: 1) it's to help with deception. essentially, when the cast completes akali could be _anywhere_ within the shroud (assuming her movement hasn't been disabled), so it should have opponents guessing from the very first moment. 2) it's now functionally a twin strike passive with a relatively short cooldown. each strike has a different effect, and brings more moment-to-moment meaning to the visual effects for the passive than the old 'hand glows' did previously.
I'm new to Akali, and I really like her! Since the only changes to Q, E, and R were numbers, I'm not too concerned with those changes (I trust live balance to deal with that). **Innate** I've read several other players here complaining about her passive feeling "clunky." I can kind of see what they mean. It takes a noticeable amount of time to get both off, and the delay does not feel as fun to play around as three-hits. Pros: * Both the bonus damage and the heal are noticible * Great particles * The Cooldown starts immediately on using the first auto Cons: * No choice about which one lands first (makes those "one auto away from getting the kill" moments more frustrating). What reason did you choose to make the healing one go first? Switching the order for champions, or in general would fix this (while also letting other players force Akali off sustain by being aggressive in lane). * No AS steroid for the hits. Both of the other champions with twin strike passives (Lee Sin, Lucian, and Taric) have Attack Speed steroids for the two autos. Having played Taric, it really helps make the passive both feel more impactful, and be more useful. Possible even tie energy regen to it instead of, or in addition to, her Q? **W** I like the change. I feel that it is similar to what was done with Maokai's ult, back when the reworked him: it makes the identity of this ability much more solidly defensive. You press W when you want to lie low and wait for CD's, not when you want to walk closer to a target. Especially considering the changes to stealth, I think it is appropriate. The blink lets me dodge critical skillshots is also nice. I request one Quality of Life change: since the Shroud always appears on the staring location, can you make the blink work like Varus Q, so I can instantly blink in the direction of my mouse, instead of walking to the target location before blinking? It would really help with using it reflexively. **General** Here I was thinking there were no champions in the 3150IP tier I was interested in. I will definitely pick Akali up when this goes live! TL;DR: 1. Why did you choose to make the healing portion of her passive go first? 2. I think it might benefit her innate's functionality if it got an AS steroid à la Lee, Taric, and Lucian. 3. Could you make the W instantly blink you in the indicated direction if cast outside max range? 4. It felt a little odd that Q can't cast while blinking. 5. Do Rioters have to have a separate PBE account?
: From the [PBE FAQ](http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/pbe-faq); > For Windows: > 1. Download the Windows PBE client here > 2. Extract "PBE_Client_Shell.zip", then open PBE Folder. Delete the .zip folder. > 3. Copy and paste the entire PBE folder anywhere on your PC **except the directory you're using for your main League of Legends installation.** Hosting the PBE files and the main League of Legends files in the same directory has been reported to cause problems. > 4. Double click on "lol.launcher.exe" or "lol.launcher.admin.exe" to run the launcher and start patching. It is advised to use the admin launcher. You probably did not do step 2 correctly~ you'll update one more time. That being said, please first look through the forums (and/or use the search option) to see if your problem has been reported already. Duplicate threads make it hard to keep track of the boards.
Thanks! I started having this problem a couple of rotations ago. Thanks for pointing this out!
: Taliyah feedback thread
Two issues with the ult I have encountered: 1. I just used it on the Definately Not Dominion mode, and it appeared as a string of minions on the minimap (this might be true elsewhere, but I only noticed then) 2. Can you cancel the wall when dead? I feel like that might be useful.
: "Definitely Not Dominion" game mode live on the PBE for RGM queue testing.
I loved Dominion. This is not Dominion. However, I still like this mode. The main reason I liked Dominion was because the action started right away, and it kept going all game. This DND mode definately delivers there. Things I like about DND: -The scoreboard displays points -Everything looks amazing. -Gameplay is fast-paced and true to Dominion. Things I dislike: -The Ultra Minion shrine captures really fast. The only defense seems to be actually being right there. If it was slowed down just a hair, it would feel better to be patrolling bot. -There are no quests. I liked that about Dominion, and I noticed a quest metric in the post-game screen. Also, did the classic Dominion music get remixed for DND?
: Also, R can be cast during E to release it, and the R damage amp debuff will be applied before the E missile launch (best of luck with that one, it requires some surprisingly nimble finger work to charge E, flash, and then R before the E goes off).
