: If Azir remains as a splitpushing mage and has viability in top, could you consider changing q to have a small (~.5 sec?) stun or knockup if it targets/hits an enemy champion in exchange for the slow? It could be the early game buff he needs and some gank protection for an otherwise fairly exposed mage with little burst potential and limited mobility on both himself and his damage. Depending on where his other abilities end up, it could be single target/first champion hit or all as balance dictates. I would guess a single target stun would be plenty and all would probably be way to strong in late game team fights. I'm picturing a targeted dash that either goes to that location on the ground, or to target enemy champion. Does the normal pass through damage without the slow, but on hitting the targeted champion, applies the short knockup/stun/or even temporary impassibility (like a short 1, 2, or 3 soldier version of his ult that can zone one person). This is of course in light of needed damage nerfs to the soldiers' base damage. Without the oppressive damage on them, he'll need some extra utility to survive and do well. Edit: On thinking about it more, I don't know how good of an idea this really is, as it's a bit redundant with his e, but with soldiers. It also subtly changes his feel a bit too much by detracting from the feel of consistent dps and zoning and focusing more on utility, direct engagement, control, and sudo burst. But I'll leave it here for viewing anyway.
i honestly would love to see this guy top where he could cast soldiers further and dash them then dash to them. HEd be like damage AP jarvan.
: **After thoughts on Gameplay:** All refer to Clarity Range indicator Limit for Q. Although you can extend the Q any distance, if it could be limited at a circle similar to Jarvan's Demacian Standard (E) I think it would help alot with movement decisions on chasing and fleeing. in the description. the Ultimate could display the number of soldiers and the width of the ultimate, explaining how it increases from 4-6 soldiers with each level. Duration Indicator for Soldiers above Soldiers head visible only to Azir. Auto Attack Range indicator for Azir. When Azir moves outside a Soldiers control range, indicator that the soldier is now inactive, I had to run up and attempt to auto several times just to find the right distance. I often find myself running too close into teamfights rather than stay at the maximum control distance. **Thoughts and Ideas.** Curiosity with his R. **Being an Ultimate to Stop Ultimates.** ie., Blocking Malphite ult, j4 mid leap, Yasuo ult. **Auto Attack Range being Greater with Soldiers**. I have to be pretty close to command my soldiers to even attack. Maybe extend the distance. Maybe it's part of your counterplay and risk reward, but it's within kat jumps and talon leaps in teamfights. There is no safety. Allow soldiers to be summoned at a greater distance so E can be used quickly to escape bad situations. In my experience, Azir gets destroyed by gap closers with very little counterplay or escapes against that. I can only bump or attempt a very small dash away with the W>E combo, which does nothing and I get 100-0 in 2 seconds or less. **With the Soldiers Tower damage dealt**, just lower the damage done to tower from soldiers to be 1/3? or set a maximum damage/strike cap, or something else. ** It feels good having the soldiers attack towers**. * The w to do instant damage is really lame*. You're a minion controlling beast! not a press w to do damage to towers. **Comments on Azir** The Bonus HP based shield makes Zero sense with Azir. Azir is in no way a frontliner. Even with a Roa and Zhonyas *he gets completely melted.* The ROA does absolutely nothing for his kit. Azir Summons Soldiers to do all the dirty work for him, he should be an escape artist to quickly position behind his soldiers for safety. Perhaps his dash could place him on the opposite side of the soldier from the direction he's coming from. Rather than a shield, I'd rather he bump up champs along the way to the soldier and arrive at the soldier as a way to move around. Who wants to get into melee range EVER with Azir? Just asking to die. It seems to be Azir's Kit is to simply Buff up his Attack Speed, CDs, and AP as high as possible with Priority on CD, AP then Attackspeed. Building anything defensive, weaken's Azir's damage and place him in roles outside of mid ranged AP into AP brawler? Which makes no sense to me since he's one of the squishiest champs I've ever played. It's like building RoA on Xerath or Velkaz, there are better items for them. Edit Note* In hindsight, sometimes you need the extra tankiness from RoA, I just feel it makes you a lot weaker, but sometimes you need the extra tank.
I too find his AA range on soldiers too short against melee mids im always in their dash ranges against ranged mids im always to far to reach them
: Right now it is very difficult** to keep track on how long a soldier lasts **by the time you have summoned him. So i am suggesting to add** AN INDICATOR** to soldiers where** it counts the time until they fade.** This way you can keep better track of them and make better use of the combos.
