: wait few minutes my butt she still isnt available
Well, she was disabled later and now she's causing champion select users, anyway I don't see the problem at all because she's free to play.
: Can't enter in any matches after the maintenance
Did you have a Zoe in your team? Or probably in the enemy team? This bug just happened to me while she was on my team. https://i.imgur.com/pTZ0T4a.jpg
: This is because opening PBE to all people caused a massive load on store and broke it. The current 8000RP reset is here to prevent store overloads.
Don't forget riot said this might be a temporary solution, they're probably just letting the PBE hype to be gone and then they'll increase those values.
: Can't buy skins and Zoe
It takes some time for them to update the store, just wait a few more minutes.
: I would pay x month for infinite skin boosts.
: Skin boosts used to give 100 IP for everyone on your team as well but since you don't get BE every game now they've had to take it off. Not sure if they want to re-implement the system (which I hope they will) with a different bonus along with the free skin you get for the game.
Oh right, that makes sense, thanks!
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: Ezreal - Can Proc Spell Effects on Q.
Uh? Isn't it working as intended? After all his Q is an ability, thus applying spell effects.
: Health Bar Update Bugs
Hello there, there's currently a bug when Annie charges her passive, when you get 4 stacks her passive bar shows 4 white bars instead of 3 white and a big red one. Before: https://i.imgur.com/VR6CnkK.jpg After: https://i.imgur.com/VHK8k8x.jpg Not sure if this is happening with Jhin as well because the PBE is down so I can't check it. Thanks! {{champion:51}}
: It was never intended that marksmen started armor pen runes in the first place so it will be more than ok. Marksmen where already to strong in the midgame.
Marksmen didn't have Armor pen runes but they had 7% Armor pen from *Masteries*.
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: NEW CHAMPION **DAPHNA** and its relations with **OBSERVERS**
Riot already announced on Reddit that Daphna will _not_ be the champion coming this/next/whatever patch and that this is just a big coincidence.
: riot , time to close the PBE sign ups and increase the requirements.
So, what exactly are you suggesting, increasing the honor level requirement to level 5? By the way the point of the PBE is testing content, not winning games, if you find someone toxic just report them in the ending game screen and there's a chance they'll get permanently banned.
: new player trolls in pbe
Just report them in the end of game screen.
Hey there, please follow the template that can be found in this thread: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F-how-to-report-bugs-on-the-pbe Thank you.
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: Suggestion: ARAM and Runes
Runes have always been weird on ARAM because you never know exactly what to choose because you don't know if you're facing a full AD or AP team, or even a team with 4 tanks or 5 melee champions. If we had, somehow, to lockin our choices in keeping X champion and showing the enemy team's comp before choosing the runes that would be perfect. However this brings a lot of _obvious_ problems, so yeah...
: It is intended, on live disenchanting gives you 33% of the RP value in BE (so for 1350 RP it gives 450 BE, 975 it gives 375 I think, and so on) but on PBE they changed it so it only gives 20% because now you'll be getting much more champion shards since that's the way they reward you after the games istead if it being IP like it is now, or something like that, can't quite remember, but basically the give 13% less BE 'cause you'll be getting more BE from other sources.
Yeah I get it but even though we'll be getting more champion shards and we'll be getting more BE from other sources, that has nothing to do with Orange esseces, which is for skins shards, not champion shards...
: 10/18 PBE STATUS & FAQ
Hello there, I was going to create a new thread but I think it's unnecessary considering we have this thread. So, I just want to ask, what exactly changed on today's patch that the skins disenchant rates (the skins, not champions) have been lowered. I'm just going to post here 2 screenshots comparing the PBE Disenchant rate compared to the live servers. So, a 1350 (epic) skin is currently giving 450 OE in the live servers: https://i.imgur.com/2HqKMup.png However, it's only giving 270 OE in the PBE: https://i.imgur.com/rY1PgqT.png And then 975 RP skins giving 325 OE in the live servers: https://i.imgur.com/bCHJqvI.png Compared to the 195 in the PBE: https://i.imgur.com/THFlm8z.png I'm not sure if this is intended, because I didn't read anywhere about this changes, but in case this is intended, this will have a huge impact on the live servers. Thanks for reading my post! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Hello colleague, how are you? yeah, we're all seeing that there really are a lot of new players on the server. But if I can give you a suggestion. PBE is a test server, you only have to play everything, test everything and give feedback. You do not have to leave the chat active, much less go well in a match. You can also test things in game. So my tip is for you to leave all the players dumb and just test. Do not get upset, and if someone misses you with respect, you just report this someone. Do not say anything in the chat, the PBE really was not meant for this {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
Yup! And don't forget to report them in the end, I read somewhere penalties in the PBE are much stricter than the live server. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Client não atualiza
Hello there, keep the boards in english please.
: [Client] Sound Bug?
I have the same here, even made a video showing how annoying this sound is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F-f6y1G5co&feature=youtu.be
: [ARAM] Summoner Spells cooldown is glitched
Looks like this one was already reported, my apologies.
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