: I'll add my 5 cents to this, the practice tool works perfectly, and displays the map as intended, alcoves and all, it seems that draft pick loads the chinese new year accents causing the map to break
Thanks I hope it's patched up soon cause I'd like to play it with friends in a live match
: Top alcove covered by alert ping in minimap
its funny because my map was bugged out and i was going through walls and the edge of the map
: Account got hacked?
this happened to me as well. is your pbe username the same as your live server name?
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: SG Xayah and Rakan change
i wish but we know after they get into the pjs they will make the star guardian skin for the opposite side. meaning if the skin was a dark form the one they release next is the light for or the other way around
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: Can you please automatically disconnect people that are AFK in client...
its upseting when someone who played pbe daily or often cant even play because of one mode that they can probably just push to live servers and say its for testing since most the people have made a pbe for this one mode only and now i cant even play on the rift and use the arcade skins
: (Opinion) the Lvl 2 and 3 Units could be better visualized
the skins would be cool to use. we have vayne using a skin as default and graves too, why can we not just see some of these cool skins as are tier upgrades
: PBE overwhelmed by excitement for Teamfight Tactics
why so many pbe people to begin with some people probably didnt care to use it unlike others until u released this mode. good to know people that went on pbe daily cant because everyone has the ability to go on it
: Can Riot please say something?
i was with number 1 after about 7 hours and then server maintance :D thanks riot
: Can't enter in any matches after the maintenance
able to play on custom and practice not in a live game
: Vayne "R" visual bug
this happened to me on that map only but on the rift it was alright and was normal so im not sure but i was messing with settings
thats just amazing how did that get past in the creating of her. feel like rito had a secret command for testing her w {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}


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