: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Eternal Sword Yi!
Is it really possible to justify Master Yi getting a second 1350RP skin in less than five months? Does he really _need_ this skin? I like the skin, don't get me wrong, and I appreciate champs like Yorick and Cassiopeia finally getting skins too - but at the same time, this just feels _slightly_ unnecessary. I can't imagine there was much demand at all for another Master Yi skin, especially given how he already has an amazing Legendary skin too. It's just disappointing to see this happening when there are still champs that either haven't got a skin in years, or have just been comparatively neglected when it comes to skins. I'm fully aware there are most probably skins in the works for people like Viktor and Illaoi, but there are still champs out there like Taliyah, Aurelion Sol and Kled (to just pick out three of the 2016 champs) who are yet to receive anything new as well. I was really hoping coming into this year that we'd see better prioritising of skins, but after the recent batch of Star Guardian skins failed to bring in any champs particularly deserving of a 1350RP skin besides Syndra, and the fact it's taken 9 months into 2017 for Yorick to get his much-promised skin, has left me pretty disappointed overall.
: > [{quoted}](name=Damiekinz,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=uEBvEArk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-23T00:23:57.054+0000) > > There&#x27;s already a thread about this but I figure it&#x27;s better if I post this here. It&#x27;s been brought up by many that at first glance this skin resembles a Victorious skin (It has a lot of gold adornment and accenting, which is consistent with the Victorious aesthetic) I personally think it looks fine as it is, because previous championship skins have had gold accents as well as little bits of maroon (Kalista&#x27;s skirt accent, Zed&#x27;s under-armor, etc) but if there&#x27;s meant to be a thematic distinction between the two skin lines, in terms of palettes, it might be worth addressing. The skin lines have always resembled each other so I can definitely understand if it&#x27;s too subjective an opinion, as it&#x27;s one I&#x27;m not entirely sure I agree with, but if it&#x27;s something that needs to be brought to your attention at all, I thought I&#x27;d attempt to do so. Love the work you guys do as always, keep it up! &lt;3 > > (As a side note, shouldn&#x27;t this thread be pinned?) Hiya Damiekinz! Thanks for the feedback and kind words! <3 The similarity to Victorious is definitely something that we're seeing a lot across social media, and Riot Stellari made a tweet addressing that [here](https://twitter.com/thejanellemj/status/900177257162866688) which reads: _Re: Championship Ashe looking like Victorious: added a bit of gold to feel more "Worlds." We're making Victorious skins more distinctive :)_. Sit tight and you'll see what we mean by "more distinctive"! (also you're so right haha. it should be pinned now!)
I think darker, deeper blues would definitely help. Everything just feels a little washed out, whereas in other Championship skins the blues are so strong and distinctive you can instantly recognise the theme of the skin.
: This pink color scheme that the new Battle Boss skins looks very off. Compared to Final boss Veigar and Battle Boss Blitzcrank, they look very... weak. The Full Hot Pink scheme on Brand doesn't really scream "I'm dangerous" like the first two boss skins do, which is a shame because his smile and the X on his visor look intimidating. I feel like these would look better with more a advanced color scheme for the armor instead of just "Pink" For example, here's a color edit I did in a software that simply shows what he'd look like with a purple secondary tint: http://i.imgur.com/TRtvaYq.png Here's another, but instead with a Red-Grey armor color scheme: http://i.imgur.com/8fdAfYk.png I doubt you'll go for the color scheme changes, but if you do, I'd appreciate it if you took these issues into consideration Another thing that could make this better would be changes to his basic attack animations. Since it uses his base animations, in which he throws fireballs, it looks very strange the way he wields what I'm assuming are blasters. Perhaps you could do something similar to what you did with Omega Squad Veigar, and simply edit the base animations to better fit the skin's design.
