skins nowadays... And, of course, the model and texture, also basically expected! I really think you guys should create stricter guidelines for skin pricing. The guide that was put up last year on your support site only has 'processed voice overs' as the one thing that 1350s have that 975s don't have.
While I'm inclined to agree in some regard. I believe Heartseeker Orianna's 1350rp price is justified. The lines have definitely blurred over the years as Riot has drastically improved, but 975 to 1350 is still distinguishable. The particles on 1350 skins tend to be a lot more elaborate. Winter Wonder Orianna vs Heartseeker Orianna is a perfect example. I'm sure there are cases of 975 skins that have 1350 particles, but more often than not most 975 particles are not as ambitious. Audio is comparatively similar. In some cases 975 have audio on some abilities, but the rest is just recycled from the base audio. 1350 tend to have new audio on all abilities and AA. Heartseeker doesn't have new AA audio, but all the other abilities have new audio. Some may scoff at the idea, but what Riot is making is Art. Which at the end of the day is subjective. If you disagree with the pricing then I recommend speaking with your wallet. Riot will get the message. http://i.imgur.com/b2qtPpO.png)
: Hi. Just dropping some feedback here sorry it aint completely positive. As an orianna (support) lover i really was excited to see a new skin. however i must say, though the new ability effects are quite on point (thx for that really love it), her appearance overall disappoints me a bit. im not sure how to explain it, but she feels too human and the whole point of playing orianna is that robotic fantasy (her lore is amaaaaaazing btw. give a high five to the people responsible for that for me plz ^^). if there is a way u can make her looks a bit more robotic plz i think many of us would appreciate it. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day^^
It always feels like a tug of war. There is one group that really want to see human Orianna and then there is the other group who want her to remain a robot.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Orianna!
I would like to preface this comment by saying I completely love the skin and I think Orianna is absolutely adorable. This is also coming from someone who is a long time Orianna main and loves all things Orianna related. That being said I have read around on the youtube, boards, and reddit. The complaints I frequently read are as follows: * She isn't very "sexy" compared to other Heartseeker skins. * Her hair is very stylized and people have a hard time accepting it. * Her AA looks to big and clunky. * People are saying she is creepy. Which I think is mostly attributed to the recall animation when she opens her mouth. * She comes off as to innocent to be a Heartseeker. Overall, the feedback seems to be coming from a mix between insecure males who feel uncomfortable buying something so cutesy, Upset ADC players, and dedicated Orianna players. Thanks for all your hardwork. Keep it up! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} **edit:** After rereading my comment. I felt like it came off as a little to overtly negative. While pointing out weakness can be important. Pointing out strengths are just as important. So I shall list those all well. * The collision animation of her Command: Attack is very satisfying. It's implemented well and really feels like it adds to the gameplay. * Command: Shockwave is getting new particles effects for the very first time! Which is a pretty big deal. * The audio is a welcome change from the harsh ability audio that Orianna mains are familiar with. It fits thematically and flows well. * The ball moves away from conventional design and really owns up to the Heartseeker theme. The heart petals inside the ball is also a really nice subtle touch. * Perhaps an unappreciated feature, but Heartseeker brings some quality emote spam. Being able to taunt your foes with cake is a welcome feature. The cake is a lie. :^) * I have yet to see the splash-art, but I already know its gonna be good. The splash artists never disappoint. * First 1350rp Orianna skin and first time Orianna is getting a summoner icon!~
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: Workin' on it! :]
Thanks again! http://i.imgur.com/vcJnLE4.gif))
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: [5.13] Fix Candidate for Syndra E(Q)
Perhaps I may consider buying her Queen of Diamonds skin now. :)
: [5.13] Core AP Items Pass
In terms of late game builds for {{champion:61}} I look forward to the interesting new choices. {{item:3116}} getting an aoe slow buff, along with {{item:3151}} buff looks interesting. Also can't really say for sure, but it looks like building against AD casters might also be better which I like. I won't feel terrible for getting an early {{item:3136}} now!
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: [PSA] AD Ekko is NOT a thing
After trying it out I would have to disagree. I would say he is pretty similar to Nidalee. You can either go AD for more sustain damage or AP for more burst damage. Plus he does so much flipping base damage it doesn't really matter what you go. This champion already needs some tweaks.
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