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: RP is too little!
whoa guys I don't know why you guys are attacking me so much? I am not here JUST to get all the skins, I am here to genuinely test, but why can I not have fun and get a bit of reward that I want while testing the game and telling the developers about it to improve the game? and anyways I cannot buy RP for many reasons that I don't need to explain. This was only a mere suggestion, as I wasn't the only one that asked for that. Also, I like to own everything that is there (if I am going to be testing and reporting issues back to Riot or Rito), so that I can have a greater chance of finding bugs. Like I love having new icons and trying them out, and I always love playing old skins and like to play with different champions every game, that doesn't mean that there might not be a bug with an old skin that people still have today, and like playing with. I am not a greedy person, never was and never will be, but you do not need to be so aggressive! I hope you understand. Thank You
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: Lol Patcher stops patching
Well for me, I tried to install the new patch and it stopped at 0.03 mb (roughly) remaining and speed of 0 kbps, and then it says something went wrong. check the boards for help. Hope I get a fix soon.
: Cant buy Skin when in camp select
Yes, I also confirm that! I had this problem today about half an hour or an hour ago! I just recently joined the PBE, and it seems that my experience with it is finding so many bugs for the first day on this interface. For the store problem, it happened to me and stayed so for about 15 or 30 minutes before it fixed itself.


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