Yeah while I agree it's unlikely they'll pursue such extreme colour changes I think you're completely right about the skin changes. Even pink with purple accents looks so much better. The other two Battle Boss skins, while similar to this one in terms of the pink, do have different secondary colours and it works really well. Right now Brand doesn't look very sinister, just a bit like an all-pink Iron Man.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Ezreal Update!
I'm not sure how much visual similarities there are supposed to be between Pulsefire Ezreal and Pulsefire Caitlyn, given how they're part of the same skin line. I appreciate that the VU that PFE has received has done a great job at maintaining his original look while just making everything look a whole lot cleaner and modern, though it feels like it may be an opportunity to adjust the skin slightly to better match PFC's "new" Pulsefire aesthetic. You can see the similarities between the early forms of PFE and PFC's clothing, but by the time you get to PFE's final form they look like two completely different skins and I wouldn't associate them with the same skin line if it wasn't for the blue lighting on their chests. I think making the textures of PFE's final two forms slightly brighter as he begins to develop his armour to better match the white of PFC's gun and parts of her armour would strengthen the two skins' shared identity. I'm unsure about what else to suggest as it's obvious that you guys want to keep PFE identifiable and similar to the original, but some more white and less dark grey particularly in his final form could help push the newer Pulsefire aesthetic a bit better. I know PFE is supposed to be a "fugitive" now and Caitlyn is pursuing him, but I'm not sure if it warrants such different designs, particularly when the darker coloured PFE armour really just doesn't work as well as the old, brighter armour. _______________________________________________ Also just want to echo some of the other things people have said. * The VO is fantastic. * New Q/W/E spell VFX look great, huge improvement over the old skin. * I agree with some of the comments about his ult. While it's really clean, the old ult particles were actually really nice. I think if the new ult VFX was more similar to the [new W particles](https://i.gyazo.com/10019ac176b7bcfe29b50bab9f0da7bf.png) with the slightly rougher edges and rounder particles in the trail it could look better. * It's a bit disappointing to not see the passive activation properly integrated into the skin. Pulsefire Caitlyn's gun changes red when her headshot is active - could we not see something like Ezreal's cannon glowing a brighter blue to reflect his passive status? It's small features like this which would really help push Pulsefire Ezreal's status as an Ultimate skin. * EDIT: Another suggestion I saw that I thought was worth adding was manually choosing to upgrade the skin at the relevant levels, like Elementalist Lux can once she collects enough energy, so that if you prefer a lower-level form of the skin you can keep it at that should you wish. Honestly though, it's so good to seeing this skin get some attention, and I can't wait to see the final result.
: Dark Star: Singularity - coming soon to PBE!
It's so great to see more and more gamemodes like this from you guys. After Blood Moon I'm really looking forward to this.
: Support Item Changes - Midseason 2017
One random thought I've just had on the whole Support gold/XP problem is a small gold/XP "reward" when placing wards using Sightstone/its upgrades on something like a 60 second cooldown. It's more of an incentive to buy the item whatever champ you're playing in the role and encourages you to actively use it, plus considering the item takes up a slot all game it would be helpful in pushing you towards later purchases.
: Hey! Curiosity question for you - have you had a chance to play as/with/against a Cosmic Dawn Rakan on PBE yet? I only ask because the images I've provided at the top show him with his passive up, but when his passive isn't up, his cape is much more dark purple and blue because the solar flares aren't present. To show you what I mean: http://imgur.com/a/T9xRi
Sorry for getting back to you so late but yep you're right, the colours in that look great! Looking forward to the skin and champ coming out, really good work, thank you.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Dawn Rakan!
I understand the dusk/dawn contrast but I think it just feels a bit out of place with the other three Cosmic skins. As someone else said, it feels more like Ashen Lord, so maybe some more blues and less oranges would work?
: Magic Shield Feedback Thread
Not colourblind but was having some issues with the live shield, just had a look on Galio and it's so much better, finding the new bluish purple even easier to see than the old shield. Thanks for dealing with it!
: ARSR game mode for RGM queue coming soon to PBE testing.
