: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Janna!
Can I just take this moment to tell you guys I love you for this skin, lol Janna's my favourite champion and Star Guardian is my favourite skin line, it's like a dream come true, I'm dying to test it on PBE and play it on live! :D It's perfect in every aspect and the splash art is just astonishing ^~^
: 290 RP for ONE chroma when 3 chromas were for 590 ? It's SO expensive. 190 RP is better.
> You can still buy them in bundles, though, for a discount. Hold your horses, chromas were sold in bundles so that their price could be lower vs having to buy them separately, and those bundles aren't going anywhere
: It's actually "epic" items, which are items that are called out in spectator mode. So pretty much any top-tier finished item. Basically I just piggy-backed off that existing classification, rather than inventing an entirely new one. ;-)
that seems like a cool feature, it will definitely be helpful speaking as someone who prefers pings over chat
: [6.14] Cooldown Pings on PBE
is this the ultimate list or are you still thinking of adding some "major items"? for example, would rabadons deathcap be considered?
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