: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Heyo! Not sure if intended but while using the maiden I noticed that the tower ~~sometimes~~ prioritizes her above other minions And that makes me really sad, since I don't have direct control of her I can't do anything to save her from the tower shots ANy chance you could change the tower to treat her like a champ and focus her last? PS: Thanks for the update, love the update, finally people WILL remember Yorick Mori, oh! Speaking of which, I didn't hear the line in-game, does he still have the line? Please tell me he does, it's so good! PPS: Another thing that is slightly less pleasing is the maidens attack animation, it lacks hunf! ya know? Like it doesn't feel like it hits hard, would it be possible to make her arms "flail" a bit more when she attacks? Or maybe make her projectiles more visible or make more noise when they hit? It's just that, if I didn't look at the enemies bar going down, I'd just assume she was just shooing them away... http://67.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4lky5tL0E1r5jtugo1_250.gif
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Zero Sion!
He is unavailable in the shop, why? Edit: It's working now never mind
: Hextech Crafting Bug Report Thread
I rerolled 3 skin shards into a permanent skin and got a repeat skin (The Mighty Jax) I had already got this skin from a reroll before This probably happened cuz since you took away the champs I didn't have Jax at the time of receiving Not sure if this is a bug But it would be extremely unpleasant if it happened to a player, he would have used 6 boxes by the time this happened
: wukong is "the Monkey** King**"
but does she know that? Besides that's in title only, he's no real King or authority, Trundle is more of a legit "King" then Wukong, besides, for her Jarvan should be the only "Majesty" I don't know it just sounds weird
: Will be fixed with next update!
Question is Poppy supposed to call Wukong "your Majesty"? cuz she does... every time she hits him
: feedback on Poppy update
She was never meant to be an assassin, you can tell just by looking at her, assassin poppy was only possible thanks to the broken ulti she had, and honestly I have played her a couple of times and I do not notice this "lack of damage" or "below average tankyness" you speak of, I can delete people with a well played wall smash together with Q and passive while procing Sheen, I build her like I build a Juggernaut, all the health/ad items I can get and it seems to work just fine, maybe you are stuck in the mentality of old poppy, where you could go 1v5 and not break a sweat
: Eh, is blomgrum still there? Anyway, I don't really see her determined still :/. Riot thought she was a mini garen for some reason? They wanted her to have some trope instead.
: Poppy's face
that and the "dumb blonde" hair color on her default
: Poppy's Snaggletooth
Rework... does that word have no meaning? The helm and dead dad are no longer her story She is now the delivery girl for a magic hammer destined for a great hero, unknowing that she was the hero all along The is no reason for her to be mean and angry at the world any longer, or to look older Sion also didn't have a knife on the back of his head or a crown screwed in his jaw before the rework Why is the tooth, a very unique and cool looking feature, a thing to dislike?
: Can we please make it so that you can't ban new/reworked/VU champions on the PBE?
Agreed, there should be no bans on the PBE except when testing the act of banning itself
: Poppy W vs Diana R
Well maybe because it's an ulti, it also doesn't stop Rek'sai ulti, or Nocturne ulti or Malaphite ulti so maybe it doesn't apply to ulties?
: I completely agree with most everything you said. Poppy's kit is a far cry from what poppy players wanted. Instead they pigeon hole her into nothing but a peel champ. Turning her from a battle hardened yordle into tristana 2.0 with a hammer has left a terrible taste in my mouth. I'd say 50% of this board has been crying fowl about many aspects of her rework, however the die is cast and riot will not change anything about her at this point. Remember the build up to the sion release? That was well done. Riot just kinda said here's new poppy! Look at this wacky ult guys! Poppy mains will not main poppy after this rework.
most people are NOT crying foul, the only real complain I heard so far is that the ulti feels bad for engage, other than that is just people who don't like change complaining, like they did with Sion, Ashe, Cassiopeia, Garen, Mordekaiser, Graves, Kog'Maw and all other champions who received any kind of interesting change Is the new Q still not a % damage instant attack (same as aa reset but AOE instead of usable on turrets)? Does she not have the more defense while low on health? Does she not have a movement speed steroid? Does she not have the reckless dash into a fight? The only real affecting change in the way you play is the ulti and yes it's not perfect yet, needs a damage buff or maybe the ability to knock the enemy in any direction chosen but at the very least it's unique and interesting
: My opinion about Illaoi
I think, given she has ZERO mobility, next to no crowd control, and is a Juggernaut that she is fine as is, she is meant to really hurt when you're close
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Only real complaint I have so far is her hair in-game is too blonde (like dumb blonde), her lovely splash paints a much more platinum blonde, the current one just takes away alot, it's ugly, it makes her look like a stupid cheerleader and overall does not look like the splash at all Basically it makes her look much more shallow and dumb then she really is, it's the only part that does not go with her personality or the rest of her look, and the problem is uniquely the color oh and maybe cut the chin a bit, also doesn't match the roundish face from the splash, which has become my favorite art of the game so far Gameplay wise I feel scared about using the ulti since I feel like I will mess it up and help an enemy escape (this when chasing, for running it's awesome)
: Illaoi Bug Report Thread
Hey finally got to play her in a custom and I noticed some tentacles after some time got really bright and lost all transparency, not all of them, only some had this weird visual effect
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
I really dont like the color of the tattoos around her eyes in the splash her arm and face tattoos are both a very dark green But in-game her face is a really light weird green Can you please change it to match the marks on her arms? And also can you make her hair a bit red to match the awesome splash?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Trainer Tristana!
Why did you make such a sad death animation?!? People won't be able to kill her! They'll feel bad for the little bugger and let trist live
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: 750s Set - Braum, Gragas, Ryze and Varus!
