: I get where you coming from with not having a lot of units but I feel like thats intentional. Riot wants you to mix blademaster with something else to make up for the weakness of the new units. I’m assuming you tried desert. How did that go? I’m also tempted to add mountain to get some added defense because your right the blademaster we have are squishier than before
Having to rely on other class/element to some degree is fine, the issue is that as since you'll have to do that much to go blademasters you could just go ranger or mage and have less of a hard time (and more interesting synergy options) and be more consistent (and both can reach max power without spatulas as well...). So far i tested berserker-blademaster twice on the first day but it got me wiped quickly, my following attempts used Ornn as my vanguard and summoner as a complement, it got me at least to 5th place and at best 2nd place. Since jax was fixed i may run berserkers again using him and renekton as my front line, also going to try out desert and predator-crystal/steel (just for fun) later. Most successful team - https://TFTACTICS.GG/team-builder/OTNfOTlfOTRfODhfODlfNjdfODBfOTI= BoRK on Zed and Azir, Warden's Mail on Yi (dragon drop), Janna planned as the last unit
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