: Pretty sure this is a fixed version of lethal tempo since the delay before the attack speed kicks in makes it really bad on almost every champion.
: So Lord Dominik's became a assassination item, right? cause now that adcs will be dealing true damage there is no reason for them to build armor pen rather than 100% crit chance. Also, is there any chance you'll be decreasing the crit on {{item:3087}}, {{item:3094}}, etc. to 25%? It seems pretty bad to buy {{item:3031}} and have these unnecessary 20% crit chance
I mean it's still a net buff to crit chance. 80% to 100% with IE and two crit items. This is also a buff to Jhin. and oh my god the fast is one of the best builds now brb
: So it's just Lethal Tempo with Press the Attack's restriction? Sounds pretty lame, I'd rather just take Lethal Tempo.
It's similar to an old item which gave attack speed for 3 hits. It's extremely effective for anyone who needs a few hits to stack up, or wants early burst. Vayne, Kai'sa, Jax, Kog'Maw, Jayce(oh god 6 attack bursts), Rengar, Xin, Shyvana, Master Yi, Gnar, Darius, Vi, Volibear, Mordekaiser, Draven, Jhin(okay seriously this does give big AD boosts which is... interesting?), Xayah, Varus, Tristana, Diana, Sivir(burst damage to an entire team :D), Riven(if you're bad at autoresets I GUESS), Lulu(srsly her passive :x), Kindred, Kennen, Kalista, Jinx, Ashe, Aatrox... I think that's almost everyone which could greatly benefit from superattackspeed the first three attacks?
: [6.14] Cooldown Pings on PBE
What about pinging AP or AD? ...I maybe like showing off AD as Jhin or AP as Veigar a little, yes.
: MYMU - Cassiopeia Discussion
Playing as/with/against her a few times, her new miasma seems.... not very impressive at all. Versus a zed, it should work well to prevent a disengage, but all it really accomplished was delaying a zed for half a second before they left the zone, because the debuff wears off instantly once they leave it. And the zone is so small that it doesn't take long to leave said area effect. The debuff I think really should linger for a second or two, enough to stall someone getting away or someone coming towards you. It's also outside of her range most of the time, so using it as a secondary source of damage for Twin Fang also isn't that useful. There might be some uses currently to prevent someone from flashing over a wall or the like, but opportunities to do so are limited.
: But using multiple orbs doesn't have any reward in terms of damage or stun time. So what difference does it make? Also, you realize that the combination of the two passive changes isn't even possible until halfway into the game? They don't apply until the skills are maxed remember...
Using multiple orbs with W will increase the damage of W. Tested on the PBE against Scuttlecrab.
: Syndra Nerfed damage wise?
For those of you who can't math, level 5 syndra Q: Old Q: 264.5 base damage, +69% AP ratio. New Q: 230 base damage, +70% AP ratio that also applies vs. minions. It's a slight nerf to champion damage(no more than 34.5 less damage). It's a net buff to minion damage. It's also a buff to Syndra pre-level 9. Upgraded W can also hit up to 3 times. I don't know yet if there's a reduction in damage when multiple balls hit, because otherwise that would be a 210% AP scaling ability.
: MYMU - Brand Discussion
First impression on brand.... after playing against him. His passive seems fine now. It deals a ton of damage, but that's his core ability. Everything else though deals WAY too much damage. He should not be able to 1v1 effectively even when ahead, because of his team/group potential. Right now the stun on his Q is easy to apply and makes him very effective in duels, with the base damage of everything else shredding even a single target. I might change my opinion after playing as and against him more. Something that would likely help a lot is greatly reducing the projectile speed of his Q, which would make it easier to dodge, easier to run from, and focus more on using it as an anti-initiation tool or throwing it into a group of enemies. This IMO would put him in a far better spot.
: MYMU - Vel'koz Discussion
....his ult dealing 100% AP true damage is a 'light change'? He definitely looks interesting, and hopefully balanced, but that ult seems to be TERRIFYING. That is absolutely massive damage.
: Okey, I tried it. When you have 5%-10% health, you'll have 1 health after using the ability.
Technically, you'll be invincible like in Zilean Revive for a split second, then 'revive' with 1 health. There's some videos of that happening with some abilities, like Mundo and Soraka.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Leblanc!
