: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
Can you guys please consider changing the Ghost Bride skin back to the original colours; specifically her dress needs to be that glowy/neon aqua color, that was part of what made that skin my favourite and its the only skin I use on her. The duller dress make her seem more like a bridesmaid. Also the flowers on her veil should be glowing too like in the original. As for the splashart, the eyes look really off and appear a bit creepy, maybe too much under eyelid? The original looks better with her dark empty eyes and fits the theme better, at least for me. This is my favourite skin and I hope you guys can consider keeping it more similar to the original. Ty
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program LeBlanc!
Love LeBlanc and this skin isn't bad. I do really like how her head is a projection which is sorta magical in a way. Skin is fine, maybe the cape looks kinda awkward. Maybe make the orb on her staff glow a bit to add more magic and animate it like her cape cuz it appears to be static. Personally would prefer a Star Guardian skin for her or a high-fantasy kind of theme or really just a Star Guardian skin for me tbh. Hope you guys do that skinline again soon and with LB part of it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Riven
Big fan of Riven here and I'm really digging this skin! Tested her out on PBE and checked out the preview vids and here are some things I noticed + suggestions: 1) On the preview vids her eyes don't glow. Is there any reason for that? I probably wouldn't notice in game too often but I think it would be cool to give her the glowing eyes (maybe a more subtle glow to keep her looking elegant) like the other skins for consistency and for the "I'm a killer android" / Terminator vibe! 2) Personally I love her hair, it looks super bad-ass and has a cyberpunk feel to it I like and overall the skin really stands out from the rest of her other skins which is refreshing. 3) For her ability SFX, mostly satisfied with it and I'm enjoying the perfect circle slashes and the impact of her abilities! But since they feel so explosive, the ult projectile feels a little bit lacking. I'm thinking make the impact animation when the projectile hits a champ more explosive somehow with perhaps more orange sparks flying. Just needs an extra oomph to its impact I think. The blue projectile with the little bots looks good though. 4) I have to agree with the sword looking just a bit stubby. It would be awesome if we can get the massive size of her sword when she recalls :D ..or at least 10% increase? Overall, I love the skin and thank you for making this awesome skin and giving her Pulsefire instead of Project as her high-tech skin! :D (Star Guardian Riven next? just a thought..)
: Quinn isn't in there for obvious reasons: she's an ADC, and she is categorized as such. The way people play her has nothing to do with her presence in this gamemode. I too can play on-hit Thresh and OS the ADC, but that doesn't mean he should be in blood moon either.
Lethality build on Quinn is a very competitive build and will help match her up against the other high-burst classes. Her role isn't only ADC but also she is a prominent top-laner which is the most popular position for her. She has lots of tools that make her very skilled at dueling, assassinating, skirmishing, roaming--basically a lot of traits that all the other champions in the roster share! Which is why I think she would make an awesome addition to the Hunt for Blood Moon.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Xayah!
I'm really loving the whole rocker vibe / snow white mix in this skin! However, I think on her updated look, she needs to lose the shoulder pad. It's too much at this point with so much already going on and makes the dress look cheap.
: Hi! This is something we can certainly discuss! Thanks for the feedback! <3
Hey Katey, thanks for replying back. What was the team's response to the idea? Any plans to make his cape more like wings again? I think it would look absolutely gorgeous and the cape needs more details either way.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Rakan!
What I really love about Rakan's original design is his beautiful phoenix wing! The amount of detail that went into it made him so mesmerizing! So for his sweetheart skin, I'm very disappointed to see his wing dulled out into a 2-colour gradient with sorta low-res looking tips. Taking away the feathers takes away too much of what makes Rakan Rakan and I hope you guys can make it more like wings again instead of a weird cape look.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Eternum Cassiopeia!
Incredible work on this skin! I saw the updated animations for the tail and all her abilities and it looks so beautiful. I love it so much! ty! I hope it's not too late, but I think the new splash art looks a bit masculine right now. I think what would fix it is a dark shade of lipstick like what the game model has which would make her look more elegant and a slayer queen.
: Why are all the Star Guardian skins feedback closed when they won't be released for over 3 weeks?
