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: Where is Urf? Bring it back pls
Can we please stop with these " Gone cuz it no longer needs testing" posts. :^) It's gone cuz they don't want people to play it too much on the PBE , it needs more testing ,there's alot of things wrong with it . they just don't want you to play it too much so you'd have time to watch their streams and play on Live , buy skins , give 'em profit n' shit .If it really was just a "No longer needs testing" thing , i'd be really surprised that URF , is good to go , but Hexakill , a mode which changes literally nothing , just adds 2 extra players , isn't ....cuz Urf was on PBE for 4 days , Hexa is 7 and still going strong and i'm not seeing 20K + Queue times for the past 7 days .

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