: No RP and BE.
My account was registered in like season 2. I had all champions, and then new skins released i was buying them and testing without problems. After i have to go to army, and then i backed, i dont have any champions. It was reseted? Yeah ofc they all free but, i can't buy any skin which is new. I get all ecxept ones start releasing like in season 4. I never prefered playing on pbe, but it was really nice then i can play where to test some new champions or skins. Dont really want to spend a lot time to farm BE, but still kinda wanted sometimes to log in for patch and test new changes. I dont understand why on pbe is not everything free. I dont think people of it will more play PBE. Its still high ping and lagging server for most regions. What is the issue, can someone explain it? I wont quit playing pbe just because i dont have skins, still playing here to test patch changes, but then you can buy new skins or new champion its pretty good actually.


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