First impressions: Definitely a lot more of a change to the champion than other skins. Not bad, but most noticable of which is her Distortion effects, specifically the marks left on the ground that she can teleport back to. They seem a lot more noisy than the rest of LeBlanc's skins, and moreso than even most champions. I think the mushrooms need to be more sparse or lower to the ground, and generally to just be less noisy in general if that makes sense, to fit in better with the rest of her skins.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
PBE FEELZ Passive: I like this a lot. Feels really good. Definitely fits the theme. Q: I feel like early game, the damage should be tweaked slightly higher to make it easier to set up kills. Lategame, I feel like damage should also be lowered slightly since just throwing it at a ranged minion feels enough. Increase the early game damage, drop the scaling, and increase the bonus per last hit perhaps? I do REALLY like that the grenade seems to bounce really slow to champions, gives a real thematic feel to it. W: No slow without a mark feels right. I feel like his Q should trigger the mark, however. Especially with the slow bounce speed to champions, giving enemies ample warning. I've heard a LOT from enemies about the hitbox just not feeling right, however. Might could check some into the hitbox. E: I like these mostly for the slow and reveal. They're not terribly useful for the damage, but it feels good to set up a combo on it but not required. If he is too strong, this is probably the first I'd hit, since it feels 'right' to just use this for the slow/reveal. R: Hitbox frequently feels just barely off, similar to his W. I feel like he does need a pretty obvious indicator just to himself of how long before he can fire another shot. A short channel bar emptying, perhaps? This isn't normal to multicast abilities, but considering he can use it multiple times, a giant emptying bar indicating how long until you can snipe enemies again would be super nice. All in all, he definitely fits the theme of sniper, although there might could be just a touch of polish on his W and R(and slight adjustments on his Q) to make him feel better, especially for starting to learn Jhin.
: Poppy's Crit Animation.
For the same reason Sion kicks enemies with his right boot. It's a funny crit animation on a champion which doesn't normally build a lot of crit.
: Cull Life On Hit
One of the upcoming changes is adding energy shield and ghost reaver into the game. We're becoming Path of Exile now.
: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
Cupcake forts are the best thing ever. Please never nerf cupcake forts. More thoughts as I play more caitlyn on the PBE. muuwaahaahaa
Rioter Comments
: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
Bug again: Seems like in this update I'm not getting increased range? I did in the last update, so not sure what changed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Press R and Run,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=K7Eg4dBQ,comment-id=0040,timestamp=2015-10-30T19:09:55.203+0000) > > I don't know if it's been mentioned but in the few Caitlyn games i've had, her traps seem to despawn in random order. I set 2 traps bot then went mid to siege. While mid I set one trap then went to set another but instead of despawning a trap from the bot lane, it despawned the trap I had just set down. Also it seems like the despawn time in general on the traps could be a little bit longer. This should be fixed next update... along with the tooltip thing. It's actually killing the _nearest _trap to your cursor on cast.
Oh. That explains things a lot, thanks! She should be a lot more playable now I think. Tried playing her, but didn't have much success because of the traps. I was also trying a trap centric build so... eh.
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: Why are all the AP items getting nerfed?
A lot of the AD items are lower too. The way I heard it was that there's more gold in the economy now from more kills + free wards and no stealth wards. Thus, there were increases to prices across the board to nerf the gold efficiency of finished items.
: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
Huge bug: If at the cap, caitlyn traps replace the most recently placed trap D:
Rioter Comments
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
What's the movespeed numbers look like on the ult?
: [All-For-One] Heim is just too strong. Perma Ban Him.
Have you tried building Banner of Commands as a hard counter? They make minions immune to magic damage, and thus immune to Heimer's turrets. AOE waveclear would also help. Hurricane, Statikk Shiv, or Luden's Echo.
: You have a really good point on the thematics. I never paid too much attention as I was working side by side with Darius's original designer (CertainlyT) during this process and he seemed to not think that there was too much of a mismatch. If we can find a better name / theme for Bloodrage, that might better fit his character, I'm definitely open to it. Though at this point the icon and in-game effects will likely look the way they do. I know the healing doesn't make too much sense either thematically. It's a hard thing to juggle since something like damage reduction or Armor / MR would probably make more thematic sense but are typically pretty low in terms of gameplay satisfaction. We really wanted to ensure the defensive mechanic we gave Darius was something he could only get in the heat of battle by not being a coward - so we ended up on this. It's far from perfect but I think it incents the correct gameplay we desire for Darius. This has definitely been a lesson for me to be much more careful and attentive to the thematics each champion brings to the table in addition to their gameplay mechanics. This is 100% my mistake, but hopefully playing Darius will still feel right when you play the entire package. We're a bit too far down the line at this point to make huge adjustments, but if we find an easy wins, I'm glad to take them.