Yet to try this out, but primary problem I can see is issues over roles. You're gonna have Mr X who thinks he's best top with his champ, while Mr Y thinks he should also go top, and Mr Z needs someone to support him but neither of the other guys want to do that. Two people are gonna think they'd be the better jungler, some games there won't be an ADC on a team and no one will want to take the role, some games there won't be any tanks, some games you'll end up with a team full of supports against a team full of assassins...the list of potential problematic situations is long. _________________________ What I'm trying to get at is that Blind Pick champ select is bad enough with people squabbling over roles and failing to cooperate over who goes where - and that's when people at least have control over the champs they play and can suit them to the role they want to play. There's a reason I play ARAM rather than Blind Pick when I want to relax, because I'm honestly exhausted from dealing with stubborn, argumentative and uncooperative people in champ select. The nature of ARAM and ARURF negates the issues surrounding random champions; in ARAM there aren't any roles because of the single lane and in ARURF everything is so manic and crazy that predetermined roles are essentially irrelevant, because anyone works anywhere. _____________________________ In the same way that Nemesis Draft is never hugely popular because people get stuck with champs they don't want in roles they don't want to play for a full length normal game I really can't see this gamemode going down well. I applaud the thinking behind it and it's great to see new modes being pumped out, but unless you're playing with a premade party or you're lucky enough to not get matched with a stubborn team, I don't know if this is gonna work.
: > [{quoted}](name=Obi Juan PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=7ar6T2Vs,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-03-21T20:39:56.453+0000) > > The whole brightness/colour scheme is awesome but it feels like the rest of the skin aside from his left (?) fist should be &quot;dimmed&quot; slightly so as to better reflect [the splash art](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-cCmO6rQUgeQ/WNGDHhlSujI/AAAAAAABCgE/_vb8YEHTwnUg7zSO5Fr9jt7gC3dHA8WaQCLcB/s1600/LeeSin_Splash_11.jpg). > > From the splash, it looks like only one of his fists should be golden, though the model suggests his whole body including both fists are golden and bathed in this light - which one is it supposed to be? > > If it&#x27;s supposed to be more like the splash then it&#x27;d seem suitable to keep his left fist at the same brightness it is now, but bring everything else down a little bit. Regardless of how it&#x27;s intended to be, right now it looks a lot like a Brand skin and less like a Lee Sin skin, so maybe bringing the overall brightness down a tad could help. > > If it&#x27;s supposed to be more like the in-game model then maybe brightening things up a bit in the splash art would work - I don&#x27;t know. > > ________________________ > > And I know we say this every thread, but again - this is Lee Sin&#x27;s 7th skin while we&#x27;ve got champs like Illaoi (1), Yorick (2), Viktor (2), Rek&#x27;Sai (2) and Zac (2) in real need of some love. Are we gonna start seeing a concerted effort to balance things out skins-wise? Hiya Obi Juan PBE! Thanks for the feedback! It's a difficult question to answer whether a skin should be more like the in-game model or the splash because they are supposed to both represent the same skin but with two different purposes. The in-game model is a version of the skin that supports gameplay, readability, and clarity on top of aesthetics, while the splash is a version of the skin where we can show off the character in higher detail and accentuate the fantasy behind the skin, particularly through specific story moments for the character. For God Fist Lee Sin in particular, the in-game model is how we wanted him to look while ward-hopping and Insec'ing through Summoner's Rift. The golden glows are there to accentuate his transcended state of godliness; otherwise, we found that the model would just look like Lee Sin got a bit more swoll and that's it. With the splash, Alex Flores' intent was to capture a specific moment in Lee Sin's journey into becoming the God Fist Lee Sin that you see in-game. The splash is showing the exact moment when Lee Sin is reaching his transcendent state. His blindfold is _just_ burning away at that moment, and the bright glow and gold are _just_ starting to spread throughout his body to become