I sent a bug report bug I'll post it here aswell Whenever Varus has his passive active his textures get all screwed up and it's not just with minions as you said, it happens when he kills champs aswell And from a feedback side, I like most of it, I just really dislike his douchy beard
: PLEASE PLEASE Test All New Content (Rant)
Well said my friend! I just got into the PBE and I only play when it's to test something new Be it skins, items, modes or new champs The only thing i possibly do wrong is that I solely report bugs with the report tool I'm not very active in the boards yet So I don't share my opinion that much, specially for the fear of being an outcast for not liking, let's say, Purple elf Varus Plus I don't think I know enough to give good feedback on balance Since games tend to go 8 or 80 for me =P
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Trainer Tristana!
That death animation man... That... that's just too brutal Enemies won't dare kill you so as to not see that animation It makes this skin OP Same thing with the dragon wards, you tried to make them all cute and stuff Until some douche comes over and kill the baby dragons! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO CRY OUT?! WHY U DO DIS RITO?
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
My feedback so far Visuals The splash makes her hair look red-ish, like dark red, which goes really well But the in-game model has full dark brown, almost black, hair and I personally would like a bit more of a consensus The Soul that pops out when a tentacle hits an enemy is a bit distracting and not that pleasant to see, it makes fights unnecessarily more confusing Her face icon in-game I'm guessing is temporary but in case it isn't, it looks really weird and not like her Given the description in the story I assumed her clothes would be much more colorful I'm not complaining, I like her pallet, but did you change that or is my definition of "very colorful" alot more extreme? Thematic I like the way she works, control juggernaut is a very cool unexplored theme I feel she will be amazing at defending but not all that great at advancing And finally those "I want a big woman" people can shut up, I thank you for that Plus it actually goes very well with the priestess gimmick I also like the Caribbean feel goes really well with the voice and gives a bit of cultural diversity to Bilgewater dwellers Gameplay Haven't played her much yet but what I can say is E is kinda confusing to fully understand just by what is written, like the fact the target didn't take full damage The damage of the tentacles outside of vessel is also not clear By the color I assume they are magic damage but is it? and if it is how much damage? How do they scale? Her ulti area seems kinda small, specially considering she normally has to leave her tentacle nest to get to the enemy and use it Can the tentacles crit? Are they affected by modifiers? Can I build spell vamp or life steal to profit from the tentacles? Do they count as projectiles? Do they give gold or exp? I would like to ask why E has no inherent damage If the body dies before the soul what happens? That is all for now I'll annoy you when I have more feedback
: Illaoi Bug Report Thread
There is a weird animation that plays at the tip of her tentacles when they attack (including Q) when using her Void skin It looks like the spirit of the one hit but it only appears sometimes If the ghost appearing is intended then the bug is sometimes it doesn't appear I don't know haven't played her enough to know what is intended or not But I'll leave the info regardless XD
: Feadback - ADC's are over powering mages
What the other guy said Plus if people were playing to win and not to test they could just take, let's say hum... ANY tank, build armor up the butt, including Thornmail and just solo the entire enemy team If you get outpoked as Xerath then I got bad news for ya buddy... ADCs are as powerfull as mages, not more, they have 3 or 4 in a team right now because people are testing, not because that is good comp Any decent player can see if they can win without contest when they see the team is 90% AD, or 90% AP Any team that has only one kind of damage is gonna loose almost automatically That is why mages are gonna stay relevant, same with tanks and ADCs and healers, they are all important because a focused meta is a short meta because it's easy to counter{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Wierd Rock Thingies
You could have read both the patch notes or surrender at 20 to know that those are remnants of destroyed wards, it's to inform the players of popular places the enemy tends to ward
: New champ select you can troll
you do realize the pick is to show your team who you plan to play so they can be carefull when choosing You are not that important dude, no one is gonna waste a ban just to troll you, specially in ranked
: Disable The New Draft.
Dude the new champ select is THE ONE THING they want tested right now That is why it's the mode they are "forcing us to play" This is currently the most important thing they have and the one they need the most feedback They are aware of the crashes, but they need us to find the source Please stop only thinking about playing and start acting like a tester and test That is why they gave you the account {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: Please Remove Rune Costs
How could you possibly waste the 10000 ip they gave you? Specially if you have the account for so long? I have the account for like 1 week and have all the champs and all the skins and with 2 games have made back all the ip i used How could you possibly not have IP?!?
: Like you said, its probably just because people aren't locking in. People tend not to read/listen, have you seen the rune bundle?
are you asking if i have physically seen it? Cuz if so I haven't
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: November 3rd Update?
It's been delayed, they apparently add some serious issues
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
I'm worried, I'm not a Quinn main but I do like to play her And all I read is mobility mobility mobility You took away the silence, you took away most of the damage perk of the R And all that taken power went into mobility but I mean... even with all the mobility what's the point if you don't have anything else to capitalize on that mobility? I can get to bot or top super quick great! But what can I do there? She no longer has the CC from Q She no longer has the AS nor execute from ulti What's the point of going somewhere if being there or not makes basically no difference since I don't have the damage not CC to contribute to any fight? Besides you put her entire power in the mobility of the ulti, but from what I read it's super unreliable in a pinch snared long channel that can be interrupted you leave the state if you get damaged you leave if you use abilities or AAs It basically sounds like Miss Fortunes strut but even less reliable You can't use it to escape ganks anymore, you can't use it to chase and execute anymore Her damage appears to have been lowered substantially Her only CC was taken Her ulti is easily stopped by anything (even minions I'm guessing?) Basically my question is... why would I use it, or why would I use Quinn in general?


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