: Hey there! Here's a TLDR: * Passive - * Slow Removed * Lvl 1 Base Damage Up * Lvl 18 Base Damage Down * Q: AP ratio up on initial pass-through * R: heal has a base that scales with AP and a bonus based upon % health lost in the last 4 seconds
Why does it feel like this a straight up nerf to AP Ekko?
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: Bug in the launcher?
"Thereisnourflevel" is a code Riot uses to get into the game themselves when it's down You won't be able to log in when u use it because its disabled only for players
: Teemo is OP "problem"?
You have problems. Hes like close to the weakest champion spot in the game LOL
: we need to hange bards chime spawning time
That was one long sentence. Oh wait, you didn't even use a period to end it. Or a capital letter. heuheuhuheuehuehuheuheuhue But seriously u need organization, I was completely lost every 5 seconds because it was all stuck in one box of text But his chime system is fine. He's supposed to roam a lot and gather then while ganking...
: Can Bard's W root enemies who walk over them instead?
: What are good times to use Bard's R?
use it so the jungler can catch up, since its a long hard-cc. Basically as a gap closer
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: Item Bug- Targon's Brace and Face of the Mountain do not execute minions nor share health
I think u need to read the description. It only executes if you're melee. Thresh is NOT melee. You need to last hit like normal if you're ranged
: Losing HP when undoing an item purchase
It's designed like this. They confirmed it a while back. It brings u back to the point where u bought the item, so if you bought an item when you were half hp and you press undo, it'll bring u back to half hp
: Warring Kingdoms Katarina killing herself?
Just like revive does damage to you right? I think kat is just emo
: PBE Starterkit Crashed my client
I bought all the champs one by one before i realized you could buy that ._.
: Party rewards.
I played like 8 party games of 3-5 people and all it gave me was 7 ip bonus LOL
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: [ANIVIA] Blackfrost Anivia starts her revive animation 3 seconds before actually reviving.
Thats because its an animation. It rebuilds and finishes right when the timer hits 0. Theres nothing affecting gameplay here, and its intended
: Bug with red buff giving additional 20 HP regen
: Any context about the range change on Kassadins ultimate?
He was the only one that could run from Lee Sin, so they had to nerf his mobility
: [TEST AP item] too much move speed?
I think they should make it more attractive to immobile mages somehow. Immobile mages are the only ones who should actually need it, but its insane on someone like leblanc who already has high burst. Now she has waveclear
: [Brand] - Brand's blaze applies the Item 3285's passive
It's because brand's passive is counted as spell damage, so it counts as a spell. Same reason why it procs liandry and rylais, and keeps refreshing it
: new ap item available for testing soon!
Anivia ult + this item GGGGGG instawave clear and she no longer has to waste half her mana pool to clear
It's extremely frustrating cause I always aim the volley so that the middle hits them, and now I can't even hit any of them because of my old habits. I missed out on atleast kills in one game because of this
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