That might be easier if you bound 'E' to be normal cast. If this spell acts like other charge-up abilities, you could press E once, flash normally, then press R for an easier combo. Disclaimer: My client is still patching, and so I have yet to test it out.
: Adding to your results in no particular order, since I opened 350+ chests: * Clarify that the essence values you refer to are for disenchanting shards, not upgrading. It's ambiguous and the costs are completely different. Also, 750 RP skins give 248 essence from my testing, typo on your part? * I also did not get any 450 IP champs despite getting 105 champ shards * For testing purposes, I agree we should be able to mass buy them. For live, I think one at a time is good. * Animation wise, the length of it is fine imo since most players will open 4-5 chests a month max unless they buy some, since you can only win 4 a month I believe * I disagree with your materials %, mine was around 6% for essence and rare gems combined. Granted different sample sizes and randomization gives for different results, but I think the true value is lower than 10%. * Victorious and limited skins shouldn't be available My results [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/WjcneRhF-more-hextech-chests-opened-results-and-thoughts) if you care :)
Thanks, I did have some typos and inclarities. Also, I respect your work. God damn.
: Hey Mirross, anyway y'all could post a number break down of what content takes how many essence in addition to the shards? Example - Bard is a 975 RP champion and takes 675 essence to complete. His shard DE for 322
http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/sTdp4T1M-after-opening-100-hextech-chests-here-is-what-i-have-found I found the prices for everything except 450 IP Champions. Hope this helps! (thanks for everything you do)
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: We have the Public Beta chat where most of the regular people/testers hang out :>
: > [{quoted}](name=Nixtarma,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=iaN2g4gz,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-13T22:46:32.897+0000) > > I just bought a bunch of chests and keys (about ten). These were my thoughts: > > 1. They seemed to be strongly biased towards skins. I got one champion shard, and the rest were skin shards (with two ward skin shards). > > 2. Of the skins, two were legendaries. This seems like too much. > > 3. I got the Season Three Championchip ward. Was legacy content intended to be here? > > Finally, I would really like it if there was a mass open button. It got repetitive. > > > EDIT: After opening some more chests and keys: > > 4. I got a rare gem. For the price of one chest + one key, I got... one chest + one key. Do they always drop that? Is there any benefit to getting these at all, or do they just waste my time? > > 5. The right side of the scree is empty more often than not when I am using it. This makes the whole interface seem kind of empty. > > > Thanks, > -Nixtarma 1, 2 - the loot tables are definitely something we're iterating on. 10 is a pretty small sample though, i'd expect to see more champion shards. 3 - yes, legacy content is intended. Do you think that ward is good or not? 4 - you should have got a rare gem PLUS a shard, so it should have been pretty good value. If people are getting JUST a rare gem then that's a bug, let us know. 5 - Agree, we're looking at how to make that balance of the screen feel better when there isn't a crafter on screen
Allright, I'll try and grind out one hundred more. @3: The championship ward skins are definitely cool. I assume that acheivement-based content like the ranked teams wards will not be?
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: Don't put limits on custom games!
Sadly, limits are a necessary evil. Try to branch out and get make some new friends on the PBE!
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: Rune Prices for PBE Should be removed/Reduced
As an avid experimenter with non-standard rune-pages, I heartily support this suggestion.
: So what's the point of PBE feedback exactly ?
I understand that the PBE is not for balancing feedback. Honestly, most of us really do not know what we are doing when we make suggestions, so I am not surprised at all when the endless "my thots on" and "rito do this plz" threads do not get answered; that is not what we are here for. However, it is still kind of frustrating as a PBE player. I want to be useful, but I am not sure what there is that I can do. I think the best job you guys did in that regard was a cycle in last pre-season, if I remember correctly, as well as last thanksgiving. Basically, you very clearly said that you wanted players to test something in the jungle. There was even a little buff-like tag that kept track of something or another when you were jungling. Last thanksgiving, you asked us to test the queues to stress-test a fatal bug. Those sorts of live directives make me feel like I am doing my job, or earning my PBE account. TL;DR: Riot proactivity is preferable to this tester than reactivity.
