: lol your title is a bit over-representative of the reality right? Because if you are the n° 1 taric navy, his 1st fan, you should know that theres about 1 year, his whole passive was based on his mana or something like that, a {{champion:13}} like. On my opinion, if you really want to be heard, you should explain where precisely you want some changes on taric. But I'm agree, a visual update will be nice.
The two years thing refers to the first promise given about his upcoming visual update. Gameplay updates were 2 mini reworks :P As I understood the visual update will come with another rework of his abilities. I am just so curious to know what's going on, and if there's no ETA, at least sharing some details with us, would be awesome.
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: Isn't 500 armour Taric's current mid game? At least 400 anyway.
uh no.. maybe 220-250.. if he's literally just buying armor tops 300
: With 500 armour, he only needs to heal once from a tower from full to zero.
Pretty sure anyone with 500 armor can do w\e he wants :P this is more about the mid game.
: Tbh he already tanks them very well. I like that he needs other people for the actual damage.
It's not about the damage, just the CDR passive allowing him to chain heal like he used to @ s3 :)
: [3.15] Verified Bug Reports (Updated 12/10)
Thank you, this is awesome and helps us understand just how much we're helping.
: Please use a better title :|. For example: Please allow taric CDR passive proc on a turret.
Sorry, I can't seem to be able to change it. Thanks for the replies guys! I hope we'll get a response to see if this is considered. :-)
: Calling out specific players on the forums isn't the culture we want to create on the forum, so I've removed the player name from the OP. When a player intentionally ruins the play experience for you on PBE, **please use the report feature at the end of game**. Though the PBE has no Tribunal, my team and I analyze reports to understand the community better and take action where appropriate. Though we deactivated a large number of frequently-reported accounts when we rolled out the new PBE access system, there are likely still some that passed under the radar due to the small nature of the PBE. Continuing to use reports will help flag these individuals over time.
Thanks for making pbe a better environment. :)
: I saw you lol. My friend kicked you.
Lol. :( Just know that I've won when I played vs. a good Riven! :(
: if you would try her a bit, you would notice that her base heals aren't enough to justify playing her instead of other supports. She **needs** a lot of AP to be impactful as a healer late game, **especially** with her new passives. Max CDR is indeed a must but tanky items on her aren't that good compared to straight AP..
Although my name might suggest otherwise, I do play Soraka. :P I think her utility with the long silence and being able to pump out heals at a faster rate due to cdr + Q spam might provide more HPS rather than full AP stay back style. I still need to try her with my Taric tank setup and see how well it works. (when I went support\tank like face of the mountain and locket as first items she proved as pretty good, which made me think that going even deeper into the tanky route might be useful)
: Team Builder Bugs!
Got instantly kicked from a group twice in a row now. Not sure if it's a bug or if it's cause I'm playing Top lane Taric. I'll see if this persists and update this post accordingly. Edit: Got in now, it was just so fast I figured it might be a bug EDIT2: It seems when I was captain mode and invited one person while searching solo players, when we got matched up it got stuck for 2m and when I pm'd the other guy I invited they were ingame, while I wasn't notified. Relogging sorted it.
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: Giving her +3% or her max mana as damage on her E is not going to affect her early game, but her late game, which is where she is outclassed a bit too much..
Which is why I think Soraka should go for Tank + CDR items in late game since her damage really is meaningless, she might as well be tanky, live as long as possible to Q (reduce W CD even further) a lot and W a lot (which now scales well due to her passive!) To get the most out of her kit.
: [Masteries Description] Expose Weakness, Spell Weaving, Blade Weaving
I wonder about expose weakness, does it stack? Meaning that if both me and my ADC get it, do we increase total damage done by 2%? or does it work for allies only meaning that my spells make him do 1% more damage and his makes mine do 1% more. A clarification from Riot would be awesome. :O
: Ultimate Zed
If I got you right, from what you're describing this behavior is not a bug, it is intended.
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: I think it is intentional, as it gives 10% of maximum health as a shield while using 20% of current health. This is quite useful when you are low health. Its also a bomb that you can put on yourself before you engage, as leona for example.
: Upcoming change to Face of the Mountain
Ehh, as {{champion:44}} main, the only reason I'd pick it up now is if I had a really bad start and sorely need 30-40% CDR. Otherwise I'll just get the 2nd tier item and sell it later when mid-late game arrives for something better ({{item:3143}} or {{item:3025}}) Final build would be {{item:3190}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3025}} {{item:2045}} Max tankiness+utility.

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