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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Praetorian Graves
Both this skin and the Fiddlesticks one aren't showing up for me in the store :( (somewhat related with that, the golden championship chromas, Infernal Amumu, Dragon Trainer Tristana and Dragon Trainer Lulu chromas are also missing) Anyways I like the skin, but the way the voice lines were replaced by beeps and boops is a real let down. I get that it's thematic since the skin line seems to be all about mass produced robots, but I don't feel very engaged playing ''a soldier'' I would rather be ''the soldier'' if you understand what I mean. Regardless, the spell effects are very well done and I love how you kept the ult distortion effect, which is something that I felt made both pool party and snow day a bit lack luster in terms of omph.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Playmaker Lee Sin and Sweeper Rammus
Hello, I'm unable to purchase the Playmaker Lee Sin skin or his chromas since they don't show up on my store, so I can't test them :( If you could check to see if I have a bug I would greatly appreciate it! My PBE account is: Opop Thank you for your time!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Cho'Gath
This skin is amazing, but I have a question regarding the availability: When you guys say that it's gonna be available for a limited time do you mean it's being removed as a direct purchase from the shop (and becomes available trough other means such as hextech crafting/special events) or will it never be obtainable again (kinda like victorious skins)? Thank you.
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: Yikes, let me check it again, should be working now
Thank you so much for taking your time to fix these issues, I highly appreciate the help!
: That is really weird, I'm really sorry about that, they should be on now!
Thank you, I was able to purchase all the Mecha Zero Sion chromas, I just encountered an error regarding the ''Tanzanite'' chroma for Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath, whenever I attempt to purchase it with either BE or RP the value gets deducted but the chroma doesn't get unlocked. Regardless of that, the Sion chromas are very well made (I specially like both Obsidian and Meteorite), excellent work by the skin team!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Zero Sion!
I am unable to buy these chromas on my PBE acount since they don't show up in the chroma tab. I encountered the same issue while with Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath, I guess the game doesn't want me to play with mechs :( Picture for reference:
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Primetime Draven Chromas & Championship Ashe Chroma!
Love the colors on almost all of them! specially the purple suit+blonde hair combo, has a really killer vibe to it. However I don't like the dark green colored hair on the Catseye one, to me it just looks like he hasn't washed in a while, I understand changing his hair color so it wouldn't be over saturated with gold but maybe just have it with brown hair or maybe even red/orange? Of course it's your artistic choice to have it green colored and it's still better than him looking like a banana.
: Urgot's Voice Volume
I personally don't have much of an issue hearing him, except on the Battlecast skin (it almost sounds like there's a voice filter on top of his already filtered voice).
: Well, the changes are interesting, although I don't see much point on his E's passive. It takes at least 15 seconds to get to the max amount at rank 5. On the other hand the Active doesn't really seem too nerfed beyond not mentioning if it has increased range and having a lower % max health ratio and a lower health cost. On the other hand, I don't really understand why he punishes himself for building AP - and only If he builds ap at all - when using his W. His Q or E, or R, don't even scale with AP :o. And, well, isn't Galio already the anti ap pick? xd
One correction, currently on the PBE it takes 7.5 seconds for him to max out the Magic Resistance amplification on his E, that's because he actually takes half of the listed value per half second. Also (since you weren't sure) his E on the PBE is still the same as it is on live (hp cost, hp scalling, extra auto attack range, etc), the only thing that was changed was the addition of the Magic Resistance amplification passive. If you got the values from S@20, then just a heads up that they are from the rank 1 E only. I do however agree that his W having an AP scaling as a ''negative'' multiplier is weird. But it's not like he's going to be taking more damage to himself anyways due to his natural Magic Resistance (on top of Magic Resistance from runes, items and his E).
: My thoughts exactly in terms of Galio being the anti-ap tank. Its in his kit AND his lore. I also don't feel that the changes make too much of a difference, but it just came out of nowhere. Riot has often introduced changes hoping to highlight champions strengths and weaknesses, but these seems to simply create a weakness that didn't exist before, for no apparent reason. Having an ability punish you for not building a certain resistance just feels mean when there is no reason for it, at least that I can find, within the identity of the champion.
The thing is, you don't seem to be taking into acount the fact that Dr. Mundo, like all the other champions, has magic resistance. You mentioned the laning phase so I'm assuming up until level 9. Now I'm not even going to take into account the Magic Resistance from runes or the Magic Resistance amplification that his E gives, and I'm going to give you the math as if he was maxing his W second. At level 2, meaning his W is at rank 1, Dr. Mundo will have 33 Magic Resistance, which means his W will be dealing: 11 Damage per second to himself (on live is 10). At level 8, meaning his W is at rank 2: Dr. Mundo will have 39 Magic Resistance, which means his W will be dealing: 14 Damage per second to himself (on live is 15). So as you can see, Dr. Mundo is not weaker against Physical damage dealing champions. (except at level 2, by a mere 1 damage per second to himself, and like it's been pointed out, you can even take Doran's Shield to get back that 1 hp you lost, on top of the extra healing you get for the proc). The only major downside with this change, is that whist your W is turned on, you will be in combat, meaning that items such as Warmog's Armor won't activate (if you buy it that is). These changes are just a straight up buff. They will help him against Magic Damage dealing champions for obvious reasons, and also make him slightly stronger against Physical Damage dealing champions since his W will effectively cost less HP to keep activated. As a bonus: once you reach level 13 (meaning your W is at rank 5), Dr. Mundo will have 46 Magic Resistance, which means he will take 24 Damage per second to himself (on live it's 30). Sources:
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Chromas!
The Teemo chromas look great to me (except the Sandstone one since I don't really like yellow as a color) I only have one issue with the Obsidian one (which looks fantastic by the way, specially since it even changes the mushroom color from green to red): when Teemo goes invisible the red goggles emit a green light, which is the same light that comes out of the base version of Omega Squad Teemo (which has green goggles) is it possible to change it to red? I don't think it matters much on the other Omega Squad Teemo chromas since the goggles don't have any tint on them (though in my opinion, blue lights coming out of the goggles on the Obsidian chroma when he goes invisible would look great). Here's a picture of the Obsidian one:
: Thanks for sharing your feels and the bug report, Opop! We're aware of the VO coming unhooked and we're fixing it up ASAP. I'll see if we can do anything about adding a little sparkle for her wink, if time permits -- but no promises! ;D
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Tristana!
First of all great job on the skin, it's a great blend of futuristic tech and old school warfare, plus the spell effects sound and look really nice. The recall animation is also shows how she's meant to be a brave team leader. I have however, seen an unfortunate bug with her: her voice lines when moving and buying items don't play Additionally, not a bug, but in all of her other skins (minus Dragon Trainer) when she taunts, she jumps on top of the hand canon ''Boomer'' and winks. Since in this skin she has an eye patch kind of thing over the eye that winks, I think that if there was a little glow on it when she performed the ''wink'' it would look nice.
: His ult is underwhelming IMO.
I agree, the rest of the skin looks amazing specially the eye movements, but the ultimate just seems like a slightly stronger Q, in my opinion if it had another color (like say red/orange) it would stand out somewhat more. I don't know how drastic the changes can be, but if possible I feel like his R would benefit from being a missile, and the explosion could look like a mushroom cloud.


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