: My intent was that players would cast their E flexibly -- sometimes casting "behind themselves" to dash toward their target. This is one reason why AP builds have less damage in the E. Is this not working for you?
Thanks for replying. A dialog with the game's developers is appreciated. Although I get the feeling that it will end in a one-sided talk. It doesn't really seem to work. At least while playing vs bots (I can't play Normals because of a high ping). When a bot gets it HP low, it usually just walk back to base. It just walks away. It walks away while you're either out of energy or staring at those long CDs.
: Her passive sustain was just part of her band aids half rework in the assassins update and she still get some on her new Q for the whole walking away to proc her passiv thing, her E auto proc it and you can also proc it easily if you chase your target who is actually walking away. Her Q is now her wave clear instead of her old E. the shroud blink was also just a band aids buff from the assassins update, she now got other source of dash. Her ult cd isn't VERY long it just got the cd of an actual ult. Face it, the 3 rightclick dash "stickiness" was pretty much the bigger problem of her old kit
Well, that "band-aid" held up throughout all session 7... ;-) We can discuss and argue about her new abilities for hours (or more) without getting into an agreement or understanding. For example, the new Q doesn't offer you the same wave clear as her old E with resets. But this will miss the point of my post which claims that I think that the reworked Akali is no longer Akali. It is a different champion with a new playstyle. Try to play her a little bit or watch some youtube videos (with click-bait titles of course) and see for yourself, if the Reworked Akali misses her E she got nothing more to do than walk away, where did her mobility has gone?!
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
I failed to understand why you took Akali, totally changed her playstyle, and still calls her Akali. You ripped off her Passive sustain. Proc-ing her Q force you to move AWAY(?) from the marked target. Her shroud blink is gone, its duration increased and it CD extended. The new E killed her wave clear. And as a killing blow, her Ultimate is replaced with a short Ahri-style two dashes with a VERY long CD, so enemies can just walk away from you. Live Akali can dash into a fight, deal damage, hide in her shroud for a short time before going in for a second damage rotation and then dash out and run for her life (for at least 8 seconds). Now it seems that you can dash in and hope not to make a single mistake or you'll either run out of energy or have all your abilities on CD without a mean to escape. Why is the "stickiness" gone? Live Akali can chase someone and catch him with her Ultimate, using minions if needed. Now you must save it in order to deal damage (or for escape) and you have only ONE skill based gap-closer. Missed it? Lost your target. I apologize for the criticism on your work. I think the new champ looks good (but please fix the funny walking thing) with an interesting playstyle that I might learn to love in the future. But this is not Akali anymore! :-( Please don't kill her (and as always, buffs will be much appreciated).


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