: Champion Select filtering, sorting, and favoriting now enabled on PBE!
Will we have the option to sort our champion collection page with these filters? (Mastery and chest, and position too maybe?) for pre-game decision making
: When you enter the lobby with your pre selected role will the client switch to the filter of the role you've been given as default? It would be a nice QoL feel if that was the case. It would also speed up pick intent meaning you could shave a few seconds off the time.
To add to this, would be nice to have this: - Declare phase *begins with champion filter active, player can choose to add or remove filters to declare, in case of trade decisions or in case of 'off meta pick' IE Talon Jungle (Not sure if this is even a thing anymore but just IE)* - Ban Phase *removes all filters added during declare phase* - Pick phase *begins with champion lane filter active, player can choose to add or remove filters to pick* or Pick phase begins *with all filters removed by ban phase are restored* Further explanation: *"I join the match lobby, upon which I have been given top lane, auto filled. When I join the lobby, I see the patch data top laners and glance over them to see if I play any of the champions sufficiently. I don't, so I change the filter to mastery and pick a champion that is similar to the other champions I saw, or at the very least someone I can pull off the play style of a top lane role with, and still succeed as a team mate.* *"Ban phase starts before I can choose a champion. Now I can see a full list of champions which isn't bad. I consider the top laners I saw at the beginning and think about whether or not some of them could counter me. There's a couple, but one is a surefire loss so I ban them. 'I'm a couple picks deep so I might be able to change my pick based on what the enemy picks anyway.'* *"'Pick phase now.' 'Ah, there's the champ I decided on earlier.' 'Perfect, I don't even have to do anything except wait for their pick to see if I can change mine to get a counter pick...' 'Ah, they picked #2 hardest fight against my best pick. I am so grateful that I was able to switch back to the top laner list and find someone I know I could beat their pick as, as lucky as I am that this situation happened to work out for me.' 'I am also satisfied knowing I was able to slightly influence my opponent before the match even started'"* Yeah, I know it's specific but it's about as colorful as I could portray the situation from my point of view, as the consumer, and as myself.
: The trick with warded is having to either add a (clunky) entirely new keybinding, or support more different ping wheels. I know that the ping wheel tech is being overhauled at some point in the future. That would make it so that we could theoretically support more than one, so we can both cross our fingers that that yields a warded ping. ;-) I'm certainly watching how that tech is shaking out pretty actively, since I love this sort of stuff.
That would be nice, I see people asking for a warded ping all the time. I'm glad you guys got rid of the pointless blue ping, though.
: [6.14] Cooldown Pings on PBE
Is it too early to add warded pings to this? Seems like you guys are approaching that level of technology! :)
: Average queue time is 10-20 minutes, blind pick is the fastest queue.
Alright thanks I'll give it another shot.
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: Problem with IP/RP at start
I signed in today and had my old RP/IP count, but when I clicked on the store I had 950000 of each. Try that, perhaps your stock hasn't been refreshed yet.


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