: marksman is characterized by the long range AA , not by the damage dealt. (AD or AP)
So you're saying they're going to buy {{item:3115}} every single game?
: Corki and Ezreal can benefit from them.
Which defeats the point of a marksman gamemode
: to 3: That would mean corki gets ap, because surely, he does more magic damage. to 1: the levels where it matters, ~6 and lower, leona still has long cooldowns and her ap ratios are plain bad compared to how many auto attacks the q reset and her cc in general allow you to hit with. That's besides the point here though, I just would like to have the option to opt out of the suggested stat.
Corki gets AP if he doesn't Rush Sheen or doesn't auto often. And yes Leo has long cooldowns, but she won't auto 10 times, which is what her E-Q-W deals (aprox) It is besides the point, I was just explaining the (what you considered) unexpected behavior
: Seems riot is still getting too much load on the server. I think it will be sorted out once the Zoe madness calm down.
Maybe, but (at least for me) whenever I try to go into the PBE it's either on maintenance or with really high lag spikes :/ (although this only started when zoe got released on PBE)
: Adaptive Stats on Tanks or Dorans Shield Users
Because Blitz (without items and levels) does more Physical than Magical damage. Meanwhile Leona is the opposite. People seem to forget that Bltiz has a built in Trinity force that scales off TOTAL AD. With that said, adaptive stats check what kind of damage you do most of, and give you that.
: I dont get why we cant delete the presets for the runes. We should keep what we want to keep, or atleast let us edit the presets, right now they're just there, cant edit cant delete, and you can only create 2 new pages Im pretty sure
You can buy rune pages if you want to have more
: please reduce the size of the patches every night 3gb patch !!!!!!!
It's a constantly changing client that needs new assets and to store other wibbley wobbley stuff. That's what you signed up for mate.
: > [{quoted}](name=Oakie,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=ALo8QB9V,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-10T00:08:40.916+0000) > > You complain about the dubbing. Sure it can be terrible, but I don't see any of you complaining about the complete butchering of the language that occurs in item names. Please elaborate. I agree the actor choices have been horrible lately, but the localisation is usually one of the things I praise the most about our server. Are you a localiser or a player _(not judging you nor your opinion, I just wanna know why you came up with this and if you're a professional)_.
As a native speaker it's painful to see things horribly translated, not only in the literal sense, when a word is just changing the meaning, but also when expressions are taken out of context and translated to something else that ends up being out of context. And to top it off, some inconsistencies: {{item:3074}} - Hidra Raivosa . No, that Hidra doesn't have rabies. {{item:2052}} - Poritos .... Why was that even translated? {{item:3035}} - While literally correct, a more fitting expression would've been Último Suspiro (Last breath) {{item:3136}} - Has a really mistique on its original name. why the F was it translated to "Scary Mask" {{item:3089}} - "Rabadon's Death Hoodie". Come on. {{item:3116}} & Abyssal Scepter - had different words for Scepter, but then {{item:3135}} had another name. {{item:1058}} then you call this Bastion. {{item:3091}} - Again, literally correct, but "Limite da Razão" is **not** an used expression. {{item:3087}} - Calling this Dagger, this {{item:1042}} dagger but then {{item:3134}} ... dagger. Come on, the first one's a Shiv, meaning, not a dagger. Even 'naifa' would've been more appropriate. Dagger is fine, obviously, and finally... come on dirk? That's a type of dagger, but extremely localized (Scottish) {{item:3174}} - Athene's name isn't translated, but {{item:3144}} Bilgewater is? {{item:1051}} - This was translated to "fighting gloves", when it could've been translated to "Fighter's Gloves", at least
: [Feedback] Zoe's Voice [PT-BR] / English and Português - BR
You complain about the dubbing. Sure it can be terrible, but I don't see any of you complaining about the complete butchering of the language that occurs in item names.
: I actually really like them. I think they add extra clarity. I guess it's just personal preference.
They do, on 1v1s. On large, _pardon my language_, clusterfucks it's harder
: Riot _resets_ your RP _to_ 8000RP everyday at 10:30am PST. You may need to relog for force a purchase in order to see it. As for essence, Riot doesn't give it, and this is how you get it: > "Will we receive blue essence after every game? > No. The new rewards system is all designed around champion shards (which can be turned into blue essence) dropping whenever you level up." [Preseason update FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012640908) Please first look through the forums (and/or use the search option) to see if your problem has been reported (or answered) already. Duplicate threads make it hard to keep track of the boards.
That's 18:30 GMT (Lisbon, Dublin, London) , 19:30 CET (GMT+1)
: Overcharge!
Rito -> "Let's make an assassin gamemode" ---> Disables Tank Items Rito -> "Let's make a Marksman gamemode" --> {{champion:81}} {{item:3089}} is meta
: Because 4 is perfection?
perfection, perfection, perfection **perfection**
: Actually, this was one of the first reports on it. However, the title is not descriptive enough, and there are no reproduction steps. Even then, the link I mentioned specifically tells people to look through the boards to see if their problem has been reported already. Riot reads all bug reports. However, with the amount of threads being made about less useful things, threads like these (with a vague title but valuable content) are overlooked.