What about something relating to fear? If I just saw my allies head get lopped off, I'd be pretty terrified and likely not defending myself as well against Darius. - Fearsome - Beheader - Strength of Noxus - Terror of Noxus - Hand of Noxus
: [Suggestion] Small buff to Teemo's W
40% CDR teemo. Teemo now has a cloak and dagger from TF2. URF mode Teemo. Teemo now becomes pre-nerf eve. Except worse. Somehow. hold me
: Yes, that's intentional.
920 HP5 for Heimerdinger too. :D Noone ever expects Heimerdinger to have the highest base health regeneration of anyone else in the game.
: Can we do something to the server's altogether instead? Like I really **HATE** how the game categorizes ping as Wireless vs Wired, Why not just turn all the incomming connections to LAN? That would literally void out the issue of wireless gamers having much higher ping than those playing on wireless not to mention the fact that it would **NEGATE THE NEED TO MOVE AN ENTIRE COMPANY TO THE MIDDLE OF THE US**
I'm... confused. Very very confused.
: No, the ability doesn't multiple on hit effects by 9. Even I wouldn't do that.
Okay... but if you crit and deal 1000 damage on the first attack going full ADC mordekaiser. That means 3000 damage on the second attack and 9000 damage on the third attack? Is the AP ratio still there and multiplied? Even if not, that sounds like a 9 total AD scaling ability. Which is either completely and utterly terrifying or easily kitable. I'm not sure yet.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
...does the Q change mean that with lichbane, you'll deal 0.5 AP with the first hit... then 1.5 AP with the second hit. And then 4.5 AP with the third?
: Morello said something about a critical strike rework
This seems very similar to DOTA 2's Unique Attack Modifier system. If they're exclusive, you'd need more items. IE and PD are core to ADCs and a major source of their AD and attack speed, for example.
Rioter Comments
: ah that's a tooltip bug from something i was testing out where she had a bonus for three hits. it's already been fixed for next pbe build. good eye :)
How'd that work out? A random idea I had would be to make Miss Fortune benefit from her passive as she had full stacks for those three attacks, but not sure if that would work well.
: I guess I just like passives to do more maybe I'm just picky :p. Thank you for commenting tho!
It does a LOT. Like, really. It's extremely strong. But... it suffers a lot from the same issues Sona's auras did. You don't feel the power of it. I understand, definitely. It SHOULD be changed. But it's still a significant part of Zilean's power right now.
: Suggestion for Tahm
This would be bad for support Tahm, I think. Also I don't think he hungers for 'food'. He says to Cho'gath something along the lines of "I see you hunger for something more... literal." Tahm thrives on making deals for people's 'souls' basically. Or a high price similar to that.
: I mean, have fun with it. It'll be gone with the next deploy ;)
So unless it crashes the game/server or whatever, it should be fine to use? This makes me wonder what crazy bugs have happened in Riot playtests at work. Only one I remember so far is when Shaco would be deleted by Yasou's windwall.
: Tahm Kench passive
His W has a lot of damage, on top of the utility of eating someone. IMO, taking an enemy out of the fight for 2-3 seconds with a large chunk of health damage on top of that gives him threat even towards tanks.
: Holy shit, you're AMAZING! Thank you so much for these! EDIT: Number 3 should be fixed. The other two--man, I don't even know. Some of the underlying code must have changed. I have a potential fix, but it'll mean pressing devour on yourself will stop your move command, for the time being. You're awesome for finding these! Very game breaking. Thank you so much! The fix for 1 and 2 will go live with the NEXT PBE deploy, some time tomorrow.
Bugs like these, should we use them or not use them or just be smart about it? Won a game using it, but the enemy team was using it too. Hella fun and just crazy all around.
: Passive is just a slow added to her attacks. The first Q missile will apply on-hits like BotRK; the next 4 on the attack won't. Runaan's fires 2 bolts for every single attack during a Focus-empowered Q. It feels pretty cool.
So 2.5 attacks a second, x5, x3 for runaans = 37.5 attacks a second. ....is that going to ship? That's uh. Iunno how powerful it'll be, but hot DAMN that seems like it would look so cooooool. Homing missile lucian ult. On your autoattacks. Huh. I need a video of this so badly D:
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
My main issue with Bard so far: His Caretaker's Shrines are not very obvious at all for his teammates. I'd really like some sort of THERE IS HEALTH HERE indicator for allies, and there's not much of a clarity penalty since there's only three shrines. Just something like the health shrines on dominion/howling abyss would be good. I'd just like a way for my allies to remember that there's a healing shrine behind the turret, and not stay in lane at 100 health until death.
