: I'm facing the most unknown lag problem ever help technician please!!!
: I mean yes it is old but it's also AVAILABLE in hextech and so should be usable ALSO: got the same issue with draven draven and I do own the skin and champ
icons dont really need testing anyways so who cares
: I noticed too. New Varus skin the same, no picture but you can buy it. {{champion:110}}
yeah this always happens when a new skin comes out/champion since they dont have splash art for it
: The emotes I had equipped don't exist in game either, it's just an empty wheel Don't know if this is a bug or something known since it's been happening since yesterday {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
tbh emotes were always buggy on the pbe
: The bug seems to be random, even after a full repair. It might be a recent update conflicting with GeForce drivers, who knows.
you could try to reinstall geforce, got nothing to lose from that. if problem continues i'd suggest sending a ticket
: You mean uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them ? If so I might try that, but LoL is the only one having this problem (other games are fine), and there hasn't been any update to my GeForce before the problem.
i remember having texture bugs with yasuo few months ago, whenever he used an ability there would be a white block on the area of it. i did 'initiate full repair' and it fixed it, so maybe try that?
: My drivers are all up-to-date, whether it is Graphics Cards drivers or else.
but im asking, have you tried reinstalling geforce? maybe that would fix the problem
: What do you mean reinstalling GeForce ? The Drivers ? The Software ?
you update your drivers with geforce, so yeah i guess the drivers
: [GAME BREAKING] Very serious textures problem
have you tried reinstalling geforce?
: Skin Draven Draven 5k RP
it was part of the joke when it came out, the event post said that the skin is 5000RP but because Draven is nice hes lowering it for 500(or something like that)
: its been :'(
turn on and turn off again?
: God Staff Jax (Questionable) Bug
you dont even need bloodrazor because just with trinity you get to around 1.90~ attack speed. maybe because with bloodrazor you're close to 2.50 attack speed and it seems like you do double auto
: As far as I remember bots dont leave their base if someone of the enemy team is disconnected or they are outnumbered.
yeah but sometimes they dont leave their base even when everyone are connected
: Battle Boss Baron Icon with Event Emote
I'm pretty sure the emote was limited to the event, As in you could use the emote only during the event
: I had this problem/thought with the blue essence wards and updated urfwick. Doesn't make sense to me.
urfwick doesnt need testing. why? because the only new thing is the recall.
: Can't log in to account
: Just kidding I also think snowARURF is frustrating and unfun
: I want it. So don't say nobody without proof.
im honestly not sure if they're aware that battle snow ARURF and ARURF are different modes
: Nuhh
y'all need a break lmao
: [Surrender] Apparently Enemy team has surrendered, but the game didn't end.
: And yeah, btw, you are idiot that need to lie, you CANT get banned for one game, you just CANT, and if you somehow was, why theres writed GAME 1? You just deserve permaban i think, be happy for 14 days, you are lucker, seriously
i think its possible. if everyone in the game report him, im not sure though
: 14 days chat ban NICE RIOT
you got triggered because someone called you a noob lmao and then you flame your team and tell them to kill themselves and you cry about getting a ban? thats beyond sad
: Don't really know since they won't ever answer.So i could be they don't give a crap
can understand, i mean its just an old icon
: THey wont fix that, same with meowcon and Draven Draven
Is there a reason for that? or they just cant bother?
: Xayah and Rakan got icons too. Gift of Magic and Burning Feather icons... So yes, why not for Zoe?
oh right forgot about them. maybe there'll be an icon for her next week?(7.23's last week on pbe)
: Zoe Summoner Icon !
Only Ornn and Kayn got an icon, but you had to complete a mission in order to get it
: Im going to buy Project Vayne on live servers when she will be released, so it will be nice if there will be borders again :D
: Bug after giving honor
Like, after you honor someone the screen is stuck on the honor screen?
: I thought it's not fake, but I dont know why Riot didnt added it to the shop :/
maybe a bug, cant know for sure unless a Rioter tells you
: I just hope we'll get borders like the last PROJECT skins. I'll be tilted if that does not occur.
There are borders for these projects.