Talking about reporting on the "REPORT A BUG" link http://pbr.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/
: Evening. Please make a bug report using [these steps](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F-how-to-report-bugs-on-the-pbe) to increase the chance of Riot seeing your thread.
If there's already a bug report, don't tell them to create even more on the same subject lol.´ Then again, maybe he should since some bug reports got ignored and shipped onto Live. Has anyone read boot descriptions recently?
: this guy has a point.
: One thing I can comment over 10 games is that Graves needs to be removed. He's not that much of **marksman**, rather a **"long" range bruiser**. His build path leaves him too tanky and bursty in contrast to all the other marksmen Overall, the game mode is not that bad, nor that good, but its a safer 3v3 Bloodmoon which lacks balance, and I guess it can be improved. First of all, Overcharge is very one dimensional, giving no reward to the surviving champions (not even gold) Its also a waste of the PROJECT thematic since only 4 out of 12 of the PROJECT skins are available in there, but I understand why since this is releasing with the "Hunters" and this fits a hunting styled gameplay
Same for AP items, which enable 1 shot ezreal from miles away
: I understand your main point, however I disagree with "**the whole point is to screw around and find bugs.**", Rioters themselves have said (in another post) that they encourage to play serious / competitive, A.KA not screwing around, or something like that (I can't find the post)
There's a difference between trying to win and being a dipshit. Also one between playing the game and not even trying to help your team...
: Apoio
This is an english board, why are you using a language other than english?
: PROJECT//: Overcharge game mode - coming soon to PBE!
Please remove AP items from this gamemode. If we're forced to play marksmen, then don't force me to go against (or force all teams to have) an AP Ezreal. Granted I only played one match, and it was with absurd lag spikes, but come on. The tooltip said I'm going to go against marksmen, not AP 1 shotting from across the map burst mages
: Katarina and akali mains, come! We need your testing!
Oh gosh, don't call upon those evils. What next? You'll be calling upon Teemo, Yasuo and Fizz mains? And what next? Riven? Mother of god...
: As much as I'd like the idea I dont think this is viable since my understanding is that the version of the PBE we play on gets shipped in its entirety to live so if you were to change the icon specifically then it might get shipped to live as well. That's just what I think happens though. Personally I just name them things on my desktop shortcuts (one called LeagueClient and one called PBE)
Which is how it comes by default anyway PBE comes as PBE and the other comes as League of Legends
: riot said that getting honored from premades wont give you honor levels. the only honor levels that you can get if you're with premades is if everyone on your team honors
Which is often the case
: that's normal now you see a dirty fish, spoils the fresh water pond, that's what riot did If I were to suggest, there should be something better than level 3+ honor and my question, How can those people have level 3+ honor? Just how? I am just like.... HOW can such toxic people have level 3+ honor my suggestion ends there, previously in s6 and before, we used to have ribbons of green, red and all, which used to stay for quite long, until you get reported alot, on which they used to be removed, here, even toxic players have level 5 honor, I mean seriously level 5 people write kys fys if anyone would ever tell me report system or IFS works, I will find it hard to stop laughing on their joke/innocence
> HOW can such toxic people have level 3+ honor a) Plays mostly with premades => gets honor levels from premades b) Was boosted on ranked => people honored for being carried Sadly, I know situations of both cases. Sadly, reporting b) yielded no results
: Injustice with new PBE players
All RP is reset to 8000 every day. This is valid for both new and old PBE accounts. No one has 24981274912846 RP anymore. All BE is **NOT** reset, which means you can accumulate it, if you want to get that Warwick skin. You can get Blue essense from spending your daily RP on the chests and disenchant them (so you convert them into BE)
: People (Trolls) are abusing the report button
"reporting for false reporting". Imagine X says he'll report Y. X does not report Y. Y thinking X reported him, reports X for false reporting. In fact, Y falsely reported that X was false reporting him. It is a **terrible** idea.
: more defensive early game options
There's that mini-{{item:3157}} that builds into the real deal now though. Only has 1 use, but still.
: He’s mostly a tank anyway. How would that make him unviable another way.
Exactly. It would push him forward towards building tank, which means it somewhat locks him in the same buildpath for everygame
: Hecarim with a ton of extra movement speed is wayyyyy too op [Fix, runes, and build inside]
Giving that kind of nerf would make him unviable if played on an other way...
: I've played a game today and my mana bar was constantly empty -doesn't matter whether the rune was off cd or not. That was definetely a bug.
I haven't experienced that, usually after casting an ability it becomes 'normal". In your case, yea, even worse.
: Thanks for the feedback dude.
: Personally, so long as the teams aren't overly unbalanced in ARAM (one team is full melee and the other Lux, Varus. Velkoz, Sona, Blitz for example) then the game can still be fun, and there's always the chance the dc/afk rejoins. Remakes were initially added to ranked queues to avoid people losing LP and MMR due to someone not connecting to the game and subsequently losing that game. If someone doesn't doesn't connect during a normal game then if you and your team do not want to waste your time attempting to fight a 4v5 then you have the choice to open and allow the enemy team to win faster, much faster than waiting for the 15 minute surrender vote. If your team continues to play then that is them choosing to play the 4v5 and you should attempt to play through it too. In any case it's your choice as a team whether to "waste" 15 minutes or try and still win.
All melee would tend to win that matchup if both teams are at an equal skill level though.. people just refuse to play smart and build full ad/ap "assassin" melees ({{champion:31}}, {{champion:24}} {{champion:5}} ) against ranged and complain they get poked down :/
: Mana Bars Appearing Empty
It's because of the Rune that refunds the cost of the next ability. When the mana bar appears "empty" it's because the next ability is free. It's a poor indicator, but has been reported already
  Rioter Comments
: And {{champion:202}} 's too
Indeed. The "bullet bars" also seem way too small/not very visible compared to the health-bar
: He the abilities arent perfect either.
That's...what I said...
: if you survive engage, Hi flash, ohh flash is on cd? Hi hextech flash after flash you still escape? they can still use their Movement abilities, coz that will be out of cd till then Ever seen kata or akali using their blink 3 times in row :P or Zed with 2 of his shadow + flash to make sure you die? or Kassadin spamming his ult atleast 3-4 times Kayne has hardly any cd on his dash in mid game when noct catches you, he make sure you die Talon can just.... E every sec if you flash out of wall + he has q + his kit + build gives him MS to catch you, boots of mobility
You pretty much ignored everything I said. Most of your counter arguments are on things that I didn't even mention.
: on top of that, if you plan to escape, every assassin has blink, jump, dash, like mainly zed, talon, kata, akali, kayn, shaco, nocturn, khazix although fizz ekko kassadin kata akali do not make duskblade, but kata and akali does benefit from stats,
Kayn, Nocturne, Kha and Fizz need to use their Movement Abilities to get to you. If you survive the engage, you can successfully get away. The rest have way too low cds or don't need to use all of their movement abilities to get to you
: yes, it's a bug. if you look at the HP + mana bars at the bottom of your HUD, you will be able to see your actual mana value. for enemy champions, you can simply click on them and look at the top left.
This is correct, but the indicator is still very misleading (showing mana bar as empty)
: i think read wards should show on the purchase screen if u plcyed one.. not just AFTER you buy it..
That too, but that can be self-contained with what is in the OP
Rioter Comments
: Victorious Graves opinion
The skin (and chromas) are on point. I don't think he needs anything else. However, his abilities? I'd feel much more victorious if I was shooting something gold than red. His QW could look different. Just htat
: Agree, +New runes are very complicated ..
They're really not, the problem is they aren't very readable when you're making them in a hurry, which means you can't understand them as easiy as you could the previous ones (because you don't have time to read them / decypher the icons)
: New life bar looks like from a mobile game.
In sum, the new Lifebars are: 1. Too **BIG**. They're just too tall and end up eating a lot of precious space (especially in large teamfights. You can't even see who you want to click on) 2. Heals are **BLUE**. Which makes it hard to differ heals from Magic Shields (lack of clarity) 3. **Crowd Control** effects are harder to read because they dropped the black outline 4.** Malzahar's Voidlings HP ba**r is extremely wide and just clutters a lot
: The New IP
Wait, you mean you can only get BE by getting level 5 mastery on a champ?
: Cool. I just know from my experiences how much a pain that can be, happy to hear they use such effective means of avoiding that nonsense. Wish I had in the past.
I mean, I don't know how they do it, but good programming (not applicable to databases) dictates you store that shit as String Variables somewhere
: I just dont like getting stuck with a role i didnt want or dont play often. I know i have the ability to play any champion since they are free but its a little annoying not having the role i wanted to test something. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
You can always ask to trade lanes, I mean sometimes people won't want to because, like you, they want to go for a specific role, but somtimes it's worth a shot.
: The runes should just autosave themselves wheneever you change anything (kinda like pick'em). Both the: "runes saved, press OK to go back to your life or be trapped here 5 seconds" and the: "runes have changed press SAVE to keep them like this or be a bit slow and play without keystone" should dissapear. Is there any scenario where people change their runes and dont want them saved?
If I get auto-filled/champs I want are banned/picked/"special" enemies and have to change my runes/spells to adapt to those cases, but then someone dodges... in that case I don't want it to save. Although the pop-up is annoying
Rioter Comments
: Lucky it didn't just break it all together. Made that mistake in a PHP page once, had to edit the damn file sheet on the host server to get it back up.
They most likely store that as strings, so it shouldn't matter at all
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