: Play button is greyed out and unclickable. "You may be offline" HELP! ! !
Heya (this is EbonyAMV) So I'm encountering this problem aswell, the "Play" button is greyed out. I also get the "You are unable to play because you may be offline." message. Normal server works perfectly fine and I've battled this issue since yesterday without any success xD And yes I can see people play normals and ARURF I tried the following: 1) complete client repair and repatching 2) reinstall 3) hextech repair tool 4) checked the LeagueClientSettings.yaml 5) router restart and ipconfig reset with pc restart after repairs etc 6) obviously googling aswell (a bit desperate) xD So far I didn't find a fix for this sadly. Good luck guys! Logs are attached at the end of this post :) Edit: You can join a lobby if someone is in a lobby which can enable you to play a game now and then but even then it doesn't always work. (not sure if this will help but better safe than sorry) [Logs](https://www.sendspace.com/file/e4dwcs) {{sticker:katarina-love}}


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