Yikes, you're being a bit too dramatic I think. There were some people who were vocal about making changes but please don't forget about the other people who love the skins! Cosmetic changes are completely subjective as noted by a rioter and I personally love the way all the skins turned out in the end. The splasharts will probably make more sense once their origin story/lore is out. P.S. Thank you Rito for making the SG Ez hair changes, I think that's something we can ALL (or at least 99%) agree on :D
: > [{quoted}](name=EpidemicPain,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=IeXlV3Iq,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-08-09T16:30:52.801+0000) > > First off, just want to say SG Syndra, for the most part, is a fantastic skin! ^^ > > Improvements: > > * Headdress is a little too large and sitting too high. The white spikes need to be shortened and the entirety of the headdress lowered. > * The eye patch, albeit a nice touch, blends in a little too much with the purple hair. So much so that it&#x27;s difficult to notice it as an eye patch. > * Gold spikes on Syndra&#x27;s skirt make the front of the model a bit too noisy. Reduce them in size or remove them altogether? Similar to the purple parts near Syndra&#x27;s elbow. It&#x27;s just too much of the same colour throughout whereas you can notice with the other SG skins, the colour accentuates what they wear and doesn&#x27;t dominate the entire model. > * VFX are by far my favourite out of all of them, as is Multi, but a nice touch would be to include the heart-faced emote in the faces of her spheres. That seems to be absent. > * Many have mentioned the VO. I can live with the actual content of Syndra&#x27;s VO with this skin since she is a veteran Star Guardian and has a mysterious past however, the tone in which she says them is a little too dark. > > Thanks. Hopefully some adjustments can be made to a skin I am very excited for! Thanks for your feedback, EpidemicPain! * I've seen peeps share a similar opinion of the headdress and the eyepatch. Like most aspects of the design, this remains so subjective, that tweaking one for some portion of player opinion will make it less enjoyable for others -- so unless it poses a large concern or there is overwhelming distaste for any aspect, we likely won't make changes to its design. For the eyepatch, you're right that it's next to impossible to notice in game. Floating/flying humanoids also tend to have smaller models to compensate for how much vertical space they're occupying, so the details are even further reduced. As other peeps have already noted, the eyepatch is a symbol we feel is critical to her veteran past, and will be much more noticeable in the splash art than in-game. * The spiky pieces on her skirt are part of the design for the same reasons as the eyepatch, as well as making her distinct from the others. She joined the team at a later time, and isn't from the same place as the other Guardians. * The reason the faces only rotate through three are because the orbs that float around her only display 3 different faces constantly. Regardless, will still pitch it as a suggestion -- no guarantees we'll be able to add it though! Really appreciate you taking the time to write out your feels. Even if we don't change something, we are always listening and reading and discussing the feedback that everyone brings to the table.
Thank you Rito for answering some of our feedback. I wanted to share more of my thoughts about the skin cuz I personally love how the skin turned out. I never would've thought of a Starguardian having a dark twist in her style and was pleasantly surprised. This skin reminds me a lot of the villains from Sailor Moon, particularly Koan [](https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/sailormoon/images/7/77/KoanAnime.png/revision/latest?cb=20130714224228) and works sooo well for Syndra. I definitely see that the spikes and headpiece add a lot to her unique personality and is so important to showcase that effectively in-game so I think the size and look is spot-on. Syndra has been known for her large headdresses in many of her skins and this one gives her that true Syndra feel for me and help maintain clarity of her in-game silhouette. The diamond eyepatch was weird at first but the diamond shapes seems to be quite prominent on her overall look and her SFX which is pretty interesting and quite mysterious. Absolutely LOVE what you guys did with the orbs, each alive and having its own personality! The heart face idea someone mentioned sounds like a cool idea though and maybe have it appear as a rare chance for a funny surprise! Also that recall with the orbs is so frikin awesome! I'm letting the voice thing go as I understand that this is not a legendary skin and she feels quite villainous considering all I've mentioned so original VO fits. I'm overall very happy how the skin turned out to be a mysterious, gothic-looking yet super cute starguardian! It really adds that variety for the starguardian lineup which otherwise would've been too much rainbows and unicorns. Keep up the awesome work :D
: that's why i was thinking it might be nice to have it stay for a fixed moment and then fade away between dashes. that would still use the same flashy visuals without giving away the ending timing or charges left -quite- so plainly. it might be somewhat of a visual downgrade, but i'd consider the change an upgrade to the skin as someone who plays almost exclusively ahri. i also know i'm not the only one who feels this way as other friends of mine voiced the same concern to me before i had mentioned it myself. regardless, is it not a responsibility of the skin team to ensure that the cosmetics don't interfere with gameplay? as for "just to take advantage of the opponent's lack of Ahri matchup knowledge"-- yeah, that's exactly the case. but i would argue that taking advantage of the opponent not knowing as much as you is a huge, central part of this game. i don't think it should be undervalued. maybe ahri herself needs to be changed for the ult to be more clear across the board, but that's not up to just the skin team. even if that were the case, as things stand right now this skin is unequal to her other ones-- in a negative way. edit: in fact to the point of not being the only one i just looked at the reddit thread someone linked below and lo and behold, top comment-- http://prntscr.com/g6pt1d is saying the same thing.
