: His Q is a laser, electricity, which means it goes through the wind wall. It is intentional, whereas E can't get through.
I don't think it being electricity would be why it would go through a wind wall.
: Swain Bug Thread
I've noticed that Swain's Q goes through wind wall. Idk if it's intended as it may be coded as AOE since it's instant cast. Also sometimes I throw out my E and completely miss it but Scorch still goes off on the enemy champ anyway somehow. Lastly the visuals on Tyrant Swain's recall are invisible on a rare occasion. That's all I've noticed.
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: It's just like Gragas: you have put the enemy in it, not throw it on him. One example: Throw W in front of you, the CD until it activates starts, throw E, it hits the enemy, right click pulls him into the W as it explodes. It just requires skill, and the increased range adds to it's effectiveness.
Ive been able to consistently land it just by e - w - pull

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