: Project Icons
its not fake, i have no idea why its not in the shop yet.
: Exactly, which is why it would be nice to have more pages on at least PBE if not live as well
you can buy more pages tho
: the problem is, since Runes and Masteries got combined, everything got condensed down and is more precise than ever. Every single rune affects each champ differently from my point of view, and each champ seems to have a unique combination required in order for you to make full use of both the champ and your playstyle. Because of this, even buying max rune pages doesn't seem to be enough, that is my opinion.
the whole point in PBE and preseason is testing stuff no? so play around with the runes on champs until you find what you like
you can buy more rune pages i dont see where the problem is
: New PBE Sign Up
like i said in a different post, Riot should make it so if you get penalized in the PBE your main would be affected as well. maybe then people would actually care and not use "its just PBE idc" as an excuse to their behavior.
: you can see your skins too , but they created a tab right? if i wanna see my wards skins i got to get in to a game ou practice tool? it does'nt make any sense
thing is, its different than champion skins. you can see ALL of your ward skins in champ select and you'll only see the skins of the champion that you picked.
: They should have set the honor required to enter the PBE to level 5. Level 4 if they wanted to be lenient. So much toxicity now. The PBE is for testing, not tryharding.
it's really not hard to get to honor 5 though. they should make it so if you get banned here you'd get one on the live servers or something like that, so people wont use "its just pbe idc"
: Skins Tab
You can see your ward skins in champ select though
: Account bug
thats not a bug. you get BE ONLY from disenchanting champion shards and RP refills to 8000 to everyone, it doesnt add up.
: Which is often the case
as far as i know honor levels from everyone on your team honoring is pretty low compared to being honored by a non premade
: The real question is what are you doing playing Azir Jungla ?. If you want to try those things, there are custom ones at least if you are not prepared to receive that kind of comments.
agree. you pick something that almost everyone will see as a troll and complain that people harass you because of that. i'd suggest teaming up with friends if you really dont want to be harassed
: > HOW can such toxic people have level 3+ honor a) Plays mostly with premades => gets honor levels from premades b) Was boosted on ranked => people honored for being carried Sadly, I know situations of both cases. Sadly, reporting b) yielded no results
riot said that getting honored from premades wont give you honor levels. the only honor levels that you can get if you're with premades is if everyone on your team honors
: Actually the stats are determined by your primary keystone.
: Then again, starting off with 79 AD can be a problem for MF. There is a reason why she had the 3rd lowest base AD (46) and the lowest AD Growth
yeah okay this is actually a problem(i said what i said because i forgot that the 2nd rune gives you raw stats). we need to get Riot's attention on this
: Probably Statikk Shiv+Rapid Firecannon, also with Berserker's. Can have around 1.95 with just those. Btw i agree a nerf on that rune would be good, putting a CD around 20 secs should do.
: And then there is the 15 AD from sorcery, up to 48 AD from Transcendence, The AD from Gathering Storm, 8% Lifesteal from Legends: Bloodline, Summon Aerie adding burst without a cooldown and Coup De Grace being 10% increased damage. Together it just seems a bit excessive
but you get these stats as the game progresses, just like when you buy items.
: Question: Skins
we get to test the skins on the day that the new pbe update launches or sometime afterwards
: It's because of the unbalanced mess that's PBE. Bronze and diamond are placed against each other which can cause frustration. even honor level 5 bronze people would afk after they die 5 times in the first 10 minutes. I am currently testing my Miss Fortune runepage since I am a Miss Fortune OTP and I am just stomping them every game.
frustration or not, this server is for testing.
: He/she doesn't want to test it. He/she wants to buy it so he/she can make a video about it on his youtube channel so he/she will be one of the few that make a video about the urf ww skin and so he/she will get views. Edit: this looks so weird when you can't figure out the gender and have to use he/she :)))
: > [{quoted}](name=Orez,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Ihuwmia5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-02T21:33:15.057+0000) > > in the preseason video they actually said they'd add a tab where you could view your skins They said the same thing about voice chat but i think they are dont do it for now {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
didnt they say in reddit that it was a hoax? cant remember clearly
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