: Overall, I think the balance changes are decent. **QUESTIONS**: * I'm just curious if the total duration of judgement is going to change from 3 seconds? * Also if I'm reading right that at late game Judgement will now have a base damage of 280 as opposed to the 120 that it now? * Lastly, and this is just checking but is the damage still lower to minions? **Comments**: The two thing that I really am hesitant about is the passive added to the ulti and the 20% slow toward enemies. I understand that the ulti is suppose to give him a dynamic role in fights, but it removes a lot of the autonomy that Garen has in a fight at the same time. The damage on Villain is so high that if you hit anyone else, it'll be a waste of your potential dps. I'm just a bit worried. I was wondering thoughts on this. Also the slow towards enemies is a bit worrying, I mean Garen already has a tough time getting to enemies. Now with the silence nerf and the slow, I'm just worried that Garen'll be kited even better. Just is just an initial concern. I'll reserve judgement until I test it in game. Other than that, I really like the changes and the scaling changes. Pretty Cool.
It seems like this would confuse less experienced Garen players as well. What if the support gets a kill recently or like a tank jungler. Focusing these targets is likely not a good choice, but the mark will draw them to do it instead of what you should be doing as a bruiser, diving the back line. I'm going to have to play him a bit to feel him out, but overall I think he may be weaker than current.


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