: The CDR slot is way too weak
I don't know why they put this in it seems really hard to balance. the low cdr early just feels useless and adding too much cdr is broken. And you cant put a cap on it at a mid lvl like 10 because then transcendence loses a lot its power.
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: Kha'Zix Buffs: Questionable
Unless I read something wrong the changes they are making are for pro play more than average play. They probably want to see kha in worlds.
: Kha Zix Championship?
This tweet from a rioter should explain it pretty well. https://twitter.com/KateyAnthony/status/1039598111864147968 Kha was probably picked when he was really strong before his R evolve change.
: [Bug] Hail of Blades does not work properly
They recently said that they did changes to clean up Yasuo's scripts. If you only tested it on Yasuo that might be why its acting weird.
: Until you people fix the RP grant bug.... like 9 months later... can you do this?
I think they should put something in the store for 1 BE that gives 8000 rp and just limit it to one purchase a day
: [Nunu W] - possibly a bug with hitbox?
Hey I found this bug too. It seems that any wall aatrox could dash though nunu can glitch though with W. Also if an enemy is on the other side of the wall (Aka Krugs) the snowball will hit but nunu will not go through. Dont want to flood the forums so I though I would put this here.


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