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: Mark of the Kindred's cooldowns
This. Yes. Kindred is a neat champ, but clearly still needs work. Clearly the behavior of wolf is glitchy, and this passive could be much clearer.
: Kindred... Wolf isn't as important as Lamb is between the two... I'm just abusing Wolf for Q resets.
Add Wolf to Lamb's critical animations and I think this thematic problem will be solved. He's present for Lamb's attack steroid (w) and for their most lethal move (E).
: [Poll] Should Kindred's Passive Deal % Missing Health Damage?
Wouldn't it be less complicated to say, change the damage dealt by their E rather then changing the passive (assuming you think that is too low)? That move is clearly an execute skill, and the passive is meant to be a stacking powerup that wears down gank targets. I don't think the passive and ult are meant to synergize in this way, it'd make her ult a guaranteed kill every time she uses it. I'd say leave it as it is.


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