: There's a problem with Bard
Upvoting/bumping. Because BARD IS SO FUN TO PLAY AAAAAAAAAAA SO FUN OMG Ahem. Feedback time too! Because he's so fun. And I hope Rioters check in here too :D Caretaker Shrine: Needs to be more visible on minimap! Like WAY MORE VISIBLE. Junglers and laners need to be able to see the shrines on the map. It looking like the health shrine/packs on Dominion would be nice. Also, the rampup effect needs to be more noticable I think, for allies to realize that they get a tiny heal now and a GIGANTIC HUMONGOUS heal later. Magical Journey: I feel like it's kinda clunky at times. Primarily, when exiting before the end of a wall, sometimes it's confusing as to which side of the wall you emerge on. Should be more clear, since sometimes I end up on the wrong side of the wall. Specifically, an indicator that's perpendicular to the wall segment you're on facing OUTWARDS would be nice, as on those specific walls(krugwall specifically, but there's a lot more) it'll easily tell you which side of the wall you'll emerge on. Chimes: Chimes really shouldn't spawn underneath the tower D: Unless you want to encourage people to tower-dive/destroy the towers. Specifically, the chime spawn spot under mid tower should only spawn if the tower is destroyed. There's a frequent chime spawn spot botlane too that's just barely out of tower range. I'm not entirely sure if I'm a fan of them disappearing after ten minutes, especially because I really don't have any way of knowing which chimes are old and which are new. It would be nice to have a limit on how many chimes that can be spawned, instead? LANING PHASE: Pretty fair. Shrines are nice. I fear like he might be pushed out of lane by other supports, or that his allies will. And I kind of also feel like his shrines don't scale that well, especially into lategame. Chimes giving a small boost to the healing of caretaker shrines ALA Thresh and his E passive would be nice. Fun value: Bard is fun. like omg so fun. It's so different and so fun to 'farm' by floating around the map collecting charms instead of staying in lane and getting CS. SO FUN. AAAAAAAAA WHEN IS HE COMING OUT
: Can we get Veigar's stacks to be visible to other players?
Agreed. Technically a nerf to him, but it would be nice to be able to see how much free AP a veigar has, same as Nasus.
: Clarity: We've actually tried a full Mana + CDR approach for Clarity before. Basically, it's directly competing with Ignite in the same slot for DPS - but it also introduces the problem of not letting us control Mana costs on certain lane archetypes. It's like, whenever it was powerful enough to be worth taking - it was insane - otherwise, you'd just opt for Ignite and get an entire new free spell of equal effect. CV: CV has tagged opponents in the past. The main issue with CV is that if you take it, you lose your lane fairly hard. Fortify: Competitively, Fortify means that Tower Dives don't happen - you get permanent sieges and power farm scenarios because the presence of Fortify means it is always wrong to initiate a fight at the enemy tower. While this is probably okay for uncoordinated settings - this stifles high-end play by quite a bit. > And one final note! Where's the Howling Abyss unique summoner spell? SR has Teleport and Dominion has Garrison. What about ARAM? Just a thought. :p Unsure - despite requests, I'm not really involved in maintaining our alternate modes.
Random experimental idea for Clarity: Remove(or severely nerf) the mana boost. Instead, it gives CDR + free mana for a certain amount of time to yourself only. When clarity wears off, all the mana you used is taken from you. Other tweaks could be a mana regen passive for a short amount of time after using it, or having it a percentage reduction to mana costs instead. What's the role of this? 1. You're in lane. You have no mana, because you've been trying to trade with a manaless champion. They go in on you. BOOM, clarity. You can now cast your combo off, with a few seconds of being an effectively manaless champion. And will go back to not being able to cast everything after clarity wears off, with an empty mana pool. Also possible to fight in extended engagements by using all of your mana, then popping clarity for a few more seconds of unrestricted actions. 2. Lategame. Gamechanging ultimate, high cooldown. For whatever reason, you can't have max CDR. Pop clarity before you use the ult. The mana effect isn't as important there. Early game spell to have some threat against resourceless all-ins(sort of a role in between exhaust and ignite, depending on your champion). Late game it gives utility with ultimates and other high cooldown spells, or lets single target burst champions(coughleblanc) do better in teamfights and have the possibility of using their burst combo twice. I can also see it having an anti-snowball effect, as running out of mana is not usually something that happens when you're winning. Tweaks if it becomes too powerful or underpowered would be modifying the duration, and tweaking the CDR, also cooldown. As well as modifying the mana-restore effect if it stays. Like exhaust, barrier and ghost, it becomes a short term duration boost, which can be baited.
