: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (2/3) and Tuesday (2/4) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM PST!
My big request would be the ability to select/list a range of champions with a locked in role/position (ie: I want to play support, but I want to select from Thresh/Leona/Annie/Taric). The flexibility of having at least three champions I could switch from would help within team builder.
: Will of The Ancient remake
Instead of mana regen, why not have it grant either armor or movespeed? Armor might need to be minor amount so the item doesn't become too universal for mages, but move speed isn't that big on mage items.
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
His splash and new character icon are too similar looking to WW, instead of going for a blue tint and feral look: use green and soften some of the facial looks.
: [Suggestion] Popstar Ahri Name Change
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: Talk to us about the new masteries:
Utility tree feels the weakest by far. Both Offence and Defense trees have very solid 9 point investments that feel helpful. Utility doesn't for various champs (esp manaless). Utility feels like it has no "general" benefits (or either/or choices) both early and late. The ones that are general feel like individual rune-level. I'll just point out what utilities I do like in the tree and just say ones not mentioned aren't that great. Strength of Spirit- 10% Mana Regen as HP Regen is neat. Decent benefits and requiring only 4 point to get it is nice. Alchemist/Culinary Master- I like the effects for both of them being 1-pointers, very nice universal effects that are right on the cusp of a 9 point utility benefiting early game. Bandit- Wonky with how Melee/Ranged are entirely different, but I like it. Expanded Mind- I like +% mana, but why not include +% energy as well since it's so deep in the tree and can be a 3-point investment. (or bump it up one tier on the tree) Scavenger- I wish this was disjointed from Bandit as it is super deep and very nice for supports. Intelligence- Love the bump to this skill overall.
: [Suggestion] Trinkets should be able to move to any item slot.
Default the trinket should be assigned to "item slot 7/ number 7".
: warding totem not working.
Just chiming in to state I see the same effect in my games.


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