: That is A LOT of anger mainly due to you not being able to get onto pbe to 'test'... (we all know you dont want to test anything, you just want to play the game earlier)
m8 Im outlining key problems with the way riot works, other posts i have read talk about wanting to play on the pbe to test league and not play tft, sure i want to play tft but so does the other over 9000 players in queue. Im quitting league to play minecraft with friends in 2 days cause i dont want to play such a shit game with them. you have completly ignored 90% of my argument and just said 'OH YOU WANT TO PLAY THE GAME' No m8 actually read what i said then comment. You're just downvoting cause you dont like the fact ive called a already dying company incapable of anything.
: it jumped from 15h to 7h when i deleted the LeagueClient Logs
just did that and it goes to 7h for about 10 secs then falls to 15 hours.
: New TFT game-mode makes the queue waiting time for others a living nightmare!
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