the full god-mode glow that you see in-game. Hopefully this sheds a bit of _light_ on the team's thought process here. ---- Haha as for the "when is (insert champ here) gonna get a skin, when (insert other one here) already has so many?" question, I can't talk about the exact specifics that go into choosing what skins get made because I don't personally make those decisions and there are so many data points that go into choosing what skins get development that I wouldn't be able to give you an accurate answer unfortunately. Behind those decisions are tons of factors that range from **play rate** (e.g. if we have a limited amount of resources, then we have to make crucial decisions about how to allocate those resources when we know that content for one champion will reach more players than content for another, and sometimes even take less resources to do so) to **champion complexity** (e.g. making a skin for a simple champion like Xin Zhao takes much less time and effort than making a same-tier skin for someone like Zac, who has a ton of unique qualities like multiple stretchy animations, submeshes, and glossy textures, which result in more resources being needed in order to make a high-quality skin) to **gameplay state** (e.g. this champion isn't at a state that we would like them to be at yet in terms of gameplay, so maybe we should hold off on a skin for now to avoid having to rework the skin in the near future). Sorry, I hope this helps a bit! :< All I can say is that the champs that haven't gotten skins in a while haven't been forgotten at all! There are mains for every single champion at Riot, so you aren't alone here in wanting skins for your favorite champions! They'll get skins eventually. <3
Thanks for such a detailed reply! And also thanks for the background to the splash, I just wasn't quite sure if that's what you guys had been aiming for and the skin was a bit different. Definitely appreciate the splash in a different _light_ now. :P Totally appreciate what you mean about the play rate and complexity, I hadn't really appreciated how big of a task new skins for certain champions can be.
: More Lux Ults? WTF
45% CDR at Level 16 means her ult has a 27 second cooldown. Assuming she kills someone with it, at Level 16 she'll be able to ult again in 13.5 seconds. It's just ridiculous - the impact on late game SR games might not be huge since by Level 18 a lot of champs will be able to survive the ult, but this will completely break her in ARAM.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God Fist Lee Sin!
The whole brightness/colour scheme is awesome but it feels like the rest of the skin aside from his left (?) fist should be "dimmed" slightly so as to better reflect [the splash art](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-cCmO6rQUgeQ/WNGDHhlSujI/AAAAAAABCgE/_vb8YEHTwnUg7zSO5Fr9jt7gC3dHA8WaQCLcB/s1600/LeeSin_Splash_11.jpg). From the splash, it looks like only one of his fists should be golden, though the model suggests his whole body including both fists are golden and bathed in this light - which one is it supposed to be? If it's supposed to be more like the splash then it'd seem suitable to keep his left fist at the same brightness it is now, but bring everything else down a little bit. Regardless of how it's intended to be, right now it looks a lot like a Brand skin and less like a Lee Sin skin, so maybe bringing the overall brightness down a tad could help. If it's supposed to be more like the in-game model then maybe brightening things up a bit in the splash art would work - I don't know. ________________________ And I know we say this every thread, but again - this is Lee Sin's 7th skin while we've got champs like Illaoi (1), Yorick (2), Viktor (2), Rek'Sai (2) and Zac (2) in real need of some love. Are we gonna start seeing a concerted effort to balance things out skins-wise?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dreadnova Darius!
If there are gonna be more loot-exclusive skins, there really needs to be a more direct way to earn Gemstones. Right now it's near-impossible to get the necessary amount of Gemstones without buying a ridiculous amount of Hextech Chests. The system's been out for over a year now and I've probably bought (alongside my earned Chests) around 10 Chests a month, and I'm so far only up to six Gemstones. I'm not buying the Chests with the intention of trying to get Gemstones so personally it's not a problem for me, but I can appreciate how frustrating it must be for people who really want the skins and who aren't necessarily getting a huge amount of Chests, let alone Gemstones.