: Hey all! Loving Azir so far, but I feel he could greatly benefit from a few **Quality of Life** changes, namely: 1. **Shorten the soldier range indicator.** I frequently find myself trying to attack minions/enemies that are just outside a soldier's range, thinking that the soldiers should be able to get them, which causes Azir to move toward them (which I generally do *not* want to do). I believe it would help if you shortened the range indicator, so that the soldiers can attack a slightly larger radius than they appear to be able to reach, thus preventing me from accidentally pathing my way into a bunch of enemies. 2. **W should not cast at max range** if I try to cast outside of its range. This is useful for line-skillshots like Ziggs' bomb, when I typically just want to send the projectile in a given direction rather than hit a specific spot, but if I cast Azir's W outside of its max range, I generally expect him to move and place a soldier at the spot where I clicked. I imagine y'all have tested both possibilities in-house, and decided that the auto-cast was more intuitive. You may be able to sway my opinion on this one, except that... 3. **Azir should definitely move to cast W on a turret** if I cast W on a turret outside of its max range. In this case, it's become a unit-targeted ability rather than a ground-targeted ability, so I want it to act like one. One other buff (it's a straight buff, not a QoL buff) that might improve his feel is if his E could knock up enemies that are just barely beyond his soldiers. Since his soldiers have such a short cast range, it would be nice to have a little extra leeway on this ability when you are trying to use it to initiate on an enemy who's a little far away. Azir's definitely a ton of fun, but working with his range feels a little clunky at times. Thanks for listening!
omg yes i hate this so much trying to place soldiers is frustrating cuase i need to know the exact range otherwise BLUMP he just insta drops them short. this is worsened when trying to dump them over baron pit for vision and falling short cuase insta cast.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
Azir's laning is super weak but i was mostly ok with that. My 2 concerns are of a clarity standpoint. I dont know how far i can walk away from my soldiers or how far they can dash away from me. I feel the oriana ring treatment is needed here.
: Doom Bots TOO OP
the more OP the Bots are the more i wish i could play as them instead of against them.
: Rework of frozen mallet
Frozen mallet is just an item that noone really wants in a teamfight. Theoretically you pay gold for that slow. gold that could be spent on ad or health instead. Slows are great in laning but in a teamfight a AA slow really only helps to chase down a routed enemy team. Its itemizing assuming your winning.
: Maokai: Are You My Mother
no. No. NONONONONONO. Maokai is a support tank. He is not a damage tank. He engages. and holds teamfights. Damage maokai should not be a thing. His ulti can't support it in a healthy way. The only thing i can think of to improve this feeling of support tank is to allow the reduced damage to apply to maokai himself, and a thornmail. Let him be a Big Tanky Tree that takes hits for the team. This has plenty of counterplay built in and allows for his ulti to be stronger for the team.
: General consensus on Quill coat line?
The biggest issue i have with it is that it doesnt help the first clear. Many junglers have issues with the first clear. if yoiu have a slow tough first clear before your coat you might lose a buff or even you life because you are a known factor of easy to mess with. Machete should make the first clear easy with buffs for all junglers. Items after should make Clears without buffs easier. Right now machete isnt helping tanks. QC is once they get it but that slow clear into a need to B sets you behind still.
: If Skarner must be nerfed AGAIN...
skarners issues are that he offers really strong mid game utility that doesnt scale well into teamfights. His ganks are hella scary but his teamfight is not as good as other jungles. Balancing him is a question of keeping his teamfight good without letting his laning get out of hand. Which is tough.
: Suggestion for the SR Upgrade
counter argument: Champions appear out of nowhere because they are summoned. Minions appear out of nowhere. The only difference is location and particle effects. Minions likely don't have particles for performance reasons. That being said. The new jungle monsters enter spectacularly. It would be awesome if champion and minion entrances could be that grand.
: [Feedback] Alistar Adjustments
Alistar right now works best as a utility tank. His WQ for engage. Small heal for sustain etc. His ult is strange yes. It doesnt really fit other than letting him get out of the fight he created. THe biggest problem is his useless passive. That thing does next to nothing. Give me speed, tankyness, mana utility etc. Passive aoe damage? Give us something more suitable. Ps his passive should do double to champions isntead of monsters if they want to discourage ali jungle. PPS what if alistars ulti was team based. As a support he likes aura items. What if he gave movement and damage reduction to other champs.
: Essence Reaver
reaver wont make sense unless they make a cheap item that explains where it gets its passive. Frozen heart has a bad path aswell. And dont get me started on how Phage is only in the game for trinity force.
: [experimental] manamune and muramana changes (2014.07.02 - 2014.07.??)
I understand the want to have more diverse builds. But this item takes a totally different direction. It benefits kog maw or kayle more than traditional muramana users. If anything this item feels like it needs to be a sheen item based on max mana. Synergize with the want to do ad and use abilities.
: New Jinx Skin
i kinda doubt riot needs us to tell them to make a new skin for her. Its likely on a list or in progress.
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: SotAG Active to be added to other Jungle Items?
golem is currently super strong. Its a trinket and a thornmail. That being said. If lizard gets a ward devils builds will be more and more prevalent. I dont think we want more jungle items being built in lanes.
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