: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
I like the veigar changes, are all his skins getting an overhaul or only base? (Ill assume those that use old particles are at least.) However it is undeniably a nerf to make every move way more telegraphed for veigar, especially when his W and E are already very hard to hit. Do you at riot keep that in mind when changing stuff like that? Could vei lovers expect compensation buffs if it does affect him? Do you think it even will affect him? Ill assume it is a different department, but I hope you talk together and discuss stuff like that. I am not sure if it even matters too much but I would hate to see my main nerfed by a visual update and then left in the "forgotten" dumpster while preseason and worlds patch sticks around for 3 months. But else, very nice job! Looks way more evil. Hope leprechaun keeps his awesome spell effects for a 520 skin!
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
This seems like a really bad roundabout way to nerf tear of the goddess. Just reduce the mana it gives instead of reducing every single mages manapool wtf. Some of us like to build ludens you know. Riot the problem here is simply that Tear and other mana items are balanced around old league and champs like Anivia who had substantial manacosts, the 750/1000 mana were necessary back then. Now league has taken a slightly different route for the better being less like dota where a spell costs half your manapool. Unfortunately the effect of that is that getting 1000 mana for 750 gold means you can cast a metric fuckton of spells compared to the old days. The solution is really simple, just slash the amount of mana that items give instead of slashing the amount of mana EVERY SINGLE MAGE HAS. Just make tear give like 600 mana total down from 1000, archangel can give like 1000 total down from 1450. Finally reduce ludens to idk 300 mana and there you go, every champs manapool has been reduced without these totally strange changes.
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