: Xayah and Rakan recall
Iv'e had the same problem in a normals. Sometimes it seems to work and then doesn't. In one game mine worked properly if I started it (as Rakan), but Xayah's start did not. If I recalled next to her it started the synchronized animation but then she would just leave me at the end of her recall.
: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
I've been playing quite a bit of Rakan and have a few things to say about his ability mechanics. The passive is kind of boring (actually I'm pretty sure I've seen something similar somewhere...) but I think it works great for him. Really helps him trade more freely in lane. Honestly if he didn't have it I would probably be very reluctant to trade. The AP scaling is super broke though. Maybe switch to flat scaling, no AP, that way he still scales well and you don't have to buy AP. In regards to the Q, I agree with the general statement that it feels too short (I even feel like the indicator looks deceptively long). Because of this, it cannot be used for poke or regular healing. Instead it feels more like a trade mechanic where he can W in for a knock up, Q, and then E to the carry. Even if he misses W, the Q is longer range so he is likely to at least get the heal. I suggest that if you want it to specifically be a close range trade ability then it should be left as is, or maybe buff the base heal a bit so the trade is more effective and rewarding as an all ability combo. If it should be used more as a heal/poke then the range definitely needs to be buffed. The W I feel is mostly balanced and very fun. People have said that it is too difficult to dodge, but the cool down is fairly high (actually it even starts off one second higher than Alistar Q, which combos for an almost undodgeable instant knock up with a larger aoe). The delay in the knock up is a good balancing mechanic. I find that getting CCed as I go in with W is very frustrating. In the end I would say it is balanced because of the delay and how easy it is to CC him out of it. The E is the first shield I have actually really enjoyed using. It also gives him a lot of options on how to play out a fight. I do find the range very frustrating however. It seems about as long as Lee Sin's shield, but Lee isn't a support while Rakan is. Rakan needs to be able to shield is ally more freely like the other shielding champions who have a longer shield range. It also makes him very reliant on Xayah, because that extra long mobility is just too good in comparison to the the lesser. I suggest just buffing the lower range a bit, so that he can be played with other adcs more successfully. Or if you really want to go crazy give his shield a ward jump ability, that way his first dash goes to a ward and then he can actually reach the ally with the second dash. This change would be good for balancing I feel because the only increase in range would mean forfeiting the double shield for an ally, however it could also be a disaster. It could be abused for extra long engages with R or W (but he is pretty squishy so it might be okay). Also ward E ward E W would be some crazy mobility, like Talon level map traveling. It would be great for warding and make warding really fun though. But seriously, if there is a ward hop, might want it to only work on the first cast. Anyway, most reasonable change would likely be slight range increase. _At least do this so he doesn't need Xayah to be with him to be worth playing._ One last thing for the E, the side he ends up on of the ally seems kind of random. I have been placed on the opposite side of them, the same side, and even just to the side. This might just be the ally moving around or a range issue but it makes it kind of awkward to use if I don't know where I'll end up. Seems like I'm supposed to end on the opposite side of them, so please make this more consistent. The R, I have no complaints. It works well with his kit. He can R in for a rally and then W or even R W through their whole team. It gives him the peel he needs to be a good support and also makes him a viable engage if he avoids CC properly. It is great having a support that can dash freely without relying on an enemy. I think this is the first support with an escape mechanic and he has two. Instead of a normal support who is expected to either go in or stand back, he can move around freely to help both the back line peel and the front line engage. Its great fun watching your adc die while you get away from the legendary 4 man gank, but seriously if you can save them in exchange for your life - do that, if they're dead either way - ditch 'em.
: Galio Feedback Thread
The Galio model overall feels very light. He has a spunky step and a bounce at the end, which I don't think fits with the statue theme. He also looks a bit odd while he walks, like his feet glide around a little.
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