: Good catch, but I think it's supposed to do that; you got a double discount card that gives the champ and skin on sale. I'm hoping some that I spammed during their free weeks show up~ http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/g2WwboUt-snowdown-is-coming?show=rundown ------------------ patmax17 (EUW) - Can we know how the deals are chosen for each player? Are they random or based or some data? Also, are the deals only skins, or champs too? Go to comment DontHassleDaHoff (NA) - The deals are centered on Skins - but if you don't own the Champion, you will receive a discount for that champion as well. As for how the discounts are chosen, we took a look at the Champions you play and a few other variables that make up a secret sauce to inform what offers you’ve received in Your Snowdown Shop. Once we have it, we randomized the discounts and wah-lah, those were the offers you received. Go to comment ------------------------------------------------
: Not this time around. :P
What if he said his old Deathfire Grasp purchase line when starting a match?
: I made a mockup of what Noxus Poppy's particles could look like to better fit the skin
Well, when Xerath was reworked, all of his old skins got recolored particles...
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Am I the only Poppy player missing how speedy she used to be? I have fond memories of being able to run away from fights where I was losing, but decently positioned. Therefore, my biggest problem with her new W versus her old one is that the haste only lasts half the time. At five seconds, it was one of the longer hastes in the game, and that really contributed to my play and perception of Poppy. I understand that having the dash-blocking portion of it be up that long would be too strong (it is a really fun skill, by the way), so maybe keep that at 2.5 seconds? It would not be the first time an active skill had two parts with different duration (Karma E, Trundle Q...) The small increase in the % Movement Speed compared to Live just doesn't help her feel as speedy. (also, her base MS was reduced by five... I really felt that)
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: changes poppy needs
Her W definitely needs a lot longer duration, even if it costs some of the speed.
: Can Poppy just shut up please :3
Caitlyn VO problem, anyone? Just bring down the frequency, please. The lines themselves are great.
: To preface this, I played a *lot* Poppy on live. Started somewhere in early S2, and I've played her as a Bruiser, DPS, AD Assassin, and AP Assassin (RIP DFG); I've player her Top, Jungle and Support; I've played her against pretty much every champions; I've really played all variations of her that I considered to not be wasteful (aka Tank is a terrible idea, especially since the Thornmail change).   #What I like about the rework 1. Her skills individually all look and feel pretty great. 2. Her new artistic design is awesome and her splashes are way up there. I don't think a single one out of the like 7 or 8 would fall outside of top 25. 3. She fills a more standard niche (juggernaut) making it much easier to understand how to play her. 4. She lost a whole lot of invisible power.   #What I don't like about the rework 1. She doesn't seem to have a kit that fits together. I feel like she doesn't have her own role in a team, she's simply a worse GP evolving into a worse Nasus. 2. While her Innate is *active*, it isn't *interactive*. It's simply that everynow and then, you have a stronger AA that spawns a shield. I would really like it if there was an additional effect to picking up the shield, or if there was a CD reduction when something happens or pretty much anything. Just make it look like there's a reason that the shield exists. Right now, it feels a bit like her old innate where "she has a shield because fuck you that's why". 3. She doesn't have any late game. All she has is a weird CC on her ult, and small displacements through E (I guess if you can land the stuns it's nice). As a tank, dealing 6% max health as physical damage is pretty irrelevant since everyone has so much armor. Similarly, she used ot have mixed damage which helped her, but now she's purely physical. All this does is make her even more power spike-reliant (which is emphasized by the innate's cooldown going down in bulk instead of scaling down). 4. Q's casting is *really* clunky. I just don't understand why it's a "directional cast" instead of a "location cast". For something like Xerath's Q or Vel'Koz' fissure, I can understand; The missile is long so you attack in a certain direction. But Poppy's Q is like... half a dick in length. Why do I need to walk up to the cannon to be able to Q him? At what point did it ever sound reasonable to have Q not make you walk up to your target.   #What I feel is complete garbage 1. Her W's passive would probably feel better if it didn't exist. Not only is it very underwhelming when you're building damage, but it's also a non-negligible amount of invisible power. You're simply tankier because you put a single point into W at one point in the game. 2. Her E is just as bugged as before if not more. You can still knock people over corners, or have your knock be canceled by dashes/blinks even if they hit the wall. The collision detection is also still as archaic as ever. 3. She's even more based on hard counters. If you fight against someone that relies on a single dash (Rengar, Thresh, or Zac for instance), you can completely deny their ability to help. Meanwhile, if you're fighting against a team with very few dashes, your W is a dumpster with no real reason to rank past 1. It's even worse since it only seems to affect each champions once. This means that Yasuo can choose to take the damage and then just dash away. Same with denying Bard's tunnel where he's still inside the entrance and will just GTFO within the second you used your W. 4. I feel like R's mechanics are like 2001-LoL style. First of all, I don't understand why there's yet naother skill released that goes on cooldown if you die during the cast animation. It shouldn't take a massive amount of time to discover those bugs when you fix them every other patches. Similarly, not getting a single second of reduction on R when you don't cast the 2nd part feels pretty stupid. Like, it just doesn't make sense that you're better to use it on minions instead of waiting to cancel it.
