: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
I think this is a fun idea! The skins look really cute. I'm not 100% sold on the price though. I mean, the 1350RP base price makes sense for sure; You are getting a skin with all the usual 1350rp goodies involved so that is fine by me. I'm not sure I agree with the discount % however. Unless I am mistaken, the only change with the Star Guardian Pajama skins compared to their base versions is a new model. So the only work that went into these would be the model, which puts them firmly in the 750RP category while the current discount would make them cost just a tiny bit less than 975RP if you own the base Star Guardian skin. Again, if I'm mistaken about what these skins add please feel free to correct me. As for the Lunar/Solar Eclipse skins it makes a lot more sense to me. Each skin has a unique recall animation, FX, some VO, etc. Anyways all in all I think its a fun idea that could add a bit more life to certain skin lines, but I'm kind of hesitant at the current price point.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Praetorian Fiddlesticks
If at all possible, this skin would be the perfect time to make Fiddle's "sit still for long enough and freeze in place" pose look a bit better. It's a really fun idea but often awkward in execution because of Fiddle's animations. What if instead of just freezing, Fiddle went into a pose based off of his recall animation's scanning? You could reuse the beginning of the recall animation and be able to implement it with minimal art work that way, and if the code stuff that needs to be done is simple enough I think it would look really sweet! A small change like that could definitely elevate this into an even cooler skin
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hextech Malzahar!
I really dig the design, Art Deco style robots always look cool! I would suggest shrinking the head a bit though. In game it looks super big. The size and shape make it feel like a mechanical suit instead of a robot, as if you have to fit an actual person’s head in there. I think shrinking it would help sell the robot fantasy and just make the proportions more consistent overall
: It's intended that her mask goes on no matter what when she hits E/R. Appreciate the feels towards her looks!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot MEMEMEMEME,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=3wmYEZbW,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2018-02-22T00:19:51.703+0000) > > It's intended that her mask goes on no matter what when she hits E/R. Appreciate the feels towards her looks! Is there anything that automatically removes the mask? I think it'd be fun for it to have triggers that turn it on and off so you get a bit of both worlds if you don't have a particular preference
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Resistance Illaoi!
She looks really gorgeous! Being able to follow along her development was a lot of fun as well, I'd love if more things like that were done in the future. The processed VO is a fun idea, but because it's only something people playing against her can hear, it would be nice to have VO processing on some of her lines as well so the person playing can hear some robot-y stuff too! Something like turning the processing on when she has her ult up (by the way I love the scanline effect on the ult!!) would be perfect, but I don't know if the work required to hook something like that up would be reasonable at this stage. Nonetheless something to consider! Thank you & the team for your hard work!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Guardian Warwick!
Super excited to see a new skin for my favourite awoo. Like some others have brought up, I'm not really feeling the muzzle on him. I think the exagerated wolf-like features of his face in all Warwick's other skins+base are important to him, and how extremely flat Lunar Guardian's face ends coupled with how short it is looks a little awkward. On the other hand, one thing I especially like is the contrast between the really dark colour of the face, arms, etc versus the bright fur on his back and tail.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arctic Ops Gragas!
My biggest take-away from Arctic Ops Gragas is that it's a really really weird choice and I like that. I hope to see more skins that experiment with more unorthodox theme/champion combinations in the future!
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jhin!
Project Jhin's splash just came out, and I really love it but couldn't help but notice the illumination on his mask doesn't have the skull pattern it does in the login screen, in-game, and in the Project Jhin icon. Any chance it could be changed to better reflect this?


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