I just think legendaries are meant to be super flashy and scream attention and the transmagical body is just a fancier circle marker thingy that everyone can already see anyway! Removing or downgrading the SFX just to make it less clear for your opponent doesn't seem right... Also I wanna have the option to run around for the full 10 seconds showing off that transmagical body! >.>
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Ezreal!
I'm excited that were finally getting a male star guardian and Ez is the perfect dude for it! Now I'm definitely gonna be part of the minority here, but I kinda like his unique hair! It looked pretty good in that teaser preview trailer at least. Maybe make the hairtail part a bit shorter just to balance it out better, but definitely I think the style needs to be preserved as much as possible if you guys do make changes. I kinda like it somehow, anyone else? anybody?? ok just me.
: hi! so. i have been _begging_ for this skin for like, ever. SG is easily my favorite skin line and ahri is my main squeeze and i didnt even hope that it would be legendary but _hey here it is and aaaaaaAAAA_ (i've been squeeing about this being a thing for the past like, since i woke up today.) so thank you SO much for making this. however: i'm a little bit concerned about the fancy animation on the ult. having her body pulse with that transformagic is _super rad and i love it_ however i think it puts the skin at a disadvantage compared to her other skins because it is always announcing when she still has ult charges. one trick ahri uses is to ult once or twice and then hang onto to the remaining dashes until very near to the end of the 10 second window she has them to catch opponents off guard. i think this would be difficult to do with this skin because it is impossible to miss when she is in ult. the transformagic glow also announces to the enemy when her ult ends, which might not be apparent to them otherwise (especially mid-fight or if she was hanging onto charges)(maybe it's also clearer for player but we're usually watching the cd in our skill window anyway) so, i see that her other skins have that little circley bit on her when she ults too. so that's cool-- but i think this is on a whole other level. to illustrate the point, i've probably easily played over 1k games as ahri and i didnt know that circle indicator was a thing for sure (had a feeling, but never actually paid attention to it) until i just now double checked. i think many opponents do not know to look for it either. on the other hand this glow is impossible to miss even on first view. is it too late to do something about this? perhaps have it fade after a moment between each dash? she does still have the star pattern below her when ulting too... as cool as i think the transformagic glow is, i would actually rather not have it if it means telegraphing that much more plainly to the enemy, and although it may only be once every other game or so that it matters, it would definitely affect my decision as to how much i would actually use this skin despite having lusted for it for so long, lol...
Aww but this skin is so gorgeous that it needs to be showcased accurately to everyone and the enemy as well! But I do understand that frustration of pay-to-lose skins so to speak, but I think what your suggesting would be too much of a downgrade for an 1850 skin just to take advantage of your poor opponent's lack of Ahri matchup knowledge..
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Syndra!
I just gotta say WOW! The quality work on this skin is absolutely amazing! It is so cute the way the orbs are alive and emoting lol. I personally love the headpiece and NEEDS to stay large and prominent making Syndra like some towering idol that must be worshiped! So far this is looking like a day-one buy for me and will be my first Syndra skin! My only nitpick complaint though is her voice like many others have expressed. Perhaps tweaking the pitch and toning back the echoing filter to make her more starguardian-y? But honestly, I'm not really sure what else can be done with her voice and hope you guys can think of something real cool :D Thanks for making an awesome Syndra skin!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dawnbringer Riven!