I have played Poppy a bit on live (you outrank me on her though), and I agree with almost everything you say. My biggest problem with her new kit is her W, but not for the reasons you say. W was a huge part of her identity as a very speedy fighter, which was unique and fun. On live, we all took points in W for two reasons: that little damage/ tank boost via passive, and the long self-haste. I don't really mind the new passive, they were clearly trying to work in her Live Innate and W Passive (it would really feel a lot better if it had a small base bonus). My biggest problem is in how her haste works now. She has a moderately large speed bonus, but over _half_ the time. Whereas before, you could use it to actually chase someone down and maneuver, now, you can barely use it re-position in hopes of getting an E off. I think what really needs to happen with the new W is that its speed values should be brought down to live values, but increase the duration. (bonus points: bring her base MS backup to 355 8vD )
: Jungle Fiora
While this is a very good analysis, it does not answer the most important question: why should Fiora be allowed to jungle in the first place? Perhaps "allowed" is too strong. What I mean is, not every champion should have an easy time jungling. Really, the roster has some champions that are meant to jungle, and most of the rest are only found there incidentally. Lorewise, Fiora is definitely in the latter category. She is fighter who goes out of her way to seek challenges in a formal ring of honor, specifically, in Demacia, a city. Running away from human contact (in the uncivilized brush of the jungle), or diving into unfair fights (ganks) is, arguably, very _against_ her character. Second, making it easy for non-jungler to jungle brings us back to the problem of the jungle 1.0: Anyone could jungle, it became an "easy mode" place to farm up to midgame. If you can make Jungle Fiora work, good for you. I love doing non-meta things myself. However, I have yet to see a good reason why Riot should give her, or any other non jungler assistance in the jungle. Cheers, Nixtarma.
: I love playing her. It reminds me of games like Kingdom Hearts where you have to run around an enemy to exploit it's weak spot. Way more interactive. :D The only thing I am *confused* about, is why her ulty has a heal on it. Very Random idea haha. But doesn't make her any less fun ^_^
I was confused at first as to why her ult had a heal, but then I thought about it for a while. The idea of her ult is that she is calling out a specific target to a duel of great import. Such events, these trials of honor, were the stuff of legend in medieval combat. I realized: the point is that, should Fiora succeed in her great duel, your team (her army, if you will) is greatly energized by the victory of their champion, and uses that energy to continue forward. Hope this helps (and was what the Dev team was going for), Nixtarma
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: Karma Main -- I like the current changes (not the first iteration)
I don't have as many games with her as you do, but I generally agree with your analysis. However, one thing I have always thought was interesting is that Renewal (r.W) did more damage total than Soulflare, without the second proc. Essentially: AoE nukes? R-Q 1v1 fight? R-W Strengthen Team fight/ Escape? R-E I am perfectly fine with an increased reliance on Soulflare for tons of damage, that encourages good tactical plays. Removing the damage from Defiance in exchange for a better shield also works fine in my book. However, if that is the design they want to go with, I think it would want to try completely removing the damage from Focused Resolve. If it is to be a utility ability, then it would be interesting to be able to use it under a turret, especially now that she has only one significant damage ability.
: Follow-up on Karma's Mantra W changes (second iteration)
Here is my reaction as a Karma player of about a year. (I have also tried it out) As several previous posters have mentioned, the most interesting thing about Karma's play is knowing which abilities to upgrade when. For me, it has always gone something like this: Q - When you want to do large AoE damage to help win a team fight, to zone people away for a couple of seconds, and to burst squishes at low levels, W - When you are dueling someone. The Heal and the strong single-target damage were the key components here. R - When you need to turn around a team-fight (and KS'ing) On the changes: Passive - Strait-up buff. This is always good. W - I admit, I was expecting this to be worse than it was. Removing the strong single-target damage takes away something I felt was significant, but the heal remains, so that is good. I would honestly prefer if it was taken a step further to completely remove all damage from her W, so that it can be used safely under tower. At least, so long as you want to make her W a utility and not a damage ability. E - I'll miss the master-class KS's with this ability. Honestly, it was r.E was mostly used for the shield though, so this clear up the usage.
