: Quinn specifically is definitely one of the ones we want to experiment with more if the mode comes back. That said, we were fairly reluctant to include her at launch: Marksmen in general (Even one as aggressive/ non-traditional as Quinn) had a lot of baggage around the edges in the mode. Beyond that, we had some fairly consistently poor "Playing as" experiences: Her survivability tools are not really tuned for picking on most of the champions in this mode, and a lot of the laning phase/ team fight structure that she takes advantage of just flat out doesn't exist. There were also some "side-power" concerns: We're doing a lot of stuff to increase your ability to traverse the map, so Quinn being as good as she is at that meant she was less "She could be anywhere" and more "She is capable of reaching any location, so never be willing to risk roaming". In general, when selecting the entire pool, our main goal was hitting a group that serviced as many playstyles as possible, while still hitting the spread out, constant skirmish play of the mode. The champions we left out generally resulted in play that we were trying to avoid for this mode in particular, whether it be constant clumping, fights degenerating into "everyone is standing in this tiny circle", or their kit serving a role that just doesn't exist in this particular type of play.
What about non-mobile assassin mages? I.e. Twisted Fate, Syndra, Viktor, and Veigar?

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