This skin is breathtaking! Everything about it is incredible but I think she needs some sort of VFX when she returns back to normal like maybe have her briefly glow golden that ends with specs of gold light dispersing revealing her normal form.
: As a Riven main for close to 2 years i am happy Riven gets a new skin. However, her hair colour seems a bit off. In my opinion this "baby blue" colour is a bit to bright and does not fit to her body model/colour. After toying a bit with Photoshop and a scene from your recent trailer I would like to see her hair colour changed to a blonde/goldish colour. There are enough colour possibilities in this colour range to make it different from CS Riven. This post might seem like nitpicking on personal preference. However, after looking at it myself, showing it to a bunch of my friends and reading feedback on reddit (r/leagueoflegends and r/rivenmains) this opinion seems to be shared by many people. I know the skins department always wants to produce amazing content and i don't want a small thing like hair colour holding back this otherwise awesome skin. And if I did not make it clear enough: I still really enjoy this skin and have to compliment the skins team for creating skins like these.
I personally love the baby blue, looks really great with her overall look and ability animations. In particular I really love how when she glows it creates this gorgeous aura of light blue and turning her hair blonde would interfere with that. She also gets blonde hair when she turns super saiyan too so it would be kinda redundant
: I agree about the white swirls (~~stars?~~ obviously planets, dumb me) being a bit unnecessary and adding some clutter, but I have to disagree about the clockwork. :) I feel like this now reads as Orianna's aoe a lot better, and to me, it was necessary. It also looks really good and, while it definitely is clockwork-related, also fits the DS theme, mainly through the color.
I don't know how I feel about the new W anymore so I changed my original comment. If its gonna have the clockwork border, then perhaps it needs the swirly white things too just to complete that classic Orianna W look.
: Hiya, ya'll! We've been gathering feedback from you all, and so far we've put in some VFX changes to her W and R. They should be hitting PBE with the next deploy, so we'll be looking for more feedback from you when that hits. :] We're also currently looking into changes for the non-VFX stuff you've posted here as well.
Thanks for the updates! I really like the new ult, the collapsing black hole is the effect I was looking for. edit: Removed my thoughts about W as I'm mostly indifferent about it. I'm fine with either. edit#2: So I finally got a chance to try the new VFX out in training mode and boy I gotta mention again how frigin' awesome this skin is! My complaints are gonna be so nitpicky at this point. Looking at the ult again in-game, the collapsing dark matter in the ultimate looks a bit low res I think and just needs a bit more polish. Again, I feel indifferent about the W: Original looked simple and clean yet still has really nice animations but the new one gives a classic Orianna vibe that probably many ppl would appreciate but looks really busy and cluttered. Still love the skin regardless of the new W though.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Orianna!
Absolutely love Orianna and I never would've thought a Dark Star skin could look so elegant and beautiful! In terms of looks, I think she's looking really good and I don't have any major complaints. My favorite part is how her tutu is a swirling galaxy! Very cool idea. In terms of animation, everything is incredible and I love how the ball becomes a hot ball of mass with Q and becomes a cooler tone with E! The W is quick and subtle as it should be perhaps for clarity but still very nicely detailed. **My one and only major gripe about this skin that's stopping me from completely loving is that her ultimate looks a bit underwhelming for something that can move enemies.** To me it appears to be perhaps inspired to look like a big bang? But then it doesn't really make sense that an explosion would suck in stuff. I think it should be more like a powerful black hole effect, or at least maybe add the shockwave effect from her classic/other skins to make it feel more powerful.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Santa Braum!
Splash art mysteriously missing left nipple (compared to classic splash).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Lulu!
Great job on this skin, Lulu is one of my faves and she's so cute and i wouldn't mind adding another lulu skin to my collection! But I think it would be really awesome if you guys could edit her hair to appear more like in her splash art and some of the promo art (particularly the one where she is falling with the others). Her hair appeared more wing-like and I think it would make her look so much more better especially when she's gliding! Thanks!
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