: Wait. You bought the runes pack 15 times? Edit: > If you still have bought Rune Bundle more than once (when it was available), contact Player Support and they are going to reset your runes. From new player information thread
I've done this twice over the past 6 months . I still haven't gotten any reset . Why is this ?
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: New Upgraded Private Chat Rooms!
Idea: Muting certain chat rooms ? (Doesn't give a sound or notification for messages and not due to spammers , just due to the fact you may be in quite a bit of chat rooms at once and with a lot of people talking you don't want the sound to keep coming up for certain groups along with a flashing LoL icon in the taskbar) It should be available to everyone , even the members . For those who know , think kinda how Kik has their mute function . SILENCE! {{champion:90}}

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