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: Insane ping
I usually don't have ping issues but now I'm getting over 25k... Didn't have this issue 8 hours ago
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: New Highnoon skins??
they're currently in the store for RP but no the chromas (as of this posting)
: Ping spikes?
Same issue For the last 5 minutes of the game nobody could play. it was just minions vs minions
: Any news on this being resolved??? Was hoping to play before it goes away this weekend
still crashing for me...
Mac users right now: {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: Bugsplat window appears after every game
same here. not having any issues w/ the client or games as far as I can tell *bump*
: Please read the threads "[Useful information for new PBE players](" and "[RP on PBE, it's back!](," which you can find on the homepage.
Not sure this is relevant The mission for the RP has been missing for the last couple days and the previous posts on the RP change don't cover this
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: 9.7 ARAM Master Bug Thread
playing kog in aram, when you die and you look at your stats while dead, attack speed and crit are wrong. Not sure if other stats are wrong but I just noticed those 2 since I was building them. When you respawn, it shows the correct stats again.
: Ivern ARAM Bug
I've noticed this bug too. It seemed like the bushes decayed but the invisibility remained for the whole game in that area
: Not live for me so PBE will still be pretty tight until TFT is live everywhere
oooh I didn't realize that...crap...
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