: MYMU - Cassiopeia Discussion
I would really love to see some improvements to her auto attack. Farming early game is painful with how slow it moves.
: [SKIN CHANGE THINGIE?] Possible change to Victorious Sivir Portrait
There’s too much light in the splash. Compare it to the other victorious splashes, which are much more muted.
: Please stop making Caitlyn say "Boom, headshot," after every headshot
How about if you get a crit + headshot? Alternatively, just make it random.
: Maybe they should rename them to Zombie Slayer Jinx and Pantheon. It feels more badass.
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: Suggestion: Enable One For All on all maps and not just for Summoner's Rift.
I don’t think Riot wants to split the population like that on a featured gamemode. As long as you can make them on any map in customs it should be k.
: Support aid Clarity Feedback
Maybe you could fit the ward count somewhere eon the minimap? It logically makes sense there. You have to look at the minimap to see the Xs anyway.
: One for All - It's issues and how to solve them
Here’s a champ select idea: A random champ is selected (excluding the bans), and the team has the option to veto the champ. If 4/5 people veto the champ, a new random champ is selected.
: One for All - It's issues and how to solve them
I’d just like to say that OFA on Twisted Treeline might be fun.
: {{champion:63}} Is a nightmare.
: Replay a match?
No, League does not have an official replay system currently and I don’t know of any third party replay services that support the PBE.
: Zyra ideas
I’d just like 2 QOL changes: * Expiration timer for her seeds (maybe the leaves wilt off?) * Higher base MS
: Changes to Latency Bar in HUD
I agree with this decision. However, can the text turn red if the ping gets to an extreme amount (250+)?
: Wait, does Riot really think ranged champions are the issue with Sated?
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: Old ugly client.
This was posted to reddit several days ago, and I’m going to give it the same feedback I did there. It’s not a good client design for League of Legends. There’s a huge amount of diagonals and glows that don’t match the existing visual style of League of Legends. That client looks like it was designed for a sci-fi game.
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
Can we please have an execute indicator for Noxian Guillotine? (similar to Cho’Gath)
: New HUD Feedback
A lot of these are just “things are new and different and that is bad.” Yes, you’re going to need to retrain your instinct to look at the top-right for KDA or bottom-left for items.
: [5.13] Fix Candidate for Syndra E(Q)
Could it be? {{champion:134}} Praise Rito!
: What champ and skin were you using?
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: 1 champion OR around 25 champions. Elise can sacrifice for the rest.
I am suggesting that we keep both enchantments in the game.
: Cinderhulk and Bami's Cinder--- OP?
The purpose of this item is to improve jungle clears, so here is my suggestion: Cut the damage and scaling in **half** and have it do **double** damage to neutral monsters.
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