: Miss Fortunbe Gun Godness
Honestly I just would have liked a green color one. Other then that they exo suits she does have borrows heavily from most of these concepts and some of them make her look way to different to be healthy for the game. I really like the skin as is but I wouldn't complain if anything was added but I wouldn't be bothered if it released as is besides the few bugs it has.
: LeBlanc changes that we should protest
Honestly I played against a ton of old Leblanc before they started fiddling with her. She was obnoxious bursty and has very small windows of counter play which was un-fun and un-fair. I personally think the changes to the W. snapback lockout is fine, it's not very long and it adds more counterplay instead of just double dashing on someone procing your Q and then dashing out in a matter of a second without much retaliation. I do agree though that the ultimate cooldowns are way higher than they need to be. I do think they should be higher than pre-rework leblanc but not nearly this high.
: well, i dont think you all should worry as much, i mean when i think of rageblade users i think of only kayle, varus and kog. since this nerf was obviously directed at kog and varus, they will most likely give her some buffs along this nerf. i mean they cant be that stupid, only 3 champs building that sht, with kayle being the one not intended to nerf
It's riot, it would not be the first or last time something questionable happened in terms of balancing.
: I think that's how it works, Scales and mirror are intended for Early game champ maybe making 5 Armor/ MR and extending the 5% will make em more appeal able?
Maybe if they buffed the 5% on iron skin and mirror shell to 10% but like I said in the post, that small wait mixed in with the fact that you get double the base stats from conditioning just makes it way better. On top of that you don't have to rely on a healer/potions to proc the percentage buff.
: For the electrocute keystone, I was playing sona in practice tool and it proc'd on her passive auto, q normal auto, like I expected. But it also proc'd on normal auto, q, normal auto. Same thing on Zyra. It says separate attacks and abilities so does that mean it's different than unique? that if there's an auto/ability weaved in between the same type of auto/ability, it will still proc?
From what I understand it has to be 3 separate instances of damage not unique. Unique is just bad wording that I hope they change so for an example 3 auto attacks would proc it but I am pretty sure dot effects only count as 1 instance so something like Cass miasma would only count as one instance of damage. Not sure if this helps but that's just what I have figured out
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Made a post about this but figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well. So in the resolve tree you get a choice between Iron Skin, Mirror Shell, and Conditioning. Iron skin gives you 3 armor and 5% increased armor when you get healed by 20. Mirror shell is the same thing but instead of armor it's magic resist. Now conditioning gives 6 armor AND magic resist + after 10 minutes it increases your armor and magic resist by 5% at ALL times. I just feel that out of the three you only really have one option. The other two are just worse versions of conditioning. Yeah you have to wait 10 minutes but every game is going past that point and you get so much more value. Any thoughts from anyone else?
: Aatrox buff suggestions!
One thing that they added that was nice but was really half assed was the way his Q makes him immune to CC. Instead of having it where he's only immune on the way down just make him immune all the time, so many times his Q never gets to the stages of dashing down due to timed CC.
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: Stuck on reconnecting after update
Yeah tried both clients and it doesn't help, just says im not connected when i try to reconnect. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: LCU Lobby new Role Selection icons do not look good at all!
Seems fine to me, it's really easy to see what lane they want due to it being highlighted and the ward for support/ jungle bush for jungler also seem fine. Don't really understand what you don't like about it.
: Champ Select Bug/Rant about saltiness
Hey, if you change your name on the PBE and go into a game right after it will do that. I dont know why but ive had it happen to myself as well as a couple friend.

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