: Visually, nothing should change, so things should look exactly the same. Behind the scenes, It unlocks a lot of really cool stuff for us, which you'll be seeing in a few patches ;)
: Update 2! Would especially like feedback on the spell queuing stuff. Do you notice any bugs?
Have you considered small MR scaling on any of his damaging basic abilities?
: Heya! Thanks for the feedback! In the cases of group themes, yes, thematic suitability is pretty high on the list. Of course, we do factor in other things, such as time since last skin. That said, Alistar is an older champion who doesn't have a lot in his skin catalog that's more than just a model/texture change, so we felt this was a great opportunity to give him a funny skin that's been requested by players, thematically cohesive, but to also give him a skin that offered both new sounds, particles, and several new animations!
Great thank you so much for the reply :)
: Galio Feedback Thread
I think some small MR scaling on his abilities other than his passive (with a reduction in the current AP scaling to compensate) could be beneficial. He doesn't need to have the same passive as old Galio, nor does he need MR scaling on all abilities; not only would it help carry over some of old Galio's distinctive identity but it'd make building tank on him more viable. Currently, he feels over-reliant on AP in order to be dealing proper damage outside of the %health damage on his Q. If you want to go full tank, you'll essentially find yourself as a hard-CC bruiser unlike old Galio, and unlike champs such as Malphite, Taric and Rammus all of whom can gain relevant damage from building armor. While the MR scaling on his W helps strengthen him against mages, there is little else in his kit that enforces the anti-mage identity which made old Galio so distinctive and unique and cemented his place in the mid lane. Minor MR scaling (of around 10-20%?) on possibly just one ability could help compensate for the lack of damage you'll be dealing if you choose to build a lot of MR.
: Renekton is one of my favorite champions, but he has basically no good skins. He has 2 skins with particle effects on more then just his ult: one is Scorched Earth, which is a decent skin but still only 975 and doesn't have a lot changed, and Pool Party, which is just a high quality meme skin that does not feel like Renekton at all. Then he has a plethora of his old (shit) skins: Galactic, Outback, Rune Wars, and Blood Fury are all low quality, bad skins. Then he has his amazing NEW shit skins: Prehistoric is horrible, and the SKT T1 skin is bad but at least a Esports skin so it doesn't change his chances of getting a skin. And then, after waiting over 3 years since Scorched Earth for an actually good skin, he gets a stupid April Fool's memey skin. He STILL does not have a single skin with any voice changes or even a Arclight Vel'koz style voice filter. He still does not have a single fucking 1350 skin in his entire 6+ year time on the Rift. And now any actual good skin he could be getting will be pushed back a year or two or three because "hey, he got a skin somewhat recently so he doesn't need another". Please, please don't push back or delay any actually good Renekton skins because you decided he needed another low quality skin. I don't want to have to wait another year or two for a Renekton skin because you guys decided he didn't have enough bad skins already.
Well I hate to break it to you, but it's too late now to stop them from not working on a Renekton skin because this one got released. This might not be his only skin this year, but it's gonna be the only new skin for a while. Complaining is unlikely to change anything by this point.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Moo Cow Alistar!
Love the skin and the chromas, it's a great idea, though out of curiosity what made you guys choose Alistar? It's his 10th skin, so when it comes to a holiday event like April Fools is it more just thematic suitability that informs which champs get a skin?
: I'd say make his tail a bit smaller so it doesnt directly go into his body. Also maybe find someway to make him seem more doglike in his voice lines? I know you can't just get a new vo because of time constraints/finding a vo/budget but maybe add some more barks and yips and maybe less of his normal voice lines?
For a 975RP skin it seems unlikely that we'll get any voice processing or extra changes.
: This seems really disappointing for a 1350. The sounds are okay, but the particles on his Q and W mostly blend together. No change is bad per se, but Xin Zhao just doesn't seem to have enough stuff to him to justify a 1350 skin. Stacking this up against the (admittedly really good) Zyra skin at the same price point is no contest — she has major visual differences, new animations, and overall feels much more different from the base than skin does. That said, the recall here is pretty good, and the chromas on release are a very nice touch, in part because the simplicity of this skin doesn't bind it too strongly to any one color scheme.
