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: Not exactly. Let me explain. Q - Dance of Arrows **W - Wolf's Frenzy** E - Mounting Dread **R - Lamb's Respite** Notice Kindred's W are R. **Wolf's Frenzy is 100% focused on Wolf's abilities as a character, and shows his ferocity and aggressiveness.** **Lamb's Respite is 100% focused on Lamb's calm and peaceful personality. It's a support heal.** When looking at the character's aesthetic and listening to their banter, it's obvious that Lamb is the Light and Wolf is the Dark. A *Yin and Yang* so to speak. It's supposed to show contrast between the two. :)
ahhh, i didn't even read the names of the abilities.
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: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
I think you should make Bard's passive a little bit more clear by listing the upgrade cycle in-order first. Like how dragon list the buffs in order on the passive
: You don't want your players to have a harder time using the mechanics just because they are powerful. Using attack move is a skill just like normal orb walking. I've been learning to do it on her because it is very valuable. But it has it's down sides, and will not by any means replace normal orb walking. And really she is harder to play to her full potential at higher attack speeds than Riot would ever want. They expect you to use attack move, and should expect you to.
using attack move on a 2.50 attack spped kalista makes sure that she does not fumble any dash when she attempts to kite
: completely misunderstood topic. This is a little too easy.
you get my point now?
: > They should make it so attack move does not trigger a dash You can choose to not dash if you don't click right after you throw a spear. The dash is part of kalista's character.
I know that, but when you shift + right click, you shouldn't be able to trigger easy dashes.
: To be able to use the dash effectively is very hard especially at higher attack speed levels. While i agree using attack move makes things easier sometimes it also has its downsides. Taking away attack move is like taking away a core ingredient from a recipe you just cant do it.
They should make it so attack move does not trigger a dash
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: She is a very champion what I felt made her op was: 1. In early game that mobility is really a lot for any skill shot supports to land if she is a good Kalista. 2. In the early game if you are playing with good harass support like Nami or Lulu, even Soraka you will harass any of your enemies out of the lane because of oath damage bonus 3. Mid/late game if she got even a little bit fed she can just go and duel almost literally anyone with her amazing kiting ability. Her ulti is incredibly inconsistent still, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't so it is hard to tell but I have seen her save her supports ass so many times. Also because of her little shadows you are constantly forced to get out of your lane to kill them as junglers don't want to gank otherwise so even if your support is not there/ doesn't ward or your laning phase became just a farm lane you always have a protection if really needed... Still what I think slightly balances her out is her high mana costs...
I feel most matchups in laning phase are kalista vs kalista so far. I've played against kalista as different adc's and it feels pretty balanced to me cause kalista can't really poke you with any abilities unlike graves, lucian, jinx rocket, etc, Right now her ulti is confirmed bugged.
: Her passive having a mana cost as I've read in some posts would make her utterly useless unless said mana cost is so low it isn't even noticeable which is also stupid. If anything, she could have a decreased cooldown per level, something like 1.25-0.75-0, but that would make her a bit weak on the laning phase and a massive powerspike on lategame. Her kiting is excelent, her mobility is decent as long as you can auto attack, her damage comes from coordination with your Oath and her ult is an amazing utility tool. It's one of those champs whose versatility is hard to balance. However, I don't like how versatile she is, as by herself she could be a fairly decent support. The ghost on W stands for way too long and can be used to cover for a lot of time when you're out of wards, meaning that kalista, like Jinx, should never ever facecheck any bush. Furthermore, it can deal massive damage when coordinated with the Oath. Her E also provides a nice slow that, on my opinion, might last for a little too long. Maybe the slow's duration could also scale with level? 2 seconds slow seems a bit abussive but I could be wrong. I'm fine with her Q and Ultimate as the Ult requires a good amount of coordination with your partner. Overall I like the champ's design, but some utility points MIGHT be a little too much
I think you can only balance kalista by nerfing % damage per spear and the dash backward range.
: with this current passive it look like she has ADHD when she has a lot of attack speed. To the guy who said that she doesn't have a lot of dmg out put. When she stacks some spears and E's you get deleted.