Rioter Comments
: I stated this elsewhere, but I think having the transform occur on next ability would be the change people are looking for, it gives a sense of fighting the rage as you hold back your skills to stay yordle, but has the ultimate unleashing when a skill comes up that you want to use, but is going to force you to change
That simply doesn't work, I think. Someone would just charge up megagnar, and then just not use any abilities. Hop transform is REALLY strong. And being able to just save it up while otherwise last hitting would be too good.
: My first impressions: Super cute, great concept. I only tried him vs 1 bot, but it felt insane. What does this guy doesn't have? It's crazy. The kit feels bloated. Too many free stats. - Too much AS, MS, slows with CD reduction potential on pickup giving insane kiting and chase potential - % damage with insane values even early - Jump with bounce (on allies too) giving insane engage/disengage - Big form has tons of free stats and comes with a heal (you can heal a lot every 2 waves or so), tons of CC on it, no costs, low CDs overall, 1.25 AoE line stun, puts some ults to shame - Just feels too much overall. I say lower a LOT of the numbers and take it from there. And make his big form trigger a rapid regen boost, like Mundo's ult, instead of the flat healing. It feels like the old Catalyst, and that was nerfed to regen for a reason. If you're interested in the details, I went 15/0 with a Doran's Blade only, overleveling Fiddles bot by about 6 levels and had 7600 in the bank. And finished the game in 19 mins. Didn't back once, cause passive heal OP. Didn't even ult, wasn't needed. This guy needs some serious tuning, imo. Bloated kits aren't a good idea. Nid had one and look what happened to her (tons of reworks). Avoid doing that with this guy please.
Against bots isn't a good indicator, I think. Bots can't play with his fury at all, and can't use any of the large amount of counterplay put in his kit.
: > * His boomerang feels kind of weak, damage wise. In laning, and in teamfight poke wars. The base damage of it could stand to be increased a bit, I think. I don't think that the tooltip reads correctly. It actually does full damage to only the first target, 50% to any others, and none of them can get hit twice. The way the tt reads, you would think it did full damage on the way out and half on the way back, totaling 150% to any that are hit twice, but no. > * Q in megagnar form! Lots of fun. Really feels like I'm smacking a person with a giant rock. The sprite looks sort of out of place, but it seems like it would go fine on the summoner's rift rework. Of note is that, I'm not sure, but I think I picked up another megagnar's rock before. Weird. I still feel that Mega-Q should travel a bit further after contact with the first target. Like by 100 units. It looks dumb to stop dead at the touch of the enemies' hitbox.
> I still feel that Mega-Q should travel a bit further after contact with the first target. Like by 100 units. It looks dumb to stop dead at the touch of the enemies' hitbox. Yeah, I could see that. It has a large AoE though, and still feels good mechanicswise. Maybe having the rock move past the person a little, but the AoE staying the same.
: I personally feel like his strengths depend on the build you use, I've so far played builds where mini-Gnar is the stronger form, mega-Gnar is the stronger form. But really I think it's well balanced. You can't just stay in one form and they are good for completely different things. If you want an example of a build where mini-Gnar is stronger 1v1 there's this build: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/RF2dcIOZ-gnar-a-little-to-strong-with-this-build which I personally feel is a little too strong. The transforming W-double hop is definitely intended, rioters were talking about it and the icon turns blue when you can do a transforming double hop. With picking up the other one's boulder, might be a feature, might be a bug, I know you can catch another draven's axe on live then use it immediately afterwards, might be similar. I agree that his boomerang could use a little base damage buff. I think the reason why the boomerang is so weak is because it's low cooldown (if you catch it) and costs nothing. Making it reliant almost completely on AD is probably the better call when balancing it (it currently does 10-150 based on Q level + 100% AD). Right now the ult stun is actually 1.5/1.75/2 on the PBE. =P Overall though, I think he's really adaptable, able to be tanky or high damage at a moments notice. The downside is that you don't get to choose when to be damaging and when to be tanky so it leaves times for the enemy to take advantage of. Pretty well designed.
Whoops. Edited that out. I'm a derp, didn't notice the scaling stun. Still though, even with just triforce(which works for both forms!), his bruiser form feels a little strong. Damage possibly just needs to be tuned a bit.
Rioter Comments
: Have been playing Gnar since release on PBE. He feels really good except for one thing.
The point of it is that you HAVE to go into big form. It's required. One of his weaknesses.
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