: Aurelion Sol Bug Report Thread
In the first game I played I was unable to toggle my W all game. The base mana cost would be spent but it would not drain mana after that and the toggled effect would not activate. The next game worked fine though and I am not sure why it didn't work the first game so is likely something that happens at random or due to a specific interaction with something that was in one game but not the other.
: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
Overall this seems to be a very well done change and I love the fact that the ability to proc Runaan's Huricane with every flurry shot was added, as even if is not necessarily that effective to use it promotes fun and interesting off-builds. Regarding the lack of on-hit effects on RH projectiles past the first pair, I can see how this would be broken for most effects but I have a suggestion/request for an exception to be made for Frozen Mallet as Ashe's passive slow is applied to all RM projectiles and it would make sense and not be in any way overpowered to allow FH slows to apply as well. This is something that would have little impact on balance as it is only a minor slow increase and is not worth building for most players as it sacrifices damage for little gains but I think it would be fun to have as an option for a suppression/support-ish build, even if is basically never used outside of custom games and the odd support Ashe.


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