Well Lucian's whole E passive Q passive W passive combo burst much faster than kalista trying to stack at least 10-15 spears
: Kalista is hard to really judge, when I play as kalista I do pretty well but when I play against a kalista I dominate them.. I don't know what skill level the people I am playing with are so it's a little harder to tell if I am just out skilling them or kalista just doesn't match up to other ads. Kalistas early game is pretty okay because her attack speed is so low and spells have high mana cost. The low attack speed actually makes kalista immobile in an aspect because you can't use reactions to dodge skill shots, you almost have to predict it. Her strongest ability is her q because it's base damage goes up quite a bit per lvl. Her rend is a 1 pointer at early levels because it provides a ton of utility and some good damage. Outside of people not knowing how to use the passive or being unfamiliar with her and her kit (everyone complains about her ult for some reason. It's not like you are going to know how to use it until you become familiar with it.. Obviously gonna be confusing the first few times). I wouldn't max rend because you are not getting a ton of consecutive autos to use it efficiently yet, especially In not lane. Top is a different story. Her early game is just okay, she definitely loses to a ton of bot lane match ups. Mid game. This is where your build becomes important to how you play her. I personally go bork youmuus but ie shiv or bt shiv or whatever still works well. If you have a tom of attack speed you kite better and are more mobile. If you have more damage you dash a lot less and do more hard damage. ( attack speed is damage too). She is average mid game, but you need to be good at kiting. She has no escape really. She runs pretty slow and you need to auto to dash away. You don't have corki or Tristanas jumps. Once you get caught your dead. Plus if you have no minions the only way to use your mobility( outside of throwing q) is to be In auto range which is scary. Late game she is pretty damn good. By this point you are moving all over the place dealing a ton of damage. She isn't nearly as strong as other late game champs but it's real hard to tunnel on kalista kite for days. She does really well considering you can use her kit efficiently. It's really hard to judge how good she is going to be from just the pbe testing. We can make all the impressions and potential judgements we want but it really is up to the players on live server to innovate and master her kit versus non mirror match ups, lane match ups, other players of similar skill and much more. My experience is basically limited to Sru which is blind pick only.
I like to put Max E and then her Q during laning phase. If you think about it, you have a better chance of basic attack them then hitting them with your Q. Also, I have played against kalista with other adcs and it feels like she seems very weak against them, im not sure if it's the player playing her.
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: For me, her passive should be disabled when she is silenced, because right now it just gives here too much mobility and is a total counter to soraka (and probably some others), which can't make a thing due to it. Early on, Kalista isn't so dangerous and hard to catch (she still is, but it stays possible to get to her), but later on and with some as, she just becomes a real pain to face with more mobility than Yasuo which is barely impossible to stop excepted if you stun her... And she hasn't got low enough health for his missplays to be really punished (but it comes about numbers so I don't want to talk further about it).
I agree with you about the mobility. However, I think that people just don't like the range of her dashing back part of the passive. I feel that if she would 1v1 a high caster adc such as, ez, lucian, corki, she will definetly get deleted in late game. She doesn't output too much burrst in a single combo, instead she relies on kiting to hit an equivalent of lucian's whole q passive, e passive, w passive, combo.
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: Can we get a twitch E range indicator on kalista's E?
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: It would be just too easy to exploit it, the pasive actually hit hard in lane, but at least is harder to use it if you soul bound with a support than you will more like put in the middle of the other team, like an Alistar, Braum, Leona. So you could simply having the cool pasive with something like annie and then switch with a mumu, they would have to balance the pasive arround that. I read more ideas about the afk problem, witch is going to be a problem in live for sure, but, at least throwing a ghost if the soulbound is afk is better than just make something that could make people going afk to open another soulbind, people break stuff at the first oportunity they have
That's true, however im talking about an afk timer like probably 10-20 minutes. This way if the would want to exploit it, they would have to miss out on the early game going into mid game.
: The difference here is that these bolts stack indefinitely and can deal tons of damage, whereas Twitch only stacks six total times.
you got to remember, when will you ever be likely to stack 100 on someone without actually killing them first?
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: A suggestion to fix Kalista clunkiness/awkward passive
I like her passive, it's something you have to master to actually be effective.
: Log In Screen
can't log in too
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: [Bug] It says Baron is still level 1 at higher times
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