: Turrets, my concern
A specific concern of mine is that the shield on the inner turret is much too weak. As it is on live. the shield is enough to protect you versus an opponent that was fed enough to push your outer turret very early, but not enough to effectively stop a team of enemies who have positioned strategically to take the inner turret. I do not think the turrets needed that particular nerf.
: Feedback on Urgot changes
I think your math feeling is in error. Even without any mana built, his shield is stronger than it used to be at level 1, and Muramana is a core item. As an Urgot player, I really like these changes because they mean that his shield is actually useful in its own right, instead of just maxing it for the additional slow. For comparison, I have the new and old values of the shield at all ranks with no mana built. Old (no relevant scaling): 80/130/180/230/280 New (w/ 8% max mana scaling): 60/100/140/180/220 + 25/29/34/38/43/47/51/56/60/65/69/73/78/82/87/91/95/100 With these numbers alone his new shield is stronger than it used to be at: Rank 1: Above level 1 Rank 2: Above Rank 3 Rank 3: Above Rank 5 Rank 4: Above Rank 7 Rank 5: Above Rank 9 This way, the new shield is just as strong as his old shield *even if* you max it first, which is never done. Additionally, Muramana gives a +80 to the strength of the shield, and Frozen Heart adds another 32. In conclusion, Urgot's new 8% scaling is exactly perfect for keeping his shield's strength exactly constant for people who would try to max it first to abuse its scaling for unfair early tankiness, while rewarding players for building bulky mana items (and muramana). Overall, his strength is improved in every way. Hope this helps! -Nixtarma
: Kassadin Voidwalks in!
I have played Kassadin a fair amount. I generally like the visual update, but I have a couple of reservations: 1. On his classic skin, I agree with several previous posters that the purple of his robes looks too soft. I think it detracts from his strong frame, and agree that more black would look better. Other than that, I like how the horns and spikes look. 2. On Pre-Void Kassadin, I object to the glowing eyes. It seems to me that Kassadin's eyes probably glow as a result of the void energies he was exposed to (after all, that it pretty much says the exact same sort of thing happened to Malzahar). This skin is supposed to represent Kassadin *before* he was exposed to those energies. Besides, his eyes are not glowing in the splash, and I think it would be more interesting this way. 3. It would love it if you did to these skins what you did to Xerath's with his VU/GU. Give his skins different particle colors/ effects. You could even take effects from other champions/ skins (Lissandra, Atlantean Syndra) 4. General: Is it just me, or does his Nether Blade seem much bigger? It seems too big to me.
: I just made a post about my thought, but you were faster. So i will post my thoughts here instead: In my opinion the current range of Kassadins' riftwalk on the PBE is too small. It is now very difficult to impossible to catch a target and fullfill his role as an assassin. It is now nearly impossible to come close to the carries in teamfigths and go back out after zhonyas. Even catching enemies off-guard is now very risky because either they see you much sooner or they have to come very close to your hideout, if you play a little traperino. And compared to other assassins with a dash as gab closer, his new riftwalk falls far behind: Katarinas' shunpo: 700 Akalis' Shadowdance: 700 Zeds' living Shadow: 550 (if you add his ulti, he can assassinate a target 1225! away and back out in a blink of an eye) Leblancs' Disortion: 600 (like Zed: together with her ult 1200! Range and she gets away to savety immediately) Talons' Cutthroat : 700 Rengars' Jump from passive/ult: 600 (725 with 6 trophies) While i agree that kassadin is in need of a small nerv to his ultimate, this change might be a little too hard for him. As a suggestion: the range could scale with the level of his ultimate. Starting at maybe 500 range and ending at 700. This way it would be easier to control him during the laning phase and gank him after 6, but keep him able to be the late game assassin he has to be in order to win the game.
Along these lines, what if his ult was more useable in an offensive way than defensive. Bonus range towards enemies, or something.
: Item 3285 - AoE damage procs spell effects - potential unitended behavior?
Obviously, we don't know if this was intentional or not, but as long as it was applied as a 15% slow from AoE, it would be an interesting combo for low CC mages.


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