I agree. Given the recent quality of Festival Queen Anivia and Karthus Lightsbane at 975RP, this skin feels like it would be more appropriate at that price level, particularly given the lack of special effects in Xin Zhao's kit and this skin's overall simplicity and lack of flashiness. I mean, here's how FQ Anivia was described by Katey: > **New model and texture for Anivia and Eggnivia** (so festive)! **New particles for all skills** (confetti everywhere)! **New SFX for her recall animation and passive** (let's party~)! **New recall animation** (check out her dance moves)! This seems to be more or less exactly what we're getting with Dragonslayer Xin Zhao too with the only difference I can see being the spell SFX on Dragonslayer Xin Zhao while FQ Anivia only got new SFX on her recall and passive. The chromas are a great addition as you said, but I just can't see this skin justifying a 1350RP price alongside skins like FQ Anivia which cost only 975RP.
: Legend of the Poro King: Portal Party Coming Soon to PBE!
I think the majority of the community would rather see Definitely Not Dominion or a similar alternative on The Crystal Scar rather than another remix of Poro King. This just seems like pure chaos, which doesn't necessarily equate to fun. Variety is key with these rotating gamemodes, and I'm not sure if simply adding/changing elements of Poro King - a gamemode that's featured a significant amount over the past few months - is enough to make people interested in it again. Legend of the Poro King just feels tired. As someone who regularly plays these rotating modes with friends and takes a look at people's feedback on Reddit, it seems like taking a look at something on The Crystal Scar or Twisted Treeline would please more people and generate more interest.
: No, let's not. because PBE isn't for your balancing suggestions, it's for bug testing. Stop posting these types of things
> PBE isn't for your balancing suggestions, it's for bug testing Look at the board I posted this in. If you need a hand, it's called "Champions and Gameplay Feedback". It isn't called "Bugs". I didn't post this in "Bugs", which is where bug testing and bugs found should be shared. This is my feedback of the BotRK changes. I use the item a lot on live, and I've tried it on the PBE. This feedback is posted on the appropriate board. What's the problem?
: Blade of Torment do the opposite, make it up to 250+70%AP and magic damage, I don't want this ability to be physical damage AT ALL; or at the very least leave the hybrid scaling only but this ability should definitely scale with AP over AD as a priority and be magic damage, they are converging magical energy waves after all. The slow maybe 35-55% for 2 seconds. AD ratio abilities are actually harder to balance (why should you gain damage on your abilities and attacks simultaneously). Dark Flight would be nice for this ability to knock-up for the entire area even if it means taking a damage hit, the improvement to a more reliable CC would be much better for Aatrox. Q+E should both have health costs honestly, with Q being a much higher cost than E since it is a dash ability. Hit effect means the heal of Blood Thirst or the damage of Blood Price? Just want to make sure this is correct. **** For a large scale rework, I would like Aatrox to become this cool dark lord support, need more support champions and support archetypes into the game and Aatrox isn't far off for being a good support. Having a GA passive, knock-up, and area slow and harass tool as a tank-support are all really good tools to have.
> I don't want > I would like There's a difference between what's necessarily balanced and appropriate for the champion and what _you_ want to see or would like. Building physical damage is more effective on him and the AP scaling was wasted unless you planned on playing AP Aatrox or going for something niche like Guinsoo's or Hextech Gunblade. Simply because his Q is a "dash" doesn't necessitate it having a health cost, let alone a higher health cost than his E. Aatrox is never going to be reworked into a support. He's a diver/fighter, and his archetype just wouldn't work appropriately in the bottom lane. If you want more supports, there's a healer due for release at some point this year apparently.
: Adding Simple Recalls- Now on PBE!
What does it mean if two (or more) animations are listed? I'm having trouble understanding what that formatting means in this context.
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