: @Riot When is the new Tribunal coming out. Or Any update on it?
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: Sion Login Screen Bugs & Feedback
What would be cool is if you clicked, the guy that is being crushed hand would make a fist. And then Sion would roar. Just a thought.
: Homeguard Bug
Going to test this out now. Will repost when I get some results.
: Give me Rp pls..
Riot says that you will only get the amount of RP that you start with when you first join the PBE. You will not get anymore. Besides, all of the new stuff they want you to test is 1 IP anyway. So you really shouldn't be complaining.
: Homeguard Bug
May I ask what Kha skin you were using?
: Important thing about PBE.
People will always abuse their privileges. Especially on the PBE where everything is free. These people do not care about the bugs or anything, they just want to try out all the new stuff and have "Bragging Rights." And it is not Riot's fault for the trolls coming on and doing what they are doing. Do not accuse them of that.
: What about the weekend? Or just play whenever you don't have much homework to do or when you finish it.
Yeah I do play on the weekend, but that is really only 2 days. And I cannot be playing more then 4 hours a day.. that is a little much for me. I know 4 hours isn't a lot for some people but for me it is.
: Hi, This is a tough problem to address. I'm a third-year college student and, take it from me, it doesn't get any easier trying to juggle your hobbies with school. In my opinion, LoL is a fantastic way to spend your time, especially with friends, and being part of the PBE is very rewarding. That said, I never put it before my education or extra-curricular activities. If I was you, I would consider waking up early and/or staying up late. That's what I do. However, if you don't have time for LoL that day, don't kill yourself trying to put in some games. It'll take the fun out of it and become a chore. Have fun and enjoy the game, Caleb {{champion:111}}
Yeah, but I feel like staying up late during the school week would not help me at school. I don't know if your classes are in the afternoon so you can afford the luxury of sleeping in, but for us high school players, it is really a challenge. -No Gold For Me
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: More PBE servers
As Riot stated, "The PBE servers are hosted in Los Angeles, California, and are smaller-capacity than our live environments. This makes it much easier for us to update the PBE with new content every day. **If you don't normally play on NA, you will likely experience higher-than-normal ping."**
: Ascended Rengar Bug
Also, I do not have a screenshot but this same exact thing happens with Kha when you use his new skin.
: Patcher stuck at 229 mb?
I know this might sound really annoying but I left my computer on for 15 hours trying to install the PBE when a similar thing happened to me. And after the 15 hours or so were up, the game installed and worked. I hope this helped.
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