: PBE issue lvl 30 still hasnt came into play for me
This issue was a problem when I first started on the PBE. If it doesn't happen soon, a Riot employee might be informed and he'll check in on it. If it's something that is going to take long, he will manually do it. Just give it time and it will happen :)
: I had a game where champion spells had a blue color instead of their regular colors. I have a r3d log but I can't attach it because it's "too large."
If it's a pure blue icon (meaning nothing but a dark blue) that means the texture is missing. It happens from time to time
: Anyone can download the PBE Client, but only the ones that had the email can use it :)
I see. Thanks for the feedback
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: Speaking of Patches, is it normal to have to go through a patch every time I run PBE? Just wondering
It isn't normal for you to continue patching every time you run the PBE client. Have you tried repairing the client?
: Turret attacks flash blue rectangular boxes on hit on the New SR Map
Same problem. One of the solutions was to repair the client. I haven't tried it yet. But if anyone did.. I would like some feedback
: [Doom Bots] Death Ray sound is too loud
The Death Ray passive makes me wanna cut my ears off and put them on my feet. Then smash my ears.. That's how bad it is
: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
I would like the boost to level 30 please and thank you.

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