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: The PBE itself is meant to catch bugs, going into it you should probably expect multiple bugs in multiple areas of the game. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: Ta desativado temporariamente, relaxa que uma hora volta. Tenta olhar a "!" ali em cima antes de criar um tópico.
Acho q o tópico é pra tirar duvidas, int pq eu n criaria se estou com uma?
: Riot has limited skin purchases to a few skins, namely the Death Sworn skins that need testing. They will also be keeping the loot system disabled for the time being. They will return sometime after the weekend.
: Due to a high number of requests, it will take a while for champions to arrive. Just be patient and wait it out.
Ok thx, they disable